Diaper Rash or Something Else? - Indianapolis,IN

Updated on October 25, 2008
M.B. asks from Indianapolis, IN
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My son has developed a few spots/sores on his bottom. They look like red pimples about a half inch in diameter with white heads. It started out as one and we thought it may have been a spider bite but he has developed more. I've applied Lotrimin for a couple of days thinking it could be a yeast infection but it's not clearing up. Any other suggestions? I'm certainly open to calling out ped but thought I would get all your great mama responses first! Thank you!

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So What Happened?

So we made it in to the doctor yesterday and they diagnosed it as a skin rash/infection and he is on antibiotics. Not sure where he picked it up or what caused but we'll watch it closely to see if it clears up. If not, back to the Dr. They didn't seem to think it was MSRA but it is certainly on my radar. Thanks ladies!

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answers from Cincinnati on

You already received lots of input but if it is in fact a yeast infection, you will want to remember that it is coming from inside and that a topical remedy will not be as effective as controlling the yeast in his intestine. To do that you will want to get good probiotics in there but most on the market are digested in the stomach and therefore are killed before they get in the intestine. Please email me off site if you want more info: ____@____.com

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answers from Columbus on

I know Dr.s now a days say don't use powders but I would take a small amount of corn starch and apply to his little bottom after each diaper change it should heal it completely.Never used baby powder but corn starch will heal a rash of almost anything amazingly fast.Ointment keep the rash wet and it can't breath to heal.

Understanding MRSA Symptoms
What are the symptoms?
The symptoms of MRSA infection depend on where you've been infected.

MRSA most often appears as a skin infection, like a boil or abscess. It also might infect a surgical wound. In either case, the area would look:

Understanding MRSA

MRSA is called a "super bug" because infections are resistant to many common antibiotics. Here's what you need to know about drug-resistant staph:

MRSA: The Basics
MRSA Prevention
MRSA Symptoms
MRSA Detection and Treatment

Pus filled
Many people who actually have staph skin infections often mistake it for a spider bite.

If staph infects the lungs and causes pneumonia, you might have:

Shortness of breath
MRSA can cause many other symptoms since it can infect the urinary tract or the bloodstream.

Very rarely, staph can result in necrotizing fasciitis, or "flesh-eating" bacterial infections. These are serious skin infections that spread very quickly. While frightening, necrotizing fasciitis caused by staph is rare. There have only been a handful of reported cases.

Call your doctor if:
In most cases, MRSA is easily treated. But since MRSA infection can be serious or -- rarely -- fatal, don't ignore signs of infection. See your health care provider.

If you are already being treated for an infection, watch for signs that your medicine isn't working. If you are taking an antibiotic, call your doctor if

The infection is no better after three or four days
The infection keeps getting worse
You develop a fever, or your fever gets worse
People who are ill or have a compromised immune system have a higher risk of getting MRSA. If you have a condition that lowers your immunity, call your doctor right away if you think that you might have an infection.



answers from Indianapolis on

It sounds like it could be MRSA (not the kind on the news that has killed people) there is a skin infection version. It's a type of Staph. They can basically pick it up anywhre, no one knows? See if it starts building and getting harder...if it does take him to the doctor and ask about MRSA. My daughter had it recurring for about a year. It is awful but apparently very common especially kids in diapers, people just don't talk about it much until you bring it up. They will tell you to treat the sores with Bacitracin (or there's something called Staphaseptic also) And they will give you Muprocin to swab in his nose & butt 3X a day, and an antibiotic. They tell you also bleach baths (it's as harmless as clorine) about a cup per full tub so for a 1/2 tub...1/2 cup. Plain old Clorox bleach (no scented)soak for 20 minutes everyday. They will tell you to keep it clean & covered, but if it's in a place that he can't really mess with with his hands, I found the sores heals faster open, also my daughter had a reaction to the bandaid adhesive which sometimes then would spread it more because it would irritate her skin. Also as we dealt with it although they may tell you not to sqeeze & mess with it. That didn't really make sense to my instincts. But you need to do it controled and sanitary. It's basically an abcess fills with puss. Without expunging the puss out it cannot heal. So we frequently watched & popped the puss out to get the teatree oil to the inside while it was open. Ask if this is what it is at the doctor though, it would have to be diagnosed MRSA for this all to work. If that's what it is though, although a doctor will not tell you to use it as it's not a medical practice but I did get the suggestion from my cousin who is a licensed dermatologist. Tea Tree Oil seems to be more effective on the actual sores than the ointment. You just dab a bit on now & then the actual sore with a Q-tip. It healed the sore faster than the previous tries. It can be recurring. After a year, They finally doubled up on 2 antibiotics that did seem to get rid of it. She's been pimple free for almost 3 months which is the longest since it all began for over a year. This was just my experience and what I tried and found to work better for my daughter. The Tea Tree is not alternative, but in conjunction with what the doctor will tell you to do. if you have more questions about dealing with the MRSA (if that's what it is?)you can email me at ____@____.com There's alot of dealing with it that doctors don't tell you that I learned and researched on my own.



