Diaper Rash - Beverly Hills,CA

Updated on December 17, 2008
A.H. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
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Tyler has suddenly developed Diaper Rash.
Any suggestions to help him quik?
Thank you...

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all the advice. I have incorporated a bit of everyones, but the best success has come by gently blotting the area with water that has been charged with EXTREME X2O.
Then I applied a light spray of "Colloidal SILVER"..Let dry, then some allagederm cream...
All is good.

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answers from Honolulu on

in addition to the other tips... every time you change his diaper... I would wash/rinse his bottoms under some warm water... then dry him COMPLETELY, then apply the diaper cream. You want his bottom to be completely dry, otherwise you will be trapping moisture "under" the diaper cream and this will make it worse.

We did this for our kids and it helps a great deal.

You might also try and change diaper wipes, or just use warm water in a spray bottle to clean his bottom at each diaper change... and use a soft paper towel to dry him off....just dabbing, NOT rubbing vigorously. This was suggested at the hospital where I had both my children... this is what they did at each diaper change too.

Also make sure that his diaper "rash" is not a yeast infection or something... if other ointments don't work, then it might be. But ask your Doctor.

Oh, also sometimes some babies get a bad diaper rash when they are teething...

good luck,

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answers from Los Angeles on

If it's in the early stages I would go with keeping him dry and letting him go naked in between naps. For my son, Corn Starch Powder worked great and helped to keep moisture away from his bum.

None of the pastes made it better, and only irritated it...but, he has SUPER sensitive skin and ezcema.

Good Luck.

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answers from San Diego on

dry completely after every diaper (I use tissue to blot dry), then put diaper cream on--thick layer.

Change diapers as soon as you know it's wet/dirty so he's not sitting in it (less time for poop to irritate skin).

I use Blamex or Destin. I don't like Butt Paste. My friend recommended Triple Paste, but I haven't tried it myself.

If the wipes aggravate his sensitive skin, you can skip the wipes and use lotion and tissues (lotion is nice and smooth) or just water.

Naked time is great, but might be more practical in the summer. (some people let their baby run naked in the house, but I refuse to do that with carpet!)

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answers from Los Angeles on

triple paste... that always seems to work for my son, and very quick too..



answers from Los Angeles on

Put breastmilk on it. You can also let baby go naked as much as possible to speed it along.

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