Did Your Babies Stick Out Their Tongue a Lot While Teething?

Updated on August 26, 2010
C.W. asks from Cleveland, TN
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Hello mommas! Yet another teething question from me. lol. Im pretty sure my 2 1/2 (closer to 3...)month daughter is teething... she is drooling, irritable, chewing anything put in her mouth, and keeps rubbing at her cheeks/ears... well, now she is sticking her tongue out A LOT... like abnormally a lot... constantly sticking it in and out, and trying to lick whatever comes near her mouth (even when I nurse her).... Is this a part of teething? I feel like she is doing it waaaay too much to be a self-discovery thing... but maybe it is?... or could it be a symptom of something else I don't even know about? I know I am asking a lot of probably stupid teething questions, but she seems so young to be teething that I don't want to assume that what she is doing has to do with teething, just because I think she is (Im pretty sure she is)... please bear with me and thank you for your patience!

~LOL @ riley j. I can't do it. I have to keep smiling. lol.

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answers from Kansas City on

I would say I'm pretty sure she's not teething. It's awfully young. I mean, stranger things have happened I'm sure, but it would be surprising for her to get a tooth so soon, definitely not the norm. My son does play with his tongue a lot, and yes he is teething right now, but he always has. I would venture to say that it's more along the lines of just discovering her tongue or maybe she likes the noise it makes or the feeling it makes on her lips. Babies are funny and discover new things every day, so I wouldn't worry. If it continues you might give your doctor's office a call, it could be an ear infection, although probably unlikely with that as well, but being irritable and rubbing at her ears could be a sign of that.

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answers from San Francisco on

Perfectly normal.
In the coming few weeks/months, don't be surprised to hear hours of teeth grinding, strawberry blowing and other funny noises from your baby girl. Each tie she will discover she can make a new sound/create new sensations for her, she will practice for days (and nights!)
Take pictures and enjoy!

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answers from Seattle on

My son was a "Bruler" (aka drooled a LOT)... in large part because he loved to play with his tongue, but didn't keep his lips tense when he did. When his tongue was in motion, his lips were slack. (<grinning> Try it yourself, it's almost *impossible* to play with your tongue without tightening your lips... but it's a learned thing. When you tighten your lips, you actually make "channels" that your saliva runs down the back of your mouth... if you make your lips slack, the saliva starts to "pool" under your tongue. Kind of like at the dentist).

That said... yes... when my son was teething, he played with his tongue a lot. :)

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answers from New York on

My grandson is 8 months old, and sticks his tongue out all the time! i found this post because i was checking to make sure that it is a normal thing. He is also teething again, and drooling like crazy, and leaves his tongue sticking out often. It's actually really cute. Though i don't know if it's connected to the teething or not - at least I now know that it seems to be a normal baby action. He seems to do it more when he is in a happy mood rather than when he is irritable from teething, but who knows.

Also - as you probably have already discovered - babies can and do teeth at 3 months. My daughter had two teeth by four months, and now her son, my grandbaby, was not far behind that.

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