Diapers! (Which Ones Are Your FAVORITE)

Updated on June 18, 2010
N.O. asks from Rowlett, TX
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Hello Moms,

I'm about to start buying diapers for my new bundle of job but every time I find myself in the diaper aisle, I can't decide which ones to get! LOL

With my previous pregnancies, I used swaddlers until they hit size 3 and then I'd ususally switch to a store brand or huggies because I'm not crazy about the regular Pampers.

However my issue for the new baby is MONEY! She was a very unexpected pregnancy and money is tight. When I see a box of LUVS online for $35 that has over 200 diapers in it and a box of Pampers for $30 with close to 130 in it, I'm very tempted to get LUVS but not sure if it's a good "newborn brand" baby diaper since I've always used swaddlers during the newborn stages.

Added note, all of my babies have been very prone to diaper rash which is another reason I can't do any store brand or cheapy diapers during the first year usually. But I would love to hear which inexpensive brands you used during the newborn stages or even continued to use and why they were your favorite.

Thanks moms!!

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answers from Dallas on

I have 2 boys and I love Huggies for a newborn, but like the Pampers Cruisers for older babies. However, I don't buy them anymore because regular Huggies and Pampers Baby Dry are the same price, but have more in the box. So, I buy those. I hate cheap diapers. I've tried a few of them just to see and if I had to choose one, I would choose the Target brand diapers.


answers from Los Angeles on

Started with Papmers Swaddlers, then went to Pampers baby dry, now I am in Pampers cruisers. I tried many diapers in between to try to save money, and I think I did more damage lol. I hated the walmart brand, they are so cheap and rough feeling. Huggies just never fit right for us, and she often woke up leaky. We tried kirkland brand (available at costco), and they were ok. What I liked about them was they in-between sizes, like size 1-2 and size 2-3. (Also try using aquaphor for diaper rashes). I swore with my next one I was going to use cloth diapers, but we'll see about that when it happens. LOL =) Good Luck

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answers from Harrisburg on

You are going to get varying answers on this one! LOL This is one of those that depends on the family, tradition, child, money. Each family has their preference and will stick to it no matter what at times because of that brand or it fit their first baby. Then there's the tradition of what their mother or sister used so that's all they know so that's what they buy. Then there's the issue, like for me, that each baby is shaped differently and urinates differently so you go through the routine of finding what works for each baby.

For my 23 year old, I bought whatever was cheapest, due to being a single mom at that time. It just happened that his shape pretty much fit anything I bought and put on him. Some leaked but that was before elastics and all that. So anything worked on him so I bought the cheapest. He had a butt of steel, so no rashes, lol.

For my 15 year old, we started with the cheapest we could find. Leaked. We worked our way up cost wise until we got to Luvs and those were a miracle diaper for him. Never leaked, even with diahrea explosions, lol. My neighbor was stuck paying more with Huggies cuz Luvs did not work on her girls. Each baby is shaped different.

For my triplets, we wanted Luvs but knew the cost for 3 times the diapers was going to be rough so we bought the cheapest we could find, plus had diapers from every brand you can imagine given to us so we truly had the chance to try every diaper out there. From the cheapest to the most fancy/expensive diaper, the one that worked best? Luvs. We weren't surprised on one hand, because we used them with our older son. But on the other hand, each triplet was shaped and sized TOTALLY different. We thought we'd be stuck buying three different brands. No. Luvs worked great for them. We did get stuck buying 3 different sizes though, lol. Once one would catch up to another in size and we were buying just 2 different sizes, someone else would grow and we'd be back to buying 3 different sizes, but always Luvs.

We did buy by the case as it was cheaper. At the time, Target seemed to have a sale now and then for Luvs so we'd stock up, and once in a while Walmart. Usually we could get them cheapest at Walmart by the case. But mine are now 5.5 years old so things have changed as they do a lot in the baby department.

I would buy small packages of different brands and try them out. If you have a shower, ask for diapers and don't be specific so you can get varying kinds to try out. I have heard the Costco diapers work great, or was it Sam's. I want to say it was the Costco ones. But don't go by tradition or TV hype. Check the inexpensive ones first and work your way up in cost. I will say when we tried the Walmart brand diapers, they ran smaller than the other brands, which did not work for one triplet as he was large around the hips and butt. They ended up being narrow, small, and too thin anyway for us, but each child is different.

And make sure you use waterproof fitted mattress pads under your sheets to save the mattress and when she's an infant, use the waterproof pads underneath her so save changing the sheets a lot.

