Did You Understand the Ending of the Movie Life of Pi?

Updated on December 17, 2012
A.S. asks from Boca Raton, FL
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Our family finally got out to see "Life of Pi" last night . . . it was a gorgeous cinematic experience, with an interesting story (though more violent than I thought it would be).

My only issue - I did not "get" the ending! What was the point of the two stories?

I feel like an idiot. Hopefully someone can connect the dots on the profundity that I apparently missed. :)

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So What Happened?

@Sherri - I don't know - haven't read the book yet. My son heard that the book is very good.

@Laurie - I liked your analysis.

But does anyone have any idea how the 2 stories pertained to belief in God? I thought that's what they were getting at.

Also, I should clarify that it wasn't the violence, per se - it was that the movie was rated PG instead of PG13. I saw lots of little kids in the theater, and there were some scenes that would have bothered me as a kid.

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I felt like when asked, Pi told these men the truth...but they could not believe and handle the truth, so Pi made up the story of the humans surviving the storm, but replaced the animals with human characters.

This story was brutal because it had humans acting like animals..animals are just honestly what they are.. Wild animals just trying to survive. All instinct.

The 2 ship men, did not like this story either, so Pi told them, you decide, what story do you like best.

Pi in his heart knows the truth. He does not care what anyone else believes. HE can live with the truth.... His faith allows him to be secure. He cannot give this faith and truth to others, they also are free to believe what makes them feel better.

I hope this helps...

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answers from New York on

This is the same ending as the book. It is intended to make you think. What story would you believe - that a young boy could live on a small lifeboat with a tiger for months, or that he manufactured this fantasy to protect himself from the vicious reality of having lived on the lifeboat alone after the cook murdered his mother and the sailor? You aren't meant to have a definite answer, that was the author's purpose of the book :)

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Well, said, Laurie. And by first offering you the animal story (the long version), he gives you the story the more palatable way first. They are both the truth, in their own way. Which one can you handle?

If you did not like the violence and did not read the book, don't read it, IMO. When I was reading analysis of the book, I came across other scenes that were not pretty. I have not read it. DH and SS have.

Sherri, my DH says it was a very good representation of the book.

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answers from Grand Forks on

Does the movie end the same as the book?

I loved the book.

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Well said Laurie, right on :)

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I've read the book and seen the movie. The ending is telling us that the story we just saw/read is allegorical. Each of the animal characters represented real people. To me, both stories were impossible. I wondered what really happened but couldn't figure anything out and so stopped thinking about it.

I had the thought that none of this happened and that the stories represented different aspects of the teller's personality. Yes, the ship went down and the boy was rescued. That's all.

As to a belief in God, I suggest that without God the boy wouldn't have existed. This is God's world. But that's reaching quite a bit. I didn't get that part of the story either.

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