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Updated on January 03, 2011
A.W. asks from Huntington, IN
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my 2wk old son has really bad diaper rash what can i use? desitin it not working?

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for all your answers! Very helpful but in the end what worked was let him air out and baby powder. That was horrible for me and my little man. Thank u all again!

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answers from Mansfield on

I love Pinxav! (pronounced Pink Sav) This is only found at drug stores like Drug Mart. I have a lot of friends that use this and are totally sold on it. I give it for Baby Shower presents. My pediatrician recommends it too. My son had diaper rash and I was trying to use up all kinds of samples like the Butt Paste, Dr. Smith's Diaper Ointment, Lansinol, A & D, Desitin & Gerber's but none of these worked. As soon as I used Pinxav the diaper rash cleared up in a day! If it is blistery you need an ointment like Lotrimin to treat the yeast in the rash.



answers from Indianapolis on

Breastmilk and sunshine work best with no chemicals!!! Clean the area, rub breastmilk into it, then let him lie on his stomach in the sun from the window as long as he'll tolerate tummy time.

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answers from Bloomington on

I agree that these products may be useful for a standard diaper rash but what your child has may be fungal and you would need to see a Dr. and get a script for that. Please call your doctor and make an appointment. You may be able to see a nurse-practitioner if you can't get in to see your Dr.



answers from Milwaukee on

Burt's Bees. Even after washing my daughter in a bath she would still have some of it on her. If it can withstand that, it can hold up in pee and poop.



answers from San Antonio on

I don't recommend Desitin. I never liked diaper creams because they are so thick and hard to wipe off. It takes lots of wiping to get off diaper cream, which just aggravates the rash.

The few times my son had bad rashes I used the cream for yeast infections. The rash was almost gone after 24 hours. You can buy yeast infection cream without a prescription.

I recommend not using baby wipes, but use a soft cloth that is damp with warm water. Let your son air dry between diapers if possible. I know that is not easy with a boy! I sprinkled baby powder on my son or baking soda on his diaper at every diaper change. When I stopped using the wipes and started using baby powder or baking soda he stopped getting diaper rashes.



answers from Elkhart on

Nivea Creme, not the lotion.


answers from Los Angeles on

avoid the rash in the 1st place by keeping baby clean and dry, be prompt at getting any poop off him, use a wash cloth to clean him, dry or allow to air dry well, and put a liberal amount of petrolium jelly to create a moisture barrier. If you use wipes, get the unscented/ for sensitive skin ones, and even rinse them in warm water to be sure no chemicals are left in them. I use plain/ sensitive wipes and a wipes warmer, and it seems ok, plus with the petrolium, shes never even had a rash.



answers from Columbus on

I always used balmex - liked it much better than Desitin. Also, my son had frequent yeast infections that were a diaper area rash. You need to use a yeast infection cream - athletes foot, etc. Regular diaper rash creams won't work on a yeast rash. Also, your baby may have a dairy allergy. I have had several friends whose babies had severe rashes on their bottoms from food allergies. If you can't get the rash to clear up with a yeast infection cream and you are using formula switch to a soy based formula.



answers from Columbus on

My son used to get some really bad diaper rashes. Our pediatrician always told us to use a mixture of Maalox and Aquafor. I usually heated up the Aquafor for a couple of seconds in the microwave to make it easier to mix. Mix up a batch of it and keep it in a plastic container. Also, don't use wipes until the rash is cleared up. Just use a wet washcloth. If it continues to get worse though it could be a yeast infection which would require a trip to the doc and a prescription.


answers from Portland on

I agree with Dragonflower; we also use Burt's Bees and it is excellent! Look for the longer skinny tube of cream though as opposed to the flip top. The flip top is a poor design and you end up wasting a good deal of product, plus it's a much bigger pain to use in general.

Also, I did find with my son (if it's a poopy rash) that it's better to just use powder (also Burt's Bees!). Since the cream acts as an emollient the skin doesn't dry and so the rash won't heal. After about 3 or 4 days of painful diaper changes I went without the cream and saw marked improvement by the next morning. Maybe try a day of no cream to see if it gets any better?



answers from Dayton on

Sometimes what appears to be a bad diaper rash is actually a yeast infection. My son got them. Call your pediatrician.

