Diaper Rash on 19 Day Old Help

Updated on August 21, 2012
A.N. asks from Shreveport, LA
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my 19 day old son has a yellow wet mushy poop and poos constantly now he has a diaper rash that has light bleeding he is on enfamil prosobee what can i do to help him i have use senitive wipes and boudreaux's butt paste is there another formula i can give him or a rash ointment i can try?

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answers from St. Cloud on

If he's wet constantly try using a baby powder or cornstarch instead of another wet ointment. Also, if you can't do homemade diaper wipes with no chemicals, then rinse out the wipes very well before using. Even the sensitive ones have more chemicals then just plain water.

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answers from Chattanooga on

The best thing for a diaper rash is air.

Let him lay naked, without any ointment at all on it. If you are worried about a mess, put down a plastic liner, then a blanket over that, and give him naked tummy time as often as possible. The air will allow the rash to heal. When you need to put a diaper back on him, put on a nice thick layer of diaper rash cream (the butt paste is a good one.) and diaper him up. Try to change the diaper AS SOON as you notice that it is wet/dirty.

It does sound like he needs a new formula, if he is pooping like that... I would ask your pediatrician for suggestions. I will say that when my DD was having poop/stomach issues as a newborn, it turned out that she had a dairy intolerance... Once I cut milk out of my diet, (I nursed her) she got better. So maybe a dairy-free formula will help...

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answers from San Diego on

Triple Paste is what we use when Butt Paste doesn't work. It could also be the diaper. I used Huggies with both my boys but my girl had so many problems with them, she can't even wear their pull-ups now as a toddler which her brothers wore as well. We switched to the Costco Kirkland brand and haven't had the same problems. Some kids have more sensitive skin than others no matter what you use. 2 of my 3 have very sensitive skin in comparison to my other one. Triple Paste is what our pediatrician recommended when my second son got really bad diaper rash and it's what we used on my daughter as well.
Changing the moment you can after they are soiled will help.
I know nothing of formula or signs of reaction so I can not comment on that.

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answers from San Francisco on

We always used Aquaphor on our girls when they had diaper rash. It worked wonderfully. Most helpful for us was to keep right on top of wet/dirty diapers. The red-hot second you think he has peed or pooped, change his diaper as quickly as you can. Literally, every second counts. The mixture of poop and pee in the diaper will cause diaper rash really quickly. Also, you may experiment with using a different kind of diaper. Huggies and Luvs both caused horrible rashes on our kids, but Pampers were fine. I know people who swear by the Costco/Kirkland brand... so you may try different types and see if one works better than another, and maybe even try a little larger size than the one you're currently using. Lastly, while he is so irritated like this, instead of wipes, maybe just use a soft washcloth with plain water on it. I know it makes for more laundry, but it's one less thing to irritate his skin.

Good luck! Hope your little guy feels better soon!

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answers from Columbia on

I would change the Boudreaux's for Triple Paste. And get an anti-fungal paste (comes in a little tube like a travel toothpaste size). Until the diaper rash goes away mix a fingerfull of the Triple Paste with a little squirt of the anti-fungal.

And then use Triple Paste after every changing. Remember, it's basically a water protectant sealing in the skin, so using it at every one keeps a layer of paste between his butt and the next pee/poo.
And I agree with Jenna below. Air it out a little every day. That'll help speed the recovery along, and is a good prevantative for any future rash.

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answers from Hartford on

No more wipes. Use damp paper towels, dampened only with water. When you bathe him, use only clean water. Don't add soap to the water. He doesn't need more than that for cleaning, and the soap can be harsh on damaged skin. After a bath let his skin air dry as much as possible.

If you want to take some of the acidity out of the rash, you can soothe it with plain Phillip's milk of magnesia. When that dries, apply Lotriman cream .1%. Top that with Balmex diaper rash cream.

Be sure to change as soon as he wets or poops as long as he has the rash like this. The fact that it's bleeding tells me that you should call the pediatrician. The advice I gave you is assuming he has a yeast infection from the poopy diapers, but you really should make absolute certain with the doctor visually.

EDIT: By the way, if it's a yeast rash like I suspect do NOT NOT NOT use cornstarch baby powder or any powder at all. It will feed the yeast and make the rash WORSE.

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answers from Washington DC on

When my DD had a horrible rash as a newborn, I was told that neosporin + lotramin (generic, nothing fancy), + diaper cream knocked out the top 3 causes. Also use washcloths vs wipes and if you can, air his butt. I put DD down for tummy time on a changing pad covered by a towel. I used AD with Aloe for DD. We also found that the Pampers Sensitives (at the time) were the only ones she could tolerate.



answers from Birmingham on

I still prefer the Desitin white cream for treatment and regular use to prevent diaper rash. It is thick and soothing. OH ... nearly forgot. Someone also suggested to me that after you use a wipey on them, take a tissue cloth and dry their bottom before using the Desitin (or your preferred cream). Otherwise, you're baby's bottom is still damp which causes a problem and that really helped our little one's a great deal.



answers from Chicago on

In addition to all the good suggestions you've got for various creams, lotions, and wipes, may I add a good old solution?

Leave him free of nappies, and lay him down on a rug over a plastic coated sheet. Let his tender bottom get some air. Do this for 15-20 min after you clean up a dirty diaper, at least 4-5 times a day. It'll help tremendously.



answers from Spokane on

sounds like a yeast infection!!! take him to the dr!!!



answers from New York on

don't change his formula before consulting with his doctor. I swear by the Arbonne Diaper Rash Cream. It's fairly expensive (for a small tube of cream)...I think $14, but worth every penny. It's all natural and literally clears a rash from one change to the next. To order and get, you will need to find a local Arbonne consultant in your area. Another great remedy is just lay him out naked! Good luck! I had the same issue when my son was just days old...I ended up having to take him to the doctor...if only I have known of Arbonne then!! =)



answers from Shreveport on

he has a dr appointment monday morning that was the only dr that would take new patient and the earliest dr would take him but the dr was the first thing i did the triple paste and the wash rag tricks are working good it stopped bleeding and he is not fussing over diaper change thank you for all your help bekieve it or not this is my 2 child but my daughter didnt have this issue with the rash or formula. I appericate all of your help. i will be usein this site for the rest of my life for my kids.

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