Diapers/Training Pants for Sensitive Skin

Updated on February 26, 2016
C.C. asks from Petaluma, CA
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Hello Mamas,

My almost 3 year old has recently developed a sensitivity to the material in the waistband and elastic leg openings of her diapers. We've used Naty diapers and Huggies and with both she gets some red bumps that look like spider bites specifically on those areas. Thought it was a latex allergy but found out Huggies are latex free! We are going to start potty training any way so we could just use cloth training pants, but will still need diapers for night. Any suggestions for night diapers? Also any cloth training panties you really love? Have some of the Gerber panties but would like something thicker than those for when we're out and about.


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answers from Kansas City on

We used plastic pants for potty training out and about. You still need to carry plastic bags and extra panties around, but it does help to catch the liquid so you can make it to a bathroom. They wash super fast and well in the sink or the washer and in an emergency can be dried with paper towels in the public bathroom to be worn again right away.

That being said, I waited until my kids were 3 to potty train because I knew they would be totally ready. After 3 days we didn't have any issues and very rarely had any issue in public or at home. So it sounds like if your daughter is almost 3 it will probably go pretty well for you and hopefully you won't have to worry!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Use the Huggies overnight pull ups. You might put undies on her under them? To keep the material from touching her skin? They worked great for our kids. When they were older and still needed protection we moved to the Goodnights. They worked well too. They didn't seem to when the kids were smaller but they did great when they were bigger.



answers from Washington DC on

Have you considered cloth, and then using the outer layer over her training pants for those initial outings? We used BumGenius that way.



answers from Minneapolis on

Only thing is to use real cotton. At almost three, I'd not invest in cloth diapers, but just buy cotton underwear. She'll get the potty training soon without a diaper on. Yes, I'd still use a diaper at night, but her skin will really benefit from not having a diaper on all day. Her body is saying NO MORE DIAPERS



answers from Rochester on

Hey, just a side note here to let you know or remind you - elastic is processed with formaldehyde, among other chemicals.
7th generation & natracare might be good alternatives.
Also a good multivitamin (free of sugar!) would be good (raw code, solgar, etc). Helps boost the skin's defenses.



answers from New York on

I used few cloth diapers, no big experience but in my opinion the Super Undies for nighttime are very good. For disposable you could look for The Honest Co.
For us spraying a lot of baby oil on the skin and straight on the diaper (not in the center, only on waistband and leg opening) helped considerably with diaper rash. Hope this helps!

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