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Updated on September 08, 2009
G.G. asks from Aurora, IL
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What do you think works best solution for a bad diaper rash? She is 15 mo and had shots last week and in the last few days she has had lots of runny stools. She also might be teething. I don't think it is an allergy but I was curious what product others had success with. (Butt Paste, triple paste, destin or maybe something else)

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Cloth diapers have saved my son's bum. He has only had one rash since we switched him at 4 months (he is now 2yo) and that is because he had terrible diarrhea for a few days. When that occurred, the only thing that really helped was Hyland's diaper rash ointment. I tried several brands but that one cleared it up the same day - and it was bad - started to blister and crack.
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Cloth diapers, not using wet wipes, and instead using a cloth with water only on it.

Save that, Burt's Bees.



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When my baby is 0-3mths, she had diaper rash. Her case was her sensitivity to the baby wipes(pampers). When we switched to water and cotton balls instead, it healed fast with a few application of the diaper cream - A&D cream. inexpensive and works.

Then when she was older, 3-6 mths, the occurances lessen.

When she was more than 6 months, she rarely has any rash.cos we use Earth's best and sometimes Johnson n johnson baby wipes. Pampers wipes just is not for her.


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Is this the first or ongoing rash for your child? Children do get rashes and can be caused by various things. The baby care products, the wipes, the detergent you wash their clothes with, and even the diapers you use. Going with more natural products for diapering, bodycare and washing are a really good start. Better in the long run anyway. Do not use Vaseline as this is derived from a petro chemical.

I would be happy to help you with some top of the line products for your precious one! Email me and I'll send you some information and testimonials! Take care and good luck.

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while the primary question is what is the cause... I would look at using calendula/ or thrush/diaper rash by Motherlove.

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Triple Paste - hands down, has worked the best for our family. Yes it is more expensive and part of the 'axis of evil baby products', but you'll see results immediately.

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