Diaper Rash in a Newborn

Updated on July 10, 2011
S.L. asks from Moab, UT
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my 2 month old has had a serious red bottom for weeks. I thought it was just sensitive skin but no amt of desitin or 'open air' skin has helped.

Does anyone have some at-home suggestions that can help til I can get her into the dr??

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answers from Seattle on

My daughter had a diaper rash due to having to wear hip braces she had stool in her diaper at all times from three weeks until 5 month old when she was able to only wear the brace at night. At about 4.5 months old my cousins wife told me about triple paste. The desitin, extra strength desitin, a&d, butt paste none of that helped. The only thing that worked was the triple paste. Its a tad expensive but worked wonders for her. I found travel tubes only at walmart but a big tube at target.
Also have you changed her diaper brand. My daughter can only use pampers baby dry or luvs. Those two are the same diaper just different front patterns. Both made by P&G.
Good luck!

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answers from Eugene on

Are you using cloth diapers? If not switch immediately. The chemicals in the disposibles will destroy his skin no matter what brand you use.
Was the cloth diapers in Ecover unscented wash powder and you will never have a problem.
He's got sensitive skin and no you do not ever out grow it.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I relied on Boudreaux Butt Paste, it does wonders. Also google homemade baby wipes it could make all the difference. Also consider changing diaper brands it could be her skin is sensitive to a particular brand. :)

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answers from St. Louis on

I always used Diaper Derm on my daughter and she could only use Pampers Diapers. If we changed her to any other kind she immediately got red. It doesn't matter what kind of diapers you are using or what kind you change to, but if you haven't tried different diapers, that is a must. I agree with the cloth diaper idea, but cloth diapers are not for everyone and more importantly is finding a diaper that does not bother her. Each of my children were different. Pampers for one, Huggies for one, Luvs for one, store brand for one.



answers from Lancaster on

Ugh, my daughter had the same thing with open sores even. We stopped using regular wipes and I bought "linen like" disposable paper towels which I wet and used as a diaper wipe (you can buy them at a restaurant supply store). I used a blow dryer on a cool setting on her bottom at each diaper change before applying the diaper rash ointment to make sure she was completely dry. I also gave her at least 2 hours of diaper off time every day. The good news is her skin is less sensitive now that she is 3 months so there is hope!



answers from St. Louis on

We use Dr. Smith's Diaper Ointment on my little guy. He had a pretty bad one and NOTHING was working so my Grandma suggested the Dr. Smith's and we got it and I dont use anything else! I found it at Walgreens, not sure if they still carry it, but I think Walmart might have it too! Good Luck!



answers from St. Louis on

Hi S.,

The first thing my pediatrician suggested to me was to stop using baby wipes. urine has no bacteria, so it is not a necessity to use a wipe every time you change a wet diaper. For a stinky diaper, use a damp cloth instead of a wipee. It is more to take care of when doing laundry, but that red bottom will be history. (hopefully) I also use TONS of baby powder, but make sure it is 100% pure corn starch - the other powders are known to cause asthma, and other lung issues.

If there are little red bumps with the redness, though, I would take her to the doc because it may be something that needs a prescription cream.

Good luck,


answers from Provo on

Go to Target or Babies R Us and get California Baby diaper rash cream. It has Tea Tree Oil, which is a natural antifungal and the stuff got rid of my sunburn. 100% believe in and will only buy it.
Also it sounds like it's her diapers. Have you tried switching brands. Different brands have different amounts of chemicals. I HIGHLY suggest trying cloth diapering. It's chemical free, cheaper than disposables, and now that they are made with easy and simplicity in mind they are super easy to use and clean.
Here is my story to why I switched :D



answers from Hartford on

We just went through this with my newborn. Here is what we did and the rash was totally gone in 2 days. Don't use wipes, we used viva paper towels and wet them. We also fanned his bum dry after each change and used a dab of butt paste.



answers from Kansas City on

I've used bag balm on my little one and it helps-more expensive than diaper rash cream but you get a lot and a little goes a long way.

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