Diarrhea on Megadose Antibiotic - Any Fix?

Updated on April 02, 2010
M.O. asks from Barrington, IL
10 answers

OK, megadoes antibiotic is giving me bad diarrhea. I realize this is a normal "side effect" of many antibiotics. Any recommendations for a "cure" until the antibiotic is done?

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answers from Dallas on

I don't know if this is ok "per Dr" but maybe Immodium? It tends to stop/hinder diarrhea.

I've not had that effect on antibiotics. I have the yeast beast hit if I am on antibiotics. My Dr. knows...antibiotic=yeast meds to head it off.

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answers from Seattle on

Eat yogurt, bananas and rice!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

My duaghter is currently on antibiotics and her pediatrician recommended florastor. So far it seems to be working. We got it otc at our local pharmacy.


answers from Dallas on

You can use immodium for the short term for symptoms. But to really get your system back to a healthy state you will need a probiotic. Shaklee makes the best bar none. It is called Optiflor and you can find it at http://www.shaklee.net/healthforlife
Good luck and God bless.


answers from New York on

try probiotics, or yogurt. If the diarhea continues ask the doctor to do a stool sample to rule out c-diff. a bacteria in the stool caused from long term or high doses of antibiotics. symptoms of c-diff are watery diarrhea 2-3X a day or more and mild cramping. sometimes pus or blood is present in the diarrhea. Good Luck



answers from Chicago on

Another vote for Florastor. Available at Walgreens (where you pick up your prescriptions, behind the counter). Whenever my son was on an antibiotic, he got terrible diarrhea and then a horrible diaper rash with it, that I had to use prescription cream to get rid of. Anyway, after I gave him the florastor (for kids, there's a different one for adults), it thickened up everything and no more diaper rash. Amazing stuff, usually starts working the same day. Good luck!



answers from Seattle on

Just feed lots of bananas and yogurt, and hope for the best


answers from Barnstable on

probiotics should help



answers from Austin on

I was told to make sure to eat a good meal when I took antibiotics to prevent diarrhea.



answers from Portland on

Eat several bites of a good natural yogurt with active cultures several times a day. And take the pills with food. I've had this problem in the past, but this time around the yogurt is keeping my guts happy.

If you get the other frequent aftereffect of antibiotics, a yeast infection, you can also use yogurt vaginally.

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