Did Your Kids Trick or Treat?

Updated on November 01, 2011
M.D. asks from Washington, DC
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Mine did! Well two of the three. My 6 year old can be found in the dictionary under "stubborn." He just didn't feel like it. He walked with us because my husband wasn't home yet, and he brought a bag, but he didn't get any candy. His choice. And he didn't dress up. We did a halloweeen party on Friday and he had a party at school, so maybe he was just halloweeen'ed out?

And what do you do with ALL of the candy?? My kids aren't huge candy eaters, so they'll lose interest in a few days,

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answers from Dallas on

We did, and we do a couple of pieces at lunch and dinner and it lasts till after Thanksgiving and into December.



answers from Kansas City on

Mine is out now with Daddy. She was super excited to be Storm from X-Men and get lots of candy. Hee.

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answers from Houston on

we started out early, just walked back in. weighed the kids bags, 2.5lbs and 3lbs. now our door bell is ringing off the wall, and the kids are re-giving their candy, lol. circle of life

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answers from Washington DC on

Yesterday I took DD to the mall. Today is DH's birthday and on the way back from dinner, we passed his friend's house. I suggested we stop but he didn't want to. I should have insisted. ONE house wouldn't have hurt anything.

When they lose interest, take it to the office.

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answers from Sioux City on

Nope. We had an All Saints Eve party. It was great!

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answers from Boston on

We hit about 3 houses and were done. It was the little one that decided we were done and no one complained. It was so cold and I didn't feel like going through all the snow but I figure I still get credit for taking them even though it was only 3 houses.

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answers from Seattle on

It's only 530 here! We'll be headed out in about 2 hours :) :) :)

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answers from Kansas City on

Yes! But thankfully they are both nestled in their beds right now! They had a good time and my 4 year old is already starting negotiations with candy for the morning! ;)

My daughter (4) will get tired of the candy after a few days...my son (2) however is a sugar maniac! I know he will be in that bucket every chance he gets so I'm not sure how I'm going to handle that one!


answers from Austin on

I have my husband take it to work, or I take it up to one of the schools our daughter attended and let the school secretary to put out at meetings for teachers and or Parents.


answers from Jacksonville on

Well, 10 yr old was very into getting a costume this year. 13 year old wanted to sit on the porch in costume, very still, and wait for trick or treaters to approach, then jump out and scare them.
But, 13 yr old has allergy appts on Mondays, and they both took a ju-jitsu class from 5:30-6:30 tonight. By the time we stopped quick for a pizza (halloween specials and treat bags for the kids too!) on the way home, it was 7:30. So, I had 10 yr old don her costume in the car, drove to the back of our neighborhood and let her and Dad out to knock on doors on the way back to our end of the neighborhood. There are only 12 houses. Only 3 had people home. So when they returned home (son was disappointed, because we weren't home when the probably 4 other kids might have come to our door) I loaded them both up to go up to the next nearby neighborhood and hit a few houses that were lit up brightly with big pumpkins out front, etc. It was slightly after 8:00 and I wondered if it might have been too late, but I felt bad because it wasn't really their fault to have "missed it"... they were being awesome kids taking on a new sport that just "happened" to be at the same time. So I took daughter and had older brother walk with her up to the houses. He stood off a few feet and let her approach the door, I stayed in the car in the street. I finally "made" him put his robe and mask on and he went to the door with her at a couple of houses. At one house, he stayed back and crouched. Well, the lady came out and gave daughter candy, and then brought her dog out (also in costume! :) ) and THEN her husband (in scary costume) came out and sort of came up behind daughter as she was leaving to try to scare her (they didn't know she was a "she"...her costume completely covered her face/head and all)... and so my son then stood up and scared HIM! It was so funny---they all good a great laugh out of it, and there were several "cool costume"s and "Have a good one"s as they walked back to the car. :)

So, yes they did. But not as heavily as in years past. And it was son's last year. He asked for pictures, too, because as he said... "It's my last trick or treating"... :( I was glad he went with his sister. Made it more fun for her. They have such great memories of trick or treating together already. :))



answers from New York on

My 4-year old was under the weather after school. We did one side of the street and he'd HAD it. I said, "Let's just walk up the other side of the street and get candy from people standing outside the stores" (kids trick-or-treat at the stores around here; trick-or-treating from houses at night are for the older kids). Well, he did it - grudgingly. I'm glad we did because we bumped into 5 kids from his school and said hi.

