Diaper Rash--It's Been Three Months

Updated on June 18, 2010
A.B. asks from Kansas City, MO
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Just wondering if anyone has had an experience like this with their baby. My daughter is 10 months old, and she's had a daiper rash since about 7 months old. It does not seem to bother her. It used to be worse, and when it started, it seemed to be caused by her poop. Her skin seemed to burn from the poop, blister, and then peel. It would clear up if she didn't poop for a couple of days, but it always came back when she pooped. Now it is only on her inner thighs OUTSIDE the diaper area. She's been to the ped three times, and they keep saying yeast, so we are now on our third antifungal. I've also tried the following: neosporin and aquaphor at every diaper change, desitin, resinol, northern essences diaper stick, hydrocortisone, and gentian voilet. I don't really understand how it could be yeast since it is not in the warm, moist areas at all. And the pictures of yeast rashes on the internet are SCARY and nothing like what she has.

I've changed from cloth to disposable diapers, I've changed brands of disposable diapers, I've changed brands of wipes, I always make sure she has plenty of air drying, and I change her at least every two hours. Any other ideas?! Thanks.

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answers from Columbus on

Have you tried a hair dryer? We had a lot of luck by drying the rash out on low or no heat, for several minutes, then coating it well with desitin or A&D (and sometimes I would put desitin over A&D) We also like Dr. Boudraux's Butt Paste. The hair dryer is a great tool!


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answers from Detroit on

Have you tried switching laundry detergents/softeners? Might be a long shot but if the issue is outside the diaper it could be coming from her clothes. OxyClean caused excema on my son so I started doing an extra rinse cycle and it has gone away. Just a thought. Good luck!

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answers from Kansas City on

I'd start eliminating things from her diet. Since it started at 7 months... I'm guessing you started solids around that time? She might be allergic to something.

I agree with the previous poster. No wipes. Use a wet washcloth or wet paper towel (viva makes really soft paper towels) for poopy diapers, don't use anything for just wet diapers.

Also... if it is yeast, make sure you're washing everything very well. Does anyone else need to be treated? Maybe you just keep passing it back and forth? On towels or something?

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answers from Portland on

A lot of very good answers. My only suggestion is that if this still doesn't clear up, see a naturopath that specializes in pediatrics. Rashes can be a consequence of a food your daughter might have a sensitivity to. I was very allergic/sensitive to some foods as a baby and this resulted in eczema and rashes. A naturopath may also prescribe a topical homeopathic remedy as well. So sorry you have to go through this.

Oh, and if you are desperate about the wipes, I've found that thoroughly rinsing them in a couple changes of water can help considerably. Sometimes paper towels fall apart. When I was pregnant I sewed up a bunch of flannel wipes...if you ( or anyone else) want to know how, just message me. The flannels have worked great.

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answers from Seattle on

Have you tried like Huggies Naturals or Pampers Sensitive? They are hypo allergenic. I had to use them with my daughter for a couple months, but now regular diapers are fine. And Try A+D Ointment... It works 1000 times better than Desitin! My friends son has a diaper rash so badly that it was bleeding when they wiped him clean, they used desitin and it did nothing, they tried our A+D ointment and within 2 days it was gone. Same with our other friends daughter. Now both use A+D only. Also, limit her juices. The acid in the juices come out in the poop and can irritate the skin. Thats about all I can think of right now. Hope it helps a little. Good luck!

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answers from Chicago on

My daughter has eczema that started very much like a diaper rash on her butt. Previously she had a rash on her legs and back but it went away. There are times the rash is raw, or at least it appears that way. One of my older girls also had eczema on her inner thighs that looked the same until she was about 5, then it just went away. I put hydrocortizone on my little one and it keeps it down. I put eucerin on her after baths.

Tea tree oil, which I use for a ton of other things, did not make a difference unfortunately but is worth a try.

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answers from St. Louis on

Ok, I know this sounds really weird but both my older girls were allergic to all disposable diapers. We switched to cloth but then the rash came back. Turns out they were allergic not only to the silicone but to the rubber pants that went over the diapers. Soo I would put the cloth diaper on with very thick training pants over that also when you bathe your daughter put alittle baking soda in the tub it really does work. Another thing is Juice some children have a harder time with Juice. Try giving only milk/formula and water for a week and 1 cup of yogurt a day.

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answers from Boston on

How about culturelle or florastor at every meal? Change the ph of her poop so it bothers her less?

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answers from Fayetteville on

try yeast infection creams. My son had a really bad diaper rash like burn blisters because of those pampers dry max diapers. We have taken pictures for evidence just incase we take them to court. But our doctor recommended we use yeast infection creams. It worked. (Monastate)

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answers from Kansas City on

personally i doubt you came here for "scientific" advice, since it's a mom's website, i betcha came for mom advice! i have just one idea, it might have been mentioned but it was the only way we got rid of my son's one time, we let him go bottomless and play outside as much as possible - when he pottied or pooped (yes, i know those aren't the scientific terms) we ran tepid water over his bottom instead of using wipes. then let him air dry. even if you can just do it for a few hours at a time, it might help. all the other suggestions are good too, you just have to figure out what exactly works for your daughter. and definitely keep your ped. informed, maybe even get a S. opinion.

