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Updated on February 13, 2007
M.F. asks from Danbury, CT
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My 10 month old had a severe case of diarrhea two weeks ago. After several doctor visits, phone calls, ointments, pepto, rice, bananas....we thought we were on the road to recovery. Last week she came down with a runny nose, but was still feeling fine...over last weekend she started up again with the diarrhea. I noticed a tooth cut through two days ago...but she is still having diarrhea. It's only once or twice a day but when it happens, it's a mess (sorry to be so gross..it's been a long month) I've had to take several days off of work. The doctor said to call back in two days if she still is having it. Is it the teeth? Another bug? Is she allergic to the same foods she's already been having? Any ideas...thanks

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So What Happened?

I did end up taking her back to the doctors and he tested to make sure there was no blood in her stool. She is fine. Just a bad case of diarrhea. She's fine now and now mom and dad have the flu!! Wish me luck!!

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i am having a similar problem with my two boys but it has been well over three weeks. otherwise they feel fine. what the heck is going on out there lol. please help. i have tried the brat diet and pedialyte. 1 son is on extremely high test formula and the other on table food. i didn't know they had that much "stuff" in them. (lack of a better word)


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Is your son on Formula? Is so Similac has a formula called Isomil DF. Its for diarrhea. Its very hard to find. We found it at RiteAid, but this was about 2 years ago. It cleared him right up.
Its probably just a viral thing that needs to run its course. Pedialyte ice pops also work really well.



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It is possible that teething is causing the diarrhea. Babies drool a lot when they are teething, and they swallow a bunch of it. This leaves loose stools. So, it sould be the teeth, but it's not something you want to bet on, because the side effects of diarrhea over long periods of time can be harmful.

Take her back into the ped. when he wants you to if it is still going on. Make sure to keep her as hydrated as possible. I like the Gerber Liquilytes in powder form for this. It's right with the baby food, and you add it to water. It keeps electrolytes in balance, and tasted like fruit punch, so she'll suck that right down! you can try the food remedies that worked last time.

What you might want to do is keep track of her food intakefor a little while. That way, if she comes down with another bout of this, you have a record, to try and pinpoint if her stomach is being upset by something she eats. If you see a pattern of diarrhea after a certain item in her diet, then you can try eliminating it. Unfortunately, you can't do that if you can't remember what she had and when. And really, who memorizes their kid's meals?

Best of luck figuring it out, and I hope she feels better soon.


P.S. - Go Yanks!!



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Could be lots of things. Take her to the doctor and make sure she is not getting dehydrated. There are alot of stomach viruses going around too. Could be her teething as well. With young ones like your daughter, it can be alot of different things, lol. Don't panic though. She's probably fine.

One thing that worked great for my oldest when he got the diarreha was watermellon juice. Seems to bind them up. Just put some inthe blender to make the juice. HTH




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Unfortunately I don't have any advice. My 5 1/2 month old had it for 11 days. She did not attend day care for a week. Luckily my mother in law took her for 5 days. I ahd called my doctor several times but he would not see her because she was still drinking her bottles. I did however take all food away(she wasn't eating really) and stuck with bottle and rice(to try to bind her up). After a week the doctor still would not see her so we had to wait it out. It was very frustrating.



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Does your daughter go to daycare? She may have the Rotavirus. ( http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dvrd/revb/gastro/rotavirus.htm ) Is she still on fomula? If so, I would tell you to get her Similac Isomil DF Soy Formula for Diarrhea, its a God sent. When my daughter was about the same age she came down with it and nothing would help.. I asked the doctor if the DF formula would be ok to give.. She said yes.. I started her on it and within days she was back to normal. Now, the Rotavirus can stay in the systems for up to 10days.. Ask your doctor if its ok to give her the DF formula. Good Luck!!


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it may be something she's eating. My daughter had a simular case, but not as severe. I had started feeding her oatmeal cereal and like a week after she started to get a stuffy nose and diarreha. Once I stopped feeding it to her, it cleared right up. Have you started her on anything new lately?? Try to stop giving her any new foods that you had introduced to her in the last month and a half. Good luck and keep us posted.

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