On the way home, he wanted to stop at the "haunted house" outside one restaurant and we did that too. He didn't seem scared at all, though it was pretty creepy.

Now he's in bed with a 100-degree fever. Poor guy! Hope it clears up for school tomorrow. What a Halloween! :/



answers from Savannah on

YES! We had a lot of fun! :)
My 5yr old changed his mind the day of and instead of being a gangster (suit, hat, tommy gun) he "needed" to be a marine. His great grandpa's funeral was on Thursday and was a full military service, so I know that's what that was about. My 23 month old was going to be Bam Bam but I couldn't find a child's caveman suit anywhere (realized last night it's because it's too cold!). I put him in a little turtleneck and pants, and then put the leopard print costume I made for him over that, and he got to run around with a club. They had a blast. We trick or treated for an hour and then put the little guy in the stroller we'd brought along "just in case" and took him home while big guy and daddy stayed out about 20 more minutes. They aren't huge candy eaters (they do like it though!) but it was the event of getting dressed up, running around the neighborhood together as a family but also with all the other kids in the neighborhood, and people oohing and aahing over the little costumes. We'll eat some of the candy during November, but day after Thanksgiving we start making and sending out care packages to Compassion and also friends who are missionaries, and we'll just add the little candies into those boxes.



answers from Savannah on

Yes! We took our 11 month old trick-or-treating up and down our street and he LOVED all of the attention he got! He was a little Yoda, and since he has learned to walk, he was able to walk up to the people sitting outside while holding his pumpkin and a light saber! We live in an area where just about everyone has kids, so there were not that many people passing out candy while we were out, which was good because we didn't really want all the candy anyway, just the experience of trick-or-treating.

Some dentists give money or other prizes for halloween candy, maybe you should look into that in your area!



answers from Los Angeles on

Yep! He just turned three, and it's the first time he really "got" what trick-or-treating meant (candy).
As for what to do with leftovers - if you can, donate it to "Operation Gratitude," which is an organization that puts together care packages (including candy!) for troops serving oversees.



answers from Detroit on

Our 4 year old was VERY excited to go and she's already becoming somewhat of a trick-or-treating expert...at 2 she had no problem figuring out what it was all about and she would go up to the doors herself (with me standing near by) and say "Trick or treat!" and "Thank you!" with no reminding from me! She didn't stop until we had hit every house in our sub and were back home!

This year as we traipsed through the neighborhood she looked at every house and if one did not have lights on, she said, "Well, we can't stop there! Only the houses with lights on!" Funny thing is, she doesn't eat that much candy - for now, she just likes dressing up and collecting it. So we end up eating some ourselves, but I am also going to see if her dentist has a"trade-in" program for the rest.

She's also already talking about what her costume will be next year!



answers from Washington DC on

Not any more.
In NC we did, but we lived in a neighborhood where we knew most everyone. Here there are 5 houses in our area and we are all 1/2 mile away from the others.
We did do trunk or treat at the church last night and we did Harvest Fest at the highschool on Saturday night. My 10 yo got enough candy and the girls were helping with the events so they chalked up some serious service hours.



answers from Muncie on

Mine went, she loved it. I even painted her face and her nails glow-in-the-dark. She was supposed to be a fairy, but her wings didn't want stay on. I even dressed up as a princess. The candy will be rationed out over the next year or so!



answers from Detroit on

My five-year-old daughter only wanted to trick or treat at the homes where she knows the people, and would skip houses with decorations if we didn't know them! Then she abruptly said she wanted to go home (after 1 1/2 hours) when she got two packages of Skittles so that she could eat them!

She had two costumes this year. She wore her Titanic boat costume to Greenfield Village (historical village) trick or treat and for her school parade. She wore her Puss in Boots costume for a Halloween concert at UM and for trick-or-treating tonight. She's had her fill. (Puss in Boots is an excellent movie, by the way.)

I don't know what I'll do with the candy. I have a friend who has created some fairy or "sprite" (?) who takes extra candy after two or three days. I put it in a paper bag up somewhere, and she usually forgets about it after a while.



answers from Colorado Springs on

No, today was just another day to us as far as that goes. We did celebrate the Reformation though. Today is the anniversary of Martin Luther nailing the 95 theses on the Wittenberg church door, seeking reform in the Church. It marks the beginning of the Reformation. Yesterday we celebrated that with friends. About a week ago we went to a Reformation Day Faire, where we studied about the Westminster Confession and some of the men who were involved in that. The 31st of October is a wonderful celebration for us in this way. The halloween stuff just isn't for us.

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