Diarrhea in 5 Year Old

Updated on May 30, 2011
J.M. asks from Reno, NV
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Hi, my son has never had diarrhea before, and yesterday he started to have it, I am not sure what is causing it as he has no other symptoms. My question is can I give him any foods to help relieve it since you can't really give them anything to stop it? I have read about the BRAT diet but I am not sure if it works? Also his butt is so sore from wiping, I have been using baby wipes but it is making it worse, I tried to put diaper rash cream and it didn't help, would maybe Tucks pads help? If he had the stomach flu or something wouldn't he be throwing up too or will that come later? I'm sorry so many questions but amazingly I have never dealt with this before! Thank you for any advice.

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answers from San Francisco on

BRAT diet - bananas, white rice, apple sauce and toast - works well if it is not caused by pathogen.

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answers from Norfolk on

It could be just an intestinal virus that will have to run it's course.
Our pediatrician said once a gut is irritated it can stay irritated for awhile after the source of irritation is long gone.
Keep up his fluids. Dehydration is the biggest danger.
Pedialyte, Gatorade, clear broth are all fine.
BRAT = banana, rice, apple sauce and toast are binding foods and should help sooner or later.
Some yogurt might help get his intestines rebalanced again.
As for his sore butt, because foods are traveling through his gut so fast it's still got a lot of stomach acid in it (it can be strong) and it will burn skin.
You can try some liquid antacid on his behind but diaper rash ointment or Vaseline should help as a barrier, too.
I hope he feels better soon.

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answers from Modesto on

The sore butt is a force to be reckoned with. Desitin or even neosporine slathered on it is your best bet. He either ate something bad or didn't wash his hands and got a germ that is causing the diarrhea if he doesnt have the flu.
Keep him hydrated.
Have him soak in the bathtub, tell him to spread his cheeks now and then so the oatmeal bath/baking soda bath/epsom salts bath (add a couple of cups of either) will help his soreness. I'm sure he will do anything you want him to do since his poor little butt is on fire.
Diarrhea sucks.
He might start vomiting.
Just be prepared.
Keep butt slathered with ointments tho.. nothing is an instant fix unfortunately. Poor baby.



answers from Sacramento on

Try Jello Water, if you can get him to drink it. It's just mostly putting twice as much water into jello than you would and having him drink it. My daughter doesn't care for it but it helps my daughter when she has it.




answers from Pittsfield on

Check with your child's Pedi before giving Imodium, or any other anti-diarrheal meds. Depending on what's causing the diarrhea, they can actually cause more problems!!


answers from Hartford on

No more wipes! If you must use wipes you can get plain dry ones and wet them with plain water. Put some Vaseline or just continue with the diaper rash cream. It WILL eventually help.

Make sure he has plenty of fluids. If he's having diarrhea every time he eats then you need to cut back on his meals. It sounds like he has a virus. Feeding someone with a virus can make the gastric upset WORSE instead of better, and what's most important is keeping him hydrated. He needs very, very bland foods.

No sugary drinks, no sugary foods, no fried foods, no eggs, no dairy. Keep it bland, like Saltine crackers, white rice, potatoes, refined floured breads/toast, Cream of What, pastina, chicken broth. Water is good, Pedialyte. Popsicles.

But most importantly call your pediatrician. I know it's a holiday weekend but they'll have a doctor on call to offer you advice tailored to your situation. And if your child is getting dehydrated they may suggest that you go to the ER, especially if the diarrhea won't stop.



answers from Dallas on

If he has no other symptoms I wouldn't panic or worry too much, he may have just caught a nasty bacteria infestation somewhere. I give my little ones Culturelle, you can find it at CVS or Walgreens. It's tastless and dissolves instantly. It's a probiotic so it'll help his little system ramped up to get rid of the bacteria in him. Also, just keep pushing water, rice, bananas and ground hamburger, that is what my peds office has us do.



answers from Philadelphia on

take some maalox or liquid mylanta and dab it on with a cotton ball around his anus. let it air dry while he has no underware on. once it is dry try some triple paste to put around there. do not do tucks it has alcohol in it and it will sting his anus and surronding area. do the brat diet it will help. his has some kind of virus in his stomach. a stomach virus does not always come with vomiting. He could have eaten something that his body does not like. give him lots of gatorade so he does not get dehydrated. another thing to do is to put him in warm bath with some baking soda,let it soak then dry him off then do the above with the maalox then the triple cream. It should run its course by tommorow. read the directions on a bottle or box of immodium to see how old they have to be to take it. it is an anti diarrheal medicine. good luck and hope he feels better soon.

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