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answers from Atlanta on

Tea Tree Oil added to her bath water. The oil is a natural antibacterial. Also cut down on all sugars, yogurt included. Yeast thrives on sugar.
Let her go naked. As long as possible.
Try probiotics. They keep the normal bacteria present and the bad bacteria away. Do some research, probiotics are good for a lot of things.
We also add baking soda to the bath water and now use epsom salt as well.
Lastly stop using wipes. They sting and irritate further. Use a warm or maybe in this case a cold washcloth. And you can even dry the area with a hairdryer...if she will let you.
We only use non toxic and our daughter only ever had diaper rash for a few days here and there.

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answers from Barnstable on

The only time my son gets a rash is if I put him in disposables - cloth is the best, but people can run into problems if they don't wash them correctly - they can get detergent build up and THAT can cause a rash.

As for creams, I love Earth Mama Angel Baby - their stuff is AMAZING. Your daughter sounds like she has contact dermatitis - she is basically allergic to something that is touching her skin. I would try going back to the cloth. Use Rockin Green to wash them.

Good luck!

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answers from Philadelphia on

It does sound like you have an issue beyond clearing up the rash (like an allergy), but I did want to recommend Secura Extra Protective Cream. Maybe Secura makes a different cream that could maintain a protective barrier on her skin outside of the diaper area as well.



answers from Chicago on

I'm beating it's an allergic reaction, maybe to detergent, especially if you started with cloth diapers. What kind of detergent do you use?



answers from Tulsa on

take her off of juice use arbonne diaper rash ointment. go to hypoallergenic or sensative skin wipes or use a warm wash rag which is better. feed her yougurt with probotics and give her plenty of water. if she wont drink straight water I got a flavoring that is all natural at the health food store that is sugar free. give whole grain cereal only if you have her on solids. put her on a diabetic diet. I fought yeast infections for a year and a half. like hers the perscriptions didn't work.

put her on probotics that you add to her water it taste like milk. vinegar baths seem to help alittle. this is what worked on my son. I was also told coconut oil but it didnt seem to help my son. if you need someone to buy arbonne from I can tell you who I get it from. she can get it to you in 3 days.I swear by arbonne. if you need more ideas I have tried everything in the book from yougurt on and in athletes foot meds, jock itch meds, baking soda bath, and everything else. go into my id and my questions and you will see everything that has been suggested to me. I have posted I think 3 times on this. good luck I know it is fustrating. I have also tried every single diaper rash ointment on the market. ALL OF THEM so I can tell you arbonne is the only one that worked for me.



answers from State College on

my boys get yeast a lot. if left untreated for a while it can spread outside the diaper. what seems to help my boys is an oatmeal bath. at walmart i get stuff called Dr. Teal's Therapeutic Solutions Oatmeal Bath Soaking Solution. it comes in a bag, there is also an oatmeal bath made by johnson's found in the baby section. they both work about the same but the Dr. Teals comes in a bigger container and is cheaper. use the antifungal cream and desitin, i have never found a&d to work for any of my kids but everyone is different i guess. the pics of yeast rash on the internet are like worst case scenerio and my boys rashes never looked like that either. i wish you luck i hope i could be of some help.



answers from Seattle on

My son would get chronic recurring (blistering and bleeding) yeast infections... but come to find they were SECONDARY. He turned out to be allergic to baby wipes. All baby wipes. Which was an easy fix... we just switched to wet paper towels.

Anyhow, the allergy would break his skin, and the yeast would move in. It didn't matter how much antifungals we used (and we ended up on both topical and oral antifungals for awhile)... because his skin kept breaking, the yeast would keep moving in.

A yeast infection can look like anything from merely red like a sunburn, to horrid blistering and bleeding things. They're really easy to spot (and sniff... the first stage of a yeast infection actually smells kind of good.. I know... gross), when you know what they look like... but the *cause* isn't always clear. Sometimes it's PH, sometimes it's the environment (moist and warm), sometimes there's a food source (yeast infections exploded when talcum powder became cornstarch powder... which is pure sugar), sometimes it's a piggyback sort of thing (aka transfers along with something else, like poop) sometimes it's secondary (like my son's allergy which would break the skin down... or some people with acids that will break the skin down).


answers from Austin on

I agree with Amber.. This sounds like an allergy to something she is eating.. Or if you are breast feeding, maybe start seeing if you can eliminate things from your diet..



answers from Indianapolis on

Wow. There are a lot of non-scientific answers already, and I don't know if you've received really sound medical advice. Sorry.

My niece had a nasty diaper rash for months. We were able to isolate and verify that it was candida albicans, the yeast most commonly involved in yeast infections. It went on for a while, she was tested for allergies, etc. When she switched day care providers, it went away. The infection was induced by the stress of being in a class she didn't enjoy.

I'd ask your pediatrician about a compounded diaper ointment that combines an antihistamine, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. Locally it's called Riley Butt Cream and can be compounded at any pharmacy.

As far as tea tree oil - I know there are a lot of moms who are Melaleuca distributors here. I received a personal message from one the other day. I went to NIH's website and researched it from a scientific stand point. Though it's available Over the Counter here in the US, I can not find any FDA approved (different from having a product registered with the FDA) products. There are NO long-term clinical trials on record showing it to be effective in anti-biotic, anti-louse, etc. uses. So, exercise caution and only use after speaking with your physician, pharmacist, etc.


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