Diarrhea and Teething???

Updated on July 08, 2008
R.H. asks from Mentone, CA
6 answers

I've heard differing opinions about whether or not teething can cause diarrhea. My almost 18 month old daughter has almost always struggled through diarrhea, and she's also a miserable teether. So I'm just wondering if anyone has any insight on the possibility of it being connected with teething. (not much else seems to help, not even the BRAT diet, or eliminating milk. We even did the whole stool sample test thing a while ago and nothing came up. She doesn't eat anything that extreme, and I've always limited juice intake and try to give lots of water, so I just can't figure her out.) Thanks!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I guess there is debate about whether the 2 are linked. They always were with my kids. Excess saliva causes it????
Good luck



answers from Los Angeles on

You know, my 10 1/2 month old son is going through this sort of thing right now. He hasn't had diarrhea before when he was teething. I asked his doctor and she said no, teething doesn't cause diarrhea. We're not sure what is causing it. He has had it for 1 week and 1 day. His doctor says that we won't worry about it until it's 2 weeks and then we'll do the stool sample tests.

She says to help stop the diarrhea give him tapioca pudding, rice, rice cereal (although mine won't eat it anymore). She said yogurt is really good for him now also. She also says the best thing to do is go ahead and feed him alot of milk/formula and water, no juice or fruit.



answers from Las Vegas on

Hi rachel, i dont think you have anything to worrie about because my son had diarrhea for a week and a half straight durrig teething. It all depends on the kid. I feel for you. It sucks having to watch any problems your baby has.
S. c



answers from Reno on

My son had the exact same thing. He was a HORRIBLE teether and had diarreah everytime he broke a new tooth. My pediatrician said it was very normal and when he gets used to teething it will all get easier. And sure enough it did, once he got a majority of his teeth it all stopped. I used teething tabs a lot to help with pain for my son and I began to notice if he wasn't in so much pain then the diarreah wouldn't be so bad, so I continued to use that and tylenol to aid with that. It's a hit or miss thing and GOOD LUCK, I've been there it does get better!!!



answers from Los Angeles on

I do not know if they are connected so to speak but i did this once for diarrhea, take a couple cups of milk, put in a pan bring it to a boil, on stove and then skim the top with a small strainer and then let it cool and then give it to the child , it works better than the bratt diet and it will stop the diarrhea ................
well at least it did for us !!!!

that's so cool you are a stay at home Mom and i know the Lord will Bless you so much for that............we Love the Lord too and i will pray this works as good for you as it did for us.

God Bless

from R.'
([email protected]____.com)



answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter had those same symptoms as well. I think it can be part of teething even though drs. swear it isn't. Did you rule out any other food allergies just to be safe since the medical came back normal? Keep her hydrated.

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