Did I Have a Miscarriage?

Updated on January 08, 2008
A. asks from Clearfield, UT
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My husband and I have been trying for a baby the past few months. After I ovulated I started feeling many pregnancy symptoms such as swollen breasts, tenderness in my lower right abdomen, tiredness, etc. Right before my period was supposed to start, I came down with a nasty case of the stomach flu. A few days after I got over the flu I started bleeding and it lasted for 2 weeks with very painful cramping. I took 2 pregnancy tests and they both came out negative. I don't know if the flu was part of this or if it was something else. But why would I have all those symptoms to start with? I just don't know if this is all in my head. I have a doctor appointment scheduled but I was wondering if any one out there has experienced anythng like this that could shed some light?

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answers from Rapid City on

In my experience it sounds very similar to the 2 I had before I was blessed with my 2 babies. The doctor will probably be able to tell you better then me..

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answers from Janesville-Beloit on

Unfortunately, you may never know. If it was a miscarriage and a complete one, even the doctor can't tell you if you were pregnant. If you haven't stopped bleeding yet, you may be hemorraging if it was a miscarriage. Also, the beginning symptoms of pregnancy are almost the same as the pre-menstral cycles. It's a good idea to see your doctor anyway, that way you can be sure everything is ok. Good luck.



answers from Sioux Falls on

it sounds like it was a false pregnancy. These are not very fun to have, they make you think your pregnant, but your not. I went thru one and it was so exciting, but i never got a positive on a test and finally my period came. they can be common when you are trying very hard to get pregnant. Good Luck! (and try to relax and enjoy the whole getting pregnant process!! ;))



answers from Saginaw on

My question was how was the bleeding.... Was it a normal period like or did it have clots ?? Thats one way u could tell. Also sometimes u never can tell.


answers from Grand Rapids on

A., it's hard to really know what happened for sure. I doubt it was all in your head, because we women have an intuition about these things, when they seem odd to us. And those sounded like some pretty convincing pregnancy symptoms....especially if they were not the usual thing for you. Sometimes a HPT will show negative when you really ARE pregnant, and a beta (blood test) would be the only thing to confirm if anything is in your system. If it's been several weeks since the episode, the blood test might show it clear, but that doesn't mean you weren't pregnant. It is always good to talk to your OB about this, because if you WERE pregnant, then your OB will want to know and make sure you don't have residual tissue, etc. that can cause infection. And someone earlier mentioned the possibility of the RH- factor, which I had. It was necessary for me to get the correct shots before a new pregnancy, so that there were no blood problems between the baby and I. I see that you have two other children, though, and maybe this is not a problem for you. Anyway, I wish you all the luck in the world ttc again. It's always a journey, and there's always hope, even after a miscarriage. Good luck.



answers from Benton Harbor on

I used to get really bad symptoms DURING ovulation, and then again right before my period. Your body is always changing so you never know what could/couldn't be natural symptoms. I've also had a m/c and it's tough...but I urge you not to get too hung up on it if you find out that it was a m/c. I was stunned to discover the number of pregnancies that end in m/c before a pregnancy is even suspected and women just assume it's a period. Keep looking toward the future and the baby you are working for!
Good luck!



answers from Sioux Falls on

A., I am so sorry to hear about your loss. When going through this myself several months ago, my doc told me that many women miscarry very early in pregnancy without really knowing they were pregnant in the first place. So it is entirely possible that you were and miscarried. If you were just pregnant for a few weeks or days your period could be almost normal, it may just seem like a bad one. I certainly dont think that it was all "in your head", I knew instantly every time I was pregnant with out taking a test! The test just confirmed what I already knew! So, you more than likely were, and I am sorry that it ended so sadly. You are not alone in this, more women than you could possibly imagine have gone through the painful experience of a miscarriage, and then gone on to have perfect, healthy babies. Good luck and God Bless,



answers from Grand Rapids on

Sorry to say but I think it was in your head. I don't think you have any symptoms till you at least are "late." Yor symptoms my also have just been PMS. If you were prego the test should have showed it cause the hormones stick around for a little while.
I would still contact your doc to make sure, if you are rh- you will need a shot if it was a miscarrage.



answers from Provo on

I've had 9 miscarriages that we know of. My last Doc, and my new one here as well, have both told me that 1/4 miscarriages don't even know they're pregnant. If the body or baby isn't healthy for whatever reason, it can't stick. Definately get checked out, though. He can check to see if it was and make sure it all cleared out (you really do not want to deal with that) and run bloodwork and such to make sure everything else is healthy. Prego Tests don't register for me until I'm past my first trimester. Doc says thats normal for me. Find out what your normal is. Miscarriages can be hard to think of what could have been, but try to rela and calm down and go from there! God bless.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Hi A.
You didn’t say how far after O you started having symptoms, but I've been TTC for over 1 year and 16 cycles, its heart breaking, I'm a Bolger and speak to many women TTC and on IF Treatments.
I've learned that symptoms don’t start to occur until after HCG is released into the body, the HCG is released after implantation, which is aprox 7 dpo. Then it doubles every day after that,
PMS symptoms are very close to pregnancy symptoms, many women think AF is coming, then find out they are pregnant, I also know from personal experience, I thought fur sure I was pregnant in July, I had symptoms like no other, Tender breasts so bad It hurt to walk down stairs, bloating, swollen breasts, dizzy, bleeding gums, but sure enough, AF came right on time and I was Not pregnant. So the mind can play tricks on you, I've known girls who swore they were pregnant because they had greasy hair and they've never had greasy hair. I think sometimes, especially after failed cycles, that I wanted to be pregnant so bad that I tried to force it by amplifying my symptoms, I hate to say that because they were very real, I've learned you can’t trust symptoms, over the past 16 cycles, no 2 months have been the same as far as symptoms.
I'm a supporter, I hope this post doesn’t sound like I'm not, I'm only sharing what I've learned over the past year+ and my experience.
It is possible to have a chemical pregnancy, but you'd still have no symptoms until after your period is late. (Although some women will argue that point because they had symptoms after 3 dpo (days past Ovulation) and implantation hasn’t even occurred.
I'm sorry you had to go through what you went through, its so hard (pregnancy or not) to not be pregnant, it feels like such a disappointment after every failed cycle, I literally feel like I need to grieve the loss of the dream when ever I get my period.

On another thought, maybe you were pregnant and further along than you thought, are you charting? Do you know for sure when you O'ed?
When I had a m/c, I didn’t bleed for 2 weeks, but I did pass tissue (not a blood clot but actual tissue that looked like liver) and my bleeding lasted about 7 days total, from beginning - through the M/C - and after. But everyone is different also.

I've learned that even a chemical pregnancy, which is more common than we ever knew, will seem just like AF. Most women don’t even know they were pregnant because the egg doesn’t implant or stay implanted and the M/C will happen at the time of AF.

If your confused about the abbreviations, you can check out the primer http://ttcjso.blogspot.com/ for webMD TTC/JSO board, and also the TTC/JSO board is an awesome support group for women trying to get pregnant, there is also TTCAS (a sibling) and TTCAL (after loss)
Best of luck to you on your journey of getting pregnant, I hope it happens very soon for you.



answers from Salt Lake City on


i'm sorry but we'll never know for sure. the same thing happened to me, the difference is, i went to the doctor on the second day of bleeding for tests,the results were positive.
the bleeding still went on so i went back to the doctor then the tests came out negative, i had a miscarriage... i lost my baby in 4 days of bleeding. i advise you to go to the doctor immediately whenever you're bleeding and you suspect you're pregnant... keep trying!

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