People are going to swear by their brand, but do the testing yourself. If one brand was truly perfect, there'd only be one brand out there to be sold, right?

K. B
mom to 5 including triplets

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answers from Wichita Falls on

I like LUVS, they don't leak and they work well. Pampers and LUVS are both made by proctor and gambel. Congratulations on your surprise.



answers from Salt Lake City on

I just have one child so far, a boy. And I started with swaddlers and loved them, and once he moved out of newborn diapers I switched to LUVS and they have been great. I've tried huggies and pampers and honestly like LUVS better, plus I like saving money! We do use Huggies Overnights now (he's 18 months so we need extra protection at night). It seems that alot depends on how your baby is shaped as to what diapers work well, but I have a friend who switched from pampers to Luvs and is very happy with them as well. (she has a little girl) One thing about Luvs though is I have never seen cupons for them, but they are so much less already I guess that is why. Also my favorite wipes are Huggies because you can easily tear them in half (which limits the amount you use) and they are soft and don't leave lint. Good Luck!



answers from Dallas on

cloth diapers!!!! they are way cheaper than disposables!! and no diaper rash to deal with. they really arent as much of a headache as people say they are. just get the prefolds and roll em up and put them in a cloth diaper cover with the velcro tabs. i use green mountain or cloth eez diapers and i love the bummis whisper wraps. and even when dd poops i just throw them in the washer and set it to rinse 2x and they come out like new.
if thats not your thing then i use luvs (same as pampers but cheaper) or 7th generation when we leave the house.
also be careful with the diaper rash cream. anything that has talc (which is all the usual diaper rash creams like destin) actually can make diaper rash even worse. i use aloe if it gets really bad and lanolin (the sore boob cream from breastfeeding) and it heals it right up.
good luck!



answers from Columbus on

cloth diapers are my favorite. we use fuzzi bunz. we do use disposables when out of town and for that, we use pampers. i've found that babies r' us sell them in large boxes cheaply and they send coupons too. but, as far as an economical choice- cloth is best. you can resell pocket diapers for a good price when you're finished. you can buy them second hand online. if you choose pre folds, you can reuse them as dust cloths later.



answers from New York on

We used luvs for a long time, but recently switched to the Up and Up Target brand (cheaper). I really really like them. My son has super sensitive skin and he hasn't had a problem with them at all.


answers from Dallas on

The Wal Mart brand were fine for us. They are really cheap, but really good. No leaking. No rash. My son has really sensitive skin. He's been hospitalized for skin allergies so I know these diapers are gentle!


answers from Spokane on

Hi N.,

I tried the pampers swaddlers, and I loved the fit, but they gave two of my children TERRIBLE rashes on their bums-as newborns-and it was no fun! The pampers seem to run about a half size larger than the huggies snug and dry, which is what I use now, and have for all of my babies, since my son was born 9 years ago. I tried the target brand UP & up- junk! They were way smaller-size 4 was more like a size 3 and not real absorbent. I love the huggies supreme too, but they don't sell them at Costco, and I refuse to buy them anywhere else. Good luck.




answers from Phoenix on

I LOVE Swaddlers and have used them with both of my kids until they have grown out of them. My son is 6 months old and he is ready to go to a stage 3 and I am going to switch him to Luvs. We used them for my daughter and they were great and a little cheaper than Huggies and Pampers. The Pampers Cruisers were fantastic but they did add up so we switched her to Luvs and it felt like we were not sacrificing much. Once in a wile we would use the WalMart generics as well but I am finding I liked them better for my daughter than I am for my son. There does not seem to be as much room in the front for him where all of the urine is most concentrated for boys.


answers from Cincinnati on

Spend the extra on the Huggies. I've never met a single person who liked Luvs on their infant. You'll change the bedding every night. Do you have a local costco? The membership will be beneficial for bulk diapers alone. Major savings! But you'll like it for other things too!



answers from Austin on

i loved huggies we used them on both our kids my daughter just potty trained like 2 months ago and we always used the huggies with the winnie the pooh on them the huggies with the mickey mouse on them gave her a rash for some reason..i think it may have been they didnt absorb as well cause they were a different style..


i loved huggies we used them on both our kids my daughter just potty trained like 2 months ago and we always used the huggies with the winnie the pooh on them the huggies with the mickey mouse on them gave her a rash for some reason..i think it may have been they didnt absorb as well cause they were a different style..



