Diaper Rash Help Needed Please....

Updated on December 28, 2010
S.B. asks from Waxahachie, TX
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My poor little baby boy who is 16 months has a diaper rash. He's been sick with sinusitis and been having above the average of bm diapers. I've been putting desitin on it faithfully and trying to let it airdry some but I was wondering if there was anything else that I could do. It's not real bad and not all over, just in a small area but the area is very irritated and even bleeding. Trying to heal him quickly and keep it from getting worse. I just didn't know if there was something more that I can do. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you all in advance!!

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answers from Billings on

I agree with Torrie, try some A&D. I had always used Desitin with my first born,it didnt work so good, so I tried the A&D and it worked like magic.
Good Luck and hope he feels better.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Naked butt time as much as possible! Even a blow dryer (on low/cool) can help.

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answers from Johnson City on

try a&d it was the only thing my first one didnt scream about and use warm wet papertowels to clean with



answers from Honolulu on

Take him to the Doctor.... most probably it is a yeast infection. Common.
But have a Doctor diagnose it.

As for diaper creams... what I found to be great was the Burt's Bees 'Baby Bee" diaper ointment. REAL good stuff.

His diaper 'rash' is bleeding... you need to take him to the Doctor... so you know precisely, what to put on it. Not guessing.

For yeast infection rashes... only an anti-yeast cream will help.

Just take him to the Doctor... before secondary problems develops...both for his diaper rash AND his sinus infection.
Sinus infections... can take time to go away. AND if bad, needs antibiotics. My Husband gets sinus infections. And it really is not comfortable.... and can worsen.

all the best,



answers from Dallas on

If you know it just needs a diaper ointment Dr. Smiths is by far the BEST stuff ever!!!! One application will turn it around. Small white box at walmart for about $8 but worth every penny!!!!



answers from Houston on

its a yeast infection if he is on sugar get him off of it. dont give him any juice till this heals. I swear by arbone diaper rash ointment. I dont sell it but i swear by it. give him baking soda baths use sensative everything. feed him yougurt with probotics but he most important thing is no sugar. this means wheat bread only brown rice wheat spagetti if you give him koolaid use splenda in it..get some nystastin from the doctor.



answers from New York on

first thing to do is stop using wipes. soft paper towels and water, a little vaseline wiped on and gently rubbed off with a damp paper towel for the messy ones. sit him in a bath with a handful of baking soda, dont rinse. no soaps or lotions. basic vaseline or aquaphor... i have used everything under the sun and can def say that less is more. fragrance and chemicals will just continue the cycle. good luck



answers from La Crosse on

The less he wears a diaper the better...If you can, let him sleep without one...just make sure to cover the crib (and him) with every kind of waterproof matress pad and/ or cloth diaper available.

Also, I would lessen the Desitin (if you can) because it keeps the stuff you just dried...moist.

Wipe him with water or even a little bath instead of rubbing with a wipe. We would use A+D ointment and mix it with a little Lotrimin antifungal when our son got really bad...but tried to keep it as dry as possible as long as possible.



answers from Phoenix on

I highly recommend warm salt baths, followed by a good blow dry with the hair dryer setting on low, followed by lots of A&D ointment. I found desitin did not adhere and cover the bleeding spots very well. Just dissolve any kind of salt you have handy: sea salt, kosher salt, epsom salt, table salts into a few inches of warm water in a big basin, tub, sink, or bowl then let the little guy sit for a spell.

Also, since your baby had sinusitis, was he on antibiotics? If so, then follow up with good yogurts or acidophilous or pro-biotic options.

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