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Updated on March 13, 2010
S.S. asks from Amador City, CA
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Has anyone tried "alli" for dieting and what has been your experience? My doctor recommended that I try it for one month. I've never tried any diet pills and she said it can cause "uncontrollable bowel."

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It can cause you to get gassy too, so if you have an unexpected won't be just air, you may get a greasy one. I've never tried it long enough to have results. Good luck!;)

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I'm a huge fan of just eating healthy and exercising. I've lost 55 lbs since Jan 2009 doing this. I find it funny that the commercials for Alli actually say, "to be used with a healthy diet and exercise plan" or something along those lines.
I did Weight Watchers for part of my weight loss and I started doing for the rest. I love this site, it helps you track calories and exercise and it has the most amazing, inspirational people on there for support. Best of all it's free.
Sorry I didn't directly answer your question, but I wanted to give you an option incase you choose to go a different route.

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Don't do it. Diet pills will help in the beginning, but then when you stop taking them you will put the weight back on.
Alli will give you the $hits and that never is good.
Start the "diet of common sense." That's the one I am on. It's eating lots of fruits and veggies, salads, serving sizes of protein (turkey, chicken, fish, some steak) substituting whole grains (pasta), brown rice...taking out the sugars and overprocessed foods, drinking TONS of water, and generally using "common sense".
Then get your body moving....every day. Walks, gym, least an hour....
You will lose the weight...I gaurantee it. (I have lost 94lbs on this "diet")

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i haven't tried it but a friend has. she had a bit of the uncontrollable bowel thing for about a week or two. after that she was fine. she has lost quite a bit of weight with it. i would try it myself but its a bit pricey for me. the uncontrollable bowel is your body trying to flush the fat that you have ingested. as with any diet pill you take there will be its side effects and its good points. the best thing you can do it combine it with healthy eating habits and plenty of exercise. include your child to!

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I have and I don't particularly like it. I am a BIG fan of Slimquick. I did Neutrisystem years ago and lost about 40 lbs but I was also taking Slimquick the whole time and I think that is what helped me really get the weight off. I went off of it when I stopped NS and gained it all back so I am now just doing the Glycemic index thing, healthy eating and Slimquick. Check out thier website.



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Hi Momma-
I do not reccommend Alli. A friend of mine tried it to shed a few extra pounds, and she had the uncontrollable bowel. She was walking down the hall at work and suddenly, (i know this is gross), but she was leaking all down one leg. That is not a risk I am willing to take, and that tells me that it is doing something horrible to my body to allow my rear end to leak. As far as diet go, I reccommend that you follow a home weight watchers plan (eat the meals, get a points calculator, get yourself set, and then start eating inside of that number. You really can eat alot. Another great way to lose a few pounds is to power walk with the stroller and change all your snacks to veggies- snack bags of fruit and veggies. Eat a whole one and you feel like you ate alot, but there isn't really much in the way of non nutritional stuff going in. Also take a multi vitamin and drink plenty of water. The way you eat and the excercise you get are really the determining factors for a healthy weight. Unless you have a severe obesity problem and need surgery or some kind of drastic life style change, I would not do the "pill" thing. I have struggled with weight, but after reading what the side effects are and what those diet pills really do to your body, I can't justify taking them- your life is at risk. Make it healthy the old fashioned way and count your clothing size, not your lb's on the bathroom scale. Not all women are meant to be a size 6. Take everything your doctor says with a grain of salt and look at the most healthy way to achieve your goals, starting with small steps. If you drink sodas, cut those down until they are gone. If you eat cookies or dessert, cut it down to once a week until they are gone. If you eat too much, take half of what you made or ordered and put it in a to go box. Then only eat what is left on your plate. My downfall is snacking. I started buying smart ones snacks (chicken quesadillas are the BEST!) and they really keep me going. For $1.25, I can have a healthy, low cal snack that tastes like, I hate to say it, but a really great drive through moment. Go at a slow pace, since weight loss to last should be a slow process.
I hope that helps!
You can e-mail me for yummy snack ideas. These are a life saver for me.
[email protected]



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I have had a few friends that have tried Alli. Yes, they lost weight but, they all experience bad stomach pains and the poops. Some of them even wore depends because they could not control their bowl movements.



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Though I haven't tried "Alli" myself, I've heard more bad about it than good. How about a diet plan that really works, is easy to follow with great and quick results monitored by a Certified Nutritional Therapist. My husband and I, and several of our friends (all of us overweight), are following such a plan that included lifestyle eating changes. In three weeks we shed between 10-15 pounds each and without starving or feeling deprived in any way. This was not my first diet, having been placed on a rigid low calorie one many years ago by my doctor. I thought I was starving the entire time and took over a year to lose 60 pounds. Kaaren's plan is painless! Real food, low carb, moderate protein and easy, easy, easy to adhere to. If you're interested in learning more contact Kaaren Chinello directly. Her contact info is: ###-###-#### or ###-###-####, email: [email protected] I can't say enough great things about great it is to work with her. On top of it all, we've never been healthier!
Good luck - L.



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If you are not absorbing your vitamins and minerals from your food, you might loose a few pounds but you will preparing your body for future illnesses like cancer and others. Your immune system will be suppressed.
It's not worth it.



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I have been on it for 1 year and have lost 10 pounds and kept them off. The plan is not to eat greasy food or drink soda, that is when you can have accidents and at the begining important to wear a pad for safety because you will be cleaning out your system and stay near a restroom. I am not much of a gym goer I work full time and take care of my 6 out of 7 children. But I think you will get better results if you do work out. Best of luck!



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A friend of mine had a bridesmaid emergency and I became a bridesmaid a month before the wedding. I went to high school with both the bride and the groom and was terrified to be up in front of all these people from high school without having lost the baby weight. I'm no stranger to diets or exercise and Alli actually worked relatively well for me, in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercising 3 times a week. While eating well, I didn't have any poop issues. I don't recommend seeing what will happen if you eat pizza. I felt a little weird about not absorbing the vitamins and minerals in my food, so I only did it for a month and lost about 8%. I have kept the weight off. I definitely lost more than I would have had I just stuck to exercise and eating well. I will say, it also helped me stick to a healthier eating regimen because I saw results, even though I stopped using the pills. Good luck in your efforts!