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Updated on May 14, 2011
C.G. asks from Lacey, WA
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i have recently thought that my daughter is allergic to some thing in the disposable diapers. she is always itching her back where the diaper stops, her lower stomach and her private parts when getting her diaper changed. has any one else had this happen with their child? if so what did you do? did you buy cloth diapers, and did it stop? is there a disposable that might be better to use. i either buy huggies or the walmart brand. the cloth are pretty expensive and i dont have the money for them right now so if there is a disposable that might be better i would love to know which one.

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answers from San Diego on

I love Costco's Kirkland brand diapers. I also use Kirkland's wet wipes. We are a family of sensitive skin and these work well for all of us.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I use Bumgenius Cloth and we've never had problems. I spent a little less than $175 to start of with and have spend about $50 in disposible since his birth a year ago. My friend recently told me she spends $40 on diapers and wipes a month. I also don't have to worry about diaper rash creams. Also I know a legit seller on ebay who I buy mine from. PM me if you'd like her ID

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answers from Kansas City on

My mom just sent me an article in the mail about this! My second was allergic to disposables so we went cloth. For my third, we moved when he was two months old and I kept him in disposables for a while. The rashes started and at first I thought just diaper rash, I tried nyastatin and lotramin, thinking first yeast, then fungal, but nothing worked. So then I thought maybe it was heat rash. Finally I thought 'okay' cloth time again. It didn't go away! I was out of ideas until my mom sent me the article from her hometown paper. It turns out.....he's allergic to wipes! Yup, even the sensitive wipes. I don't know why that never crossed my mind, after all, I had one that was allergic to diapers, but the wipes never even made a blip on my radar. Now I have about 30 cheap newborn washclothes that I fold and put in his wipe warmer with water and a couple drops of baby oil. No soap AT ALL in it. Just cloth wipes and water.

Try just water wipes. Even if you just use halfed papertowels and water instead of cloth wipes. See if that helps.

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answers from Seattle on

It may be an allergy to the particular brand. my son had similar reaction to pampers. Now we stick to huggies and target brand since we know he is fine with them. As for quality of diapers I feel target is better than walmart brand. The last time we used walmart is seemed like it was part cardboard.
If you know it is one brand write to the company and they may refund part of your money. We wrote pampers and we got coupons to try a differnt line of pampers...I wasn't willing to try them so I gave the coupons to a friend.


answers from Cleveland on

We couldn't use any cheap diapers on our one foster son. The only diapers that didn't make him break out were Huggies, although we didn't try the Pampers. I hate Target and Luvs brand diapers, but I have friends that swear by both of them.



answers from Honolulu on

Is she just itching or does she have a rash???

If her private parts are itchy too... I would take her to the Doctor to rule out yeast infection.

Or, maybe if she sweats, it causes itching. There.

Try a different brand from what you are currently using.



answers from Seattle on

My oldest was the same way. We ultimately switched to cloth diapers which I surprisingly loved and if you really compare price there is not much difference. However I did use disposable at times and the only brand that did not cause itching or a rash was Pampers-Huggies was the worst! Hope this helps.


answers from Eugene on

Try Tushies and if that does not work get yourself used to cloth diapers.


Try Tushies they are really organic and if that does not work get yourself used to cloth diapers.



answers from Seattle on

I have a daughter who wore pullups for several years at night. She started getting rashes. I experimented with different brands and found that she didn't get a rash from the Safeway store brand. If you don't want to go to cloth diapers, try some different brands to see if her reaction improves.



answers from Seattle on

If you want to stay with disposable diapers, try Seventh Generation they are hypoallergenic and without all the extra crud they put in other disposable diapers:


This might be TMI, but I had to switch to their maxi pads a while ago when I became allergic to other pads on the market.

My kiddo hasn't been in diapers for a few years now, but I used to get a great deal on them online at diapers.com: http://www.diapers.com/cat=Diapering-3/Brand=Seventh+Gene...

Other options are cloth diapers or G diapers, but there's definitely a larger up-front cost to switch to those. If you switch to Seventh Generation and your daughter is still having problems, then I would definitely have her doctor check it out.


answers from Provo on

I would go cloth. In fact I have! I unfortunately have to use them during the week because of the daycare and their refusal to use cloth. But he always has a red bum when he gets home. When he is in cloth he it goes away. You will hear a lot of stories like it.
Cloth is not as hard as people make it out. I am a single mom who works and goes to school and I have plenty of time after taking car of the diapers. It's a huge misconception.
Depending on the age of your baby, it can save you up to $2000 in two years. If you also use cloth wipes, that is another $500. Awesome huh?
I have a blog I would suggest you check out my blog and the modern cloth diaper post.
If you have ANY questions just personal message me or comment on the blog. I will always reply!
**Ok Blogger is having issues and has taken my modern cloth diaper post. So hopefully it will show back up. I really really really hope so. It was a good one!


answers from Sacramento on

Both of our girls had very sensitive skin, and Pampers Swaddlers/Cruisers were the only kind I ever found that worked - they did not irritate their skin, and didn't leak. We had trouble with Huggies irritating their skin, but I have never used the Walmart brand so I can't speak to that.



answers from Madison on

We had a similar thing with the Target brand diapers (although many people love them). Pampers did not cause any reactions. So you may want to try a different brand.



answers from Honolulu on

My kids are allergic to Aloe, and that is in all brands of diapers. We had to go cloth. The start up is expensive but after that it is really cheap. I know I got some used off of craigs list for a great discount off of new when we 1st started (the baby was all of 3 months old and the mom just decided she couldn't do it after trying for 3 weeks. Since they had all been used she couldn't return them so I bought them for about half price.)



answers from Seattle on

If you want to stick with disposables, try Earth's Best chlorine free diapers. The chlorine treatment in most disposables is irritating to a lot of kids. They do still have some of the absorbent gel in them, but far less than mass market brands and more cotton fill.

I've tried almost every kind of diaper on the market and Earth's Best are FAR better than Seventh Generation for fit and comfort, hold more and leak less. You can get them in some grocery stores and all Babies R Us and Toy's R Us locations, as well as on Amazon, Amazon Fresh (I see you're in WA) and Diapers.com.

Other earth-friendly, hypoallergenic and chlorine free disposable brands worth trying are: Nature Babycare also found at Babies R Us and Diapers.com and ATTITUDE found on Diapers.com. Both are fine, but I don't think they fit as well and don't have good stretchy tabs for securing.

gDiapers are also a great option but can be more expensive. I've found used sets on eBay and if you buy replacement liners ($20 for six on Diapers.com), they're basically new. I personally think they're easier than cloth (less leaks) and are more hygienic, if you're flushing the waste. But they're also completely biodegradable if you choose to just throw them away. I haven't been able to use them at night because they leak too often (they recommend doubling them up), so I alternate between gDiapers during the day and Earth's Best at night. Oh, and I generally use the Earth's Best when travelling or if we're out and about for the day. It's just easier.

Hope this helps, and good luck!


answers from Richmond on

My daughters were allergic to Huggies. Try Pampers Swaddlers, that's the only diaper I could use with them.


answers from Chicago on

pampers are softer, not as papery feeling you may want to try them before you go to cloth.

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