answers from Spartanburg on

Well my first recommendation is the Target store brand UP & UP...don't know if they would cause a rash on sensitive skin. I've never had a problem and they are a good value, cloth like tabs instead of plastic, trim under clothes, and holds enough pee to compete with expensive brands. BUT, and this addresses the money issue, I use disposibles for trips away from the house, church nursrey, grandparents babysitting, etc. I use cloth at home. Walmart.com sells a decent all in one (cloth insert with attatched waterproof cover) for a good price called Kushies. I also use Fuzzibunz which are more expensive but excellent, and some hand-me-down Motherease that are okay. There is always the old school gerber trifold diapers that most people use as burp cloths, you just fold it up fit baby and pull on plastic pants... A box of target diapers (82 diapers) usually lasts me 6 weeks by supplementing with cloth diapers. Another thought...anytime anyone asks what they can get the new baby say diapers, you may end up with a good collection.



answers from Chicago on

When my daughter was born we used Pampers Swaddlers until she was 2 months then we started using Parent's Choice from Walmart to save money. I was surprized because they actually work real well. She's 9 months now and there are no leaks, no diaper rash, and we save money. Congrats on the new baby!



answers from Abilene on

I'm with Christy S. I've been using cloth diapers (prefolds and Thirsties covers) since my daughter was one month old. I've loved it because we have had few blowouts. For a long time, I would use Swaddlers when we were not at home, but I've gotten some pocket diapers and love using them at home. However, when we're on vacation, I do use disposables!

You can look at Kelly's Closet (http://tinyurl.com/KellysCloset) or Mom's Milk Boutique (http://tinyurl.com/2u46lab) and they will be happy to answer any questions you have!



answers from New York on

Just like Bethany said, you can go to the website of all the major diaper brands and sign up for coupons. Then, watch for sales and use the coupon. They will be the same price as the store brand. I actually think Huggies, Luvs, and Pampers are all good. Luvs and Pampers seemed very similar but the Luvs fit the smallest, followed by Pampers, and then Huggies fits the biggest. So if you are between sizes, get the Huggies because each box has less diapers in it so you are spending more per diaper. We used Swaddlers as an infant and loved them too. Also, try to join a club at your supermarket that is you spend a certain amount of money, you get a discount towards your next purchase. Shoprite does this, its called Baby Bucks.



answers from Albany on

I highly suggest Arbonne Baby Care line for the baby's sensitive skin. Helped with all of my children's eczema/senstive skin/cradle cap issues perfectly! As for diapers, I tried Luvs and various store brands with my oldest and HATED them. If a Luvs diaper bursts, heaven help you with all the crystal like stuff they have in them. :-| Personally I use Huggies for the N through stage 2 or so and then go to one of the Pampers. We are in Baby Dry now but had to use the more expensive ones with past children.


answers from Provo on

I wouldn't stock up yet. Save the money and just wait for your bundle to arrive. Of course buy a bag or two of newborns but wait to find out if your baby is either allergic or fits well into the diapers. Some babies cant be in a x but can be in y. I know my son can fit any of the huggies, but put him in pampers and he might as well just go with out a diaper.
But money is tight for me too so I decided to switch to cloth diapers. It's not for everyone, I know. But thats what I'd suggest if money is tight. The average you spend on CD's vs disposables is $500 vs $2,000.



answers from Dallas on

I'm a swaddlers lover, I tried all the other brands with my oldest son and decided to stop spending money on the cheap ones. If you are worried about over all cost then how about cloth diapers, they are more expensive up front but way cheaper in the long run.


answers from Dallas on

Huggies have always worked best for my girls. You can get coupons in the paper and/or sign up for coupons in the mail at huggies.com. They send great coupons! I shop at Kroger and they are often on sale for 8.99 a pack and with a $2 off coupon from the website, it makes them 6.99. Albertsons also usually has the big boxes of them on sale for 17.99 and you can use a 1.50 off or $2 off coupon to save more.
Also, I have heard that the Target brand diapers are great, but I have never used them. And I HATE Luvs!



answers from Austin on

I've been ordering diapers and wipes through amazon using their subscription service. You receive and additional 15% off the cost, free two day shipping, no tax and you get to select the delivery schedule. I've been doing it for the last 2.5 years with absolutely no trouble. If you run out sooner than your next order, you can go online an send it earlier at the same price and again, free two day shipping.

I just priced Huggies Supreme Little Snugglers and you would be paying $25.50 for a 2 boxes (66 diapers each). Not sure if that's better than stores here but for me working full-time it's one less errand I have to run as they deliver it to your door =)

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