Diarrhea for 2 Weeks!?

Updated on April 08, 2008
R.H. asks from Mentone, CA
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My daughter is 14 months. She had diarrhea and some throwing up the whole week before Easter. No one else in our home had gotten it. She was very weak, had no appetite, or energy. Took her to DR. Friday before Easter and got stool sample kit. She wasn't dehydrated, thankfully, and DR. said it was possible that it was just the flu because sometimes it can last that long. Well, we did 2 days of the 4-day kit, and then she didn't got at all for 2 days. So we thought she was getting better, her appetite and energy came back, but then the diarrhea came back again and she still has it. We finished filling the stool sample kit this last Monday and Tuesday, so now we are waiting for the results to see if there's something else going on. It should take 5 days. Being on the BRAT diet definitely helps, and she drinks plenty of water and gatorade, no dairy. I'm just wondering if any other moms have ever had this same type of experience with your child? I hate the idea of her having some sort of bacteria or parasite. Oh, and to add on top of it all, she's teething her back teeth, and she's so miserable from that too, and she wakes up a lot at night. So unlike her.
I would so appreciate any advice, encouragement or shared experiences.

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try using the florastor packets. You add 1 pack 2 times a day to applesauce or juice to add the good bacteria back to their tummies. I also give my kids the activia yogurt everyday to maintain good tummy health. Roto virus can get pretty serious (and thats what it sounds like she has). In the mean time buy stock in huggies. Diarrhea is no fun for sure, for you or her. Continue with the brat diet until the symptoms have subsided, and get a good diaper rash cream. I recommend calmoseptine. Good Luck!



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As I recall teething can cause diarrhea and an upset to the whole system. I would hope that they have already checked her for rotovirus which sounds a bit like her symptoms. Just kind of a note...if they give you a 4 day kit, use it for 4 days and not 2. Most medications are given for a certain number of days for a reason and if you don't adhere to the directions they won't have the optimal outcome and your child might become immune. I wish you luck and I'm sorry I can't offer too much advice but with diarrhea it could be anything or nothing.



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When my son was about 2 yrs old he had something similar for over 2 weeks. We had to do a the stool sample and it came back normal. I was very worried. I was told to give lots of water and my pediatrician actually said things like veggies and high fiber bread and crackers are good. It helps move it along quicker. The only way I was able to really cure him up was load him up with yogurt. I gave him like 2 big yogurts a day. I went to Wild oats and found some that have tons of different good bacteria. I swear it helped a ton and within 24 hours he didn't have runny stools anymore. I hope your little girl feels better soon. I too have a 14 month old little girl and I know it's miserable when they aren't feeling good.




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My son had rotavirus at 15 months. The vomiting only lasted about 48 hours, but the diarrhea lasted exactly 2 weeks, which is what the pediatrician told us to expect. As long as she's not dehydrated I wouldn't worry much. I would however give the pedi a call just to see if they have any ideas or want to see her.



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Lots of good suggestions here but I would also recommend you monitor her diet and see if diarrhea flares up with one particular food. Could be a food allergy or sensitivity - her body has trouble processing something so gets rid of it the fastest way possible! Good luck.



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There is a nasty flu with vomiting and diarrhea going around, it lasts for weeks. Could be that (but the doctor should be able to tell if this is it, I'd imagine...).

Just make sure to stay in touch with her pediatrician. A good friend of mine's son had 3 weeks of diarrhea, and his doctor felt a tumor in his abdomen - could be a sign of something else. It was an awful experience. He was rushed that same day to a children's hospital to have the tumor removed. For a while they thought he had stage 4 cancer. But now he's 16 and totally fine.

Do you know if the doctor checked for this? Don't mean to freak you out, but it happens sometimes! :/



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My daughter has the same problem. Her doctor said it was the flu. Her system had broken down a bit. Is she on formula? If so you might want to try switching her to a lactose free one. I guess for some reason my daughter is rejecting the lactose. SO her doctor said to give her lactose free formula for about 3-4 days. It's been 2 days and she's already getting better. Now I still have to wait until I switch her back. But so far her diarrihea and vomiting has subsided. You could try it and see how it goes. Hopefully it works for you.

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