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Updated on November 12, 2012
R.S. asks from Florissant, MO
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I need help. My husband was just told to start eating a bland diet. He also decided right before this to go on a diet which included no grains, starchs, etc. I can't find any help in this area. I have no idea what to feed him. He is having horrible indigestion problems so I have to watch out for those foods. Some of the staples we had for the diet he wants to go on are not going to work because they cause indigestion. I am at a loss. Any help will be appreciated.

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So What Happened?

I say bland because that is what the doctor told him. I know that he can't have onion, or peppers. So I am guessing no garlic (huge problem for me) or broccoli, tomatoes, etc. Really anything that is going to cause him indigestion. Every time I google it I get basically no info. It takes me to more pages with more options and some where I have to pay. With no starches and no grains he is still getting carbs from his fruit and veggies. He is following the Zone Diet. I think there they say limit starches and grains. He wants to go grain and starch free for 30 days, then just limit them. He has done this before and lost a lot of weight and then finances and people giving us food we got away from it. While he followed this he said the indigestion got better but I was still using onions and peppers and garlic to flavor food. He loves spice so this will be interesting. Right now I need to go grocery shopping and am just stumped as to what to do. Thanks for the help.

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Could he be allergic to gluten? I have a friend who was having bad indigestion and removed all gluten from her diet. Now she has no issues. It's a condition called Celiac disease, I think. I only mention this because you said previously he was eating peppers and onions but no grains and felt fine. Maybe try eliminating foods with gluten in them (mostly products with wheat) for awhile to test it.

For more info on gluten-free diets, go to

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answers from Houston on

All dairy is ok. inc. ice cream just without nuts, ets.
All fruit/vege juice is ok
Fresh banana, orange, grapefruit only
Cooked carrots, green beans, peas, squash. No peppers, onions, garlic,tomatoes, broccoli
White bread,white rice, potatoes, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, corn flakes
Eggs, tofu, fish and chicken either grilled or baked. Nofried foods and soy products.
For more info. google bland diet.

Hope this helps,



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Depending on where you live, if there is a 'whole foods' a round, you may try asking there. WHY is he on a restricted diet? I get indigestion from things, but it is because I am 30 lbs over weight and I have (so a friend tells me because she has the same problem and has had surgery to help her lose weight) a stretched epiglottis. So when I eat too much in a sitting, Or even a little (chocolate seems to ALWAYS cause me problems) then I have a lot of acid. You don't have to be hugely overweight, but I was 130 forever and when I got pregnant I got huge and had horrible acid reflux ALL THE TIME, and I hardly eat, but if I ever eat out, even a normal portion of food will send me over. My reason for saying this, is if it is a weight issue, then even if you give a bland diet, he may still have the same problems. He may be gluten intolerant, or lactose intolerant, so if he went to the doctor, and they said it is something specific, you might want to google the ailment and there may be diet suggestions in any articles you find


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Have him take acidophilus. I was told years ago to take one tablet every day to help with stomach issues. It helps a lot. Good luck and God Bless.



answers from Chicago on

I would ask what 'bland' means.

Bland could mean low-sodium (1300 mg max daily).

I'd also want to know why he is on a diet that includes no grains or starches. Eliminating carbs completely is a horrible idea. Eliminating simple sugars - okay, but eliminating carbs means you also eliminate complex carbs that are chock full of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.



answers from St. Louis on

google "gluten-free" & you'll be amazed at what's available!


answers from Los Angeles on

I also just went no grains. Spaghetti squash. puncture it and cook the whole squash in the oven for 1 hour. Then slice and scoop our the insides (remove seeds) and refry in a bit of butter. Then serve with spaghetti sauce or a homemade sauce. I do one with eggplant, red bell pepper, and stewed tomatoes, onion, and garlic.

I don't know what "bland" diet mean. Are grains his only restriction or is it also meat, dairy? I'd love to help. Perhaps you could update and be more specific.



answers from St. Louis on

I have seen so many people with a variety of problems use the blood type diet to solve their health issues effectively. Dr. Peter D'Adamo's book, Live Right 4 Your Type, will not only give you a list of what foods to avoid for each blood type, but also, which foods are neutral and which are highly beneficial.

I was greatly helped by following the diet for my blood type and have seen others improve greatly on it as well. Even foods that I thought were healthy and our MD might tell me eat were actually toxic to me because I could not metabolize those foods well. The book even tells you what herbs and spice to use or avoid.

My husband and I are not the same blood type, which is inconvenient. It took me a while to figure out that we can eat different breakfasts and lunches and then eat the foods we have in common for dinner together. I had to adapt many of the recipes I had developed over the years. But, the improvement in my health was remarkable. I do not suffer the muscle aches, the fatigue, the brain fog, and I lost 30 pounds without even trying. Once in a while I try to eat only the highly beneficial foods for a day or two, and wow, do I feel good then!

Once you have a list of beneficial and neutral foods, you can then learn recipes for those foods. I changed most of my soup and casserole recipes to use other root vegetables so I can completely avoid potatoes (one of my worst enemies) and wheat. I found excellent rice pasta at Trader Joe's and use rice milk as well.

It takes a bit to relearn it all, but much of what I eat is actually easier to prepare. It just takes getting used to it.


answers from San Diego on

This post is a year old, however, there may be someone else that finds themselves in the same situation.

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3. Eat exactly three meals a day.

4. After each meal take a break of at least five hours before beginning your next meal to allow for fat burning.

5. Begin each meal with one or two bites of your protein portion to stabilize your insulin levels.

6. Eat only one type of protein per meal.

7. To insure the burning of fat, don't eat after 9 pm or allow a ten hour rest period before your next meal.

8 . When eating foods with fat select whole fat foods not low fat or non fat products.

9. Eat an apple every day as one of your fruits.

10. Look for a plan that can be created based on your unique nutritional needs. This is most important. The Metabolic Balance plan is based on blood test results unique to you.

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Looking forward to continuing the conversation.

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