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Updated on April 01, 2011
N.V. asks from Danvers, MA
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I have a 33 mo old son, who pees on the toilet sporadically, and a 15 mo old daughter. With diapers getting more expensive, is it cost-effective to try cloth diapers? Or am I too late in the game, no more children planned, I have heard they are very expensive. DS wears a 4 and DD wears a 3. While I would love to help the environment my main goal is price. I use Luvs which are cheaper $30/case at BJ's, they usually have $3-5 coupons, but I can't find any right now, I have had no luck on the internet and am afraid of spyware, if anyone knows a reputable place fo coupons, let me know.

My kids do not have sensitive skin if that makes a difference, is there a reasonably priced cloth option?

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So What Happened?

I did find some used cloth covers and inserts for $75, but in the end my husband convinced me we are not ready to try them, they won't use them at day care and we weren't sure it would save us in the long run or be able to keep up ith the wash. I would LOVE to potty train my son, but I can lead him to the potty, but ultimately he is the one who has to choose to do his business, it feels similar to getting him to eat when he doesn't want to...no amount of forcing or airplanes or pleading will work. He will do it when he is ready.

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answers from Pocatello on

you still would probably save if you bought cloth diapers. For that old of kids I would buy some gender neutral one-size cloth diapers... maybe 12 -16 and use them on both kids. Chances are your youngest will still be in diapers for a while now. If you take good care of the diapers you could possible even resale them or donate them to a place like "the cloth diaper foundation".

I use "happy heinies" one size pocket diapers, and WAHM one size pocket diapers from "cheeky diapers" they run about $17-$20/diaper- either one. get a cheap step-can and use super basic laundry detergent- no fabric softeners, ideally fragrance free. wash on hot- and do an extra rinse

Shop around if you go with a "big brand" like fuzzibunz, bumgenious, or happy heinies. Some smaller WAHM businesses make just as good of diapers for less though! Whatever you do, keep in mind that it is usually cheaper to buy diapers in a package deal than it is to buy them one at a time. For how many diapers you'll need I cannot imagine the cost being more than $320... probably less! If you went with 12 one-size diapers at the "low end" you could only spend about $210. Do you think you'll use another 10 cases of diapers before your done potty training? It is up to you!

Good Luck either way!

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answers from Provo on

If you do, do cloth I would only go with prefolds and a cover. They are the cheapest of all the different types. Plus there are tons of different covers and prefolds. Hemp for heavy night time wetters. I really like Thirsties Brand for covers. And their hemp prefolds. I would not suggest getting Graco's prefolds. They didn't hold anything in for my 6 month old, let alone an older child.
I would also look on ebay, diaperswappers (they are virus prone so set your protection on high while there) Some online stores also have a used sections. These are from their cloth diaper trials and the people have returned them. So they are maybe 2 weeks worth of use in them.
But for the older child, I would try and potty train him.
I really like the trainers from Blueberry. They are so cute! Check out nickisdiapers.com. They have a used section and the Blueberries!
Just to show you the price range
1 thirsties wrap cover is $12
Average price for a dozen prefolds is $24
So for two kids I would get 3 dozen plus about 10 covers to make things easy. I would NOT get a diaper service since it cost as much as disposables would in long run plus you don't know what soap they use.



answers from Spokane on

Look up used cloth diapers, and buy a brand that will "grow" with your children and will fit both of them - BumGenius is a brand that does this. If you buy used, then I think you'll definitely save money by the time your second is done potty training... and you could always resell them!



answers from Cumberland on

yes-get a diaper service


answers from Detroit on

shortcuts.com has a reputable FREE website for coupons.

You could even go to the website directly for those diapers. A lot of companies will send you [email protected]____.com good coupons directly.



answers from Pittsburgh on

If you go with cloth diapers, you will likely have toilet trained kids before you even get the hang of it. Meaning kids in cloth train way earlier. Why not just train the 33 months old?



answers from New York on

Potty training is free! lol. Good luck! :)

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