answers from Toledo on

I would not pop them. I use a powder for diaper rash, it is in a yellow container in the lotrium isle at your local target or walmart. It starts with a "D", but I can't remember the name of it. It will clear up anything in like 2 days.



answers from Cincinnati on

It could be from wearing diapers. When they are damp for long periods like overnight. I just use diaper rash cream . Other times, I put lotrimin on first and then the diaper rash cream. I mainly do this at bedtime. My daughter is in underware all day and at night she wears pull-ups. Try it out.

J. R.



answers from Cleveland on

I'm with Amber on this. What you described COULD be MRSA, in which case, you need to get to the doc quickly. It's usually described just as you described it (starting out looking like a spider bite). Chances are, it's not MRSA but better safe than sorry.



answers from Cleveland on

has he been to the dr for any immunizations lately? if so it could be a milk case of chicken pox. but i say if it doesn't clear in 2 days to take him in.... my son had a similar rash and ended up having a strep infection and needed 10 days of antibiotics. not trying to worry you, just be aware.



answers from Cleveland on

My son got a rash that sounds like that and I took him into the doctor (before going on vacation to Disney) and they told me it was enphentigo (sp?) they described it as being like a strep or staph of the skin. His started out on his butt and in a couple of days started to spread a couple of bumps here and there on his body. He wasn't bothered by them. They put him on an antibiotic and a cream to put on the red spots 3 x's a day.
My daughter had a similar rash when she was younger that was just a yeast infection...so, that's what I thought his was. I'm glad I took him in before going to Disney.
If you have any doubt call your peds and have them take a look :)
Good luck!
Let us know what happens.



answers from South Bend on

I don't want to freak you out or anything but it sounds like MRSA or could be a sign of it and I would have it checked out right away. My son spent from Sept 23rd to Oct 1st in the hospital, 6 of them in ICU and 4 on the breathing machine because he tested positive for MRSA however his case was as they said odd because he had no outward signs of it like your son may or may not have. He had it in his lungs. It's basically a staff infection and needs very strong meds to treat it. I hope this is not what it is but I would have it checked out right away. Better to be safe than sorry.



answers from Cincinnati on

I wouldn't worry too much. Kids get spots that come and go - if it is confined to his diaper area it's probably not something scary (chicken pox, hand-foot-and mouth). Keep on eye on his mouth and hands though. It could be a million things or just a few clogged pores. I'd keep up the lotrimin for a few days, maybe use some desitin or other regular diaper rash cream if he seems bothered by them. If they don't clear up after 7-10 days or start spreading or seem very painful call your doctor but as of right now it doesn't sound to worrisome.



answers from Cleveland on

No. 1 call the doctor for a visit.

No. 2 Go to store and look in the first aid section for a tube of ZINC OXIDE. Zinc Oxide is the main ingredient in diaper rash cream that makes it work. However, I think there might be a higher concentration in a tube of Zinc Oxide cream. You could find this at Wal-Mart or a regular drug store.

When my daughter had chicken pox, I covered her spots with diaper cream and it took the itch right out of them really FAST. Good Luck.



answers from Fort Wayne on

I don't want to scare you, but those are what my son developed (also in his diaper area) when he was diagnosed with MRSA. It takes a really strong antibiotic such as vancomycin to treat MRSA, so I would suggest you getting the doc to culture it pretty immediately. I hope that is not what it is, but I certainly would not wait if I were you. God Bless!



answers from Cincinnati on

Sometimes a break-out may be diet related. When my youngest daughter was a toddler, her bottom would develop the same types of sores you are describing. We later linked the cause to grapes and raisins. Added that her diaper would expose her skin to the urine longer...resulted into a painful ordeal for her.

We stopped feeding her grapes and never had a problem. Today, she is 13 years old and has no problem eating grapes or raisins.

Hope this helps.

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