Good Luck and Congratulations on your little one.



answers from Cleveland on

It looks like you got a lot of advice ~ I didn't read it all so I may be repeating some. Hopefully the rash is getting better. First off, I was told by our peditrician to run wipes under warm water before using when babies have a rash (even if they're the sensitive or fragrance free kind). I have used A&D for rashes (not the regular kind). My aunt used Butt Paste.


answers from Chicago on

Mylanta apply with cotton then put desitin or vaseline or whatever over it so it stays on the skin and does not go into the diaper. If it is medium 24hrs Really bad maybe 48, nearly bloody/blistering 72. I also suggest you bathe baby in a warm bath with baking soda and allow to air dry as often as possible ... i bathe my little one with baking soda in each and every bath as a good preventative measure he is good for a bum rash.



answers from New York on

less is more. no baby wipes or soaps or fragrance. just water and soft paper towels, bounty makes really soft ones in a pink package. for the really messy changes, use the water, and then you can rub on some vaseline and gently wipe it off. then load on the vaseline. a handful of baking soda in the bath, dont rinse. if its fungal, then you need lotrimin or something, but dont just use that unless you know. yeast looks like a clear defined spot with clear edges, show the doc. but in general, all the chemicals and fragrance make more trouble. if you are nursing, applying some breast milk will help too, it helps almost everything skin related. air him out also.



answers from Nashville on

Definitly call the dr. Depending on the type of rash the treatment could be as simple as using vaseline or you made need a prescription.



answers from Kansas City on

You need to be sure it isn't a yeast or fungal rash, if not then I love Balmex and Desitin Clear (works amazingly better than regular Desitin)



answers from Indianapolis on

We really like Triple Paste.



answers from Houston on

arbonne diaper rash ointment but call the doctor it may be a yeast infection especially if she has been on antibiotics lately. you will need some nystastin.



answers from Columbus on

Use your hair dryer. On low, or now heat, after you cleanse his bottom, dry him for many minutes, and watch the rash dry up. If it is not yeast, the red will disapear befor your eyes. Get him nice and dried out, put on a nice thick layer of desitin, with maybe a layer of A&D under it, and it should go away completley. Tried and true on all of our kids!




answers from Cleveland on

I would also recommend finding out if it's fungal, especially for such a little one. Then I would recommend an ointment with coconut oil (naturally antifungal) like CJ's Butter (google it, will find at CJ's sewing room; love the Lullabye fragrance). It's all natural. Here are reviews on diaper ointments:
itemlist.asp?subcat=DIAPERCARE (add this to end of link)

The only ingredients in original BUTTer are shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, lanolin, beeswax, cocoa butter(deodorized, not raw) and Vitamin E. I also keep some without lanolin on hand for a couple customers who have sensitivities to lanolin, and you’re welcome to that as well. The Stick o’ BUTTer has the same ingredients, except there is no lanolin. Fragrance or essential oils are only added if you choose to have it scented. For our yeast fighting formula, we exclude lanolin and add sesame and neem oils.

Have you considered cloth diapering? CJ's Butter is cloth diaper safe too. I love cloth and cloth diapered babies do not have rashes as often. Less stinky too; you would need 2 XL waterproof wetbags. The diapers and cloth wipes, if you use them, all go into the bag, unzip, put in washer. The dipes will come out of the wetbag by themselves. So easy. I love my GroVia AI2's, which are hybrids. The most popular brands, from my observation, seem to be GroVia, Fuzzibunz, and BumGenius. GroVia and BumGenius have hybrids, meaning you can use cloth (Grovia's snap in) or biodegradable inserts which are great for out of the house though many use them in house too. BumGenius Flip's are hybrids as well. A few websites will let you trial them inexpensively, ie. you put down a deposit for their price and if you don't like them, return them, and it is credited back other than $10-20. www.nickisdiapers.com is one site that does this. These will seem bulky at first on a newborn, I personally bought cloth newborn dipes, but many did start right off with them.

Best of luck with the rash :)



answers from Youngstown on

I know it sounds weird, but plain white yogurt. My daughter had a horrible rash; took her to the dr and he prescribed her nystasin. That did nothing! Yogurt took the redness away the first night we used it and it was completely cleared within a week. Just layer it on the affected area; i kept it in the fridge and it was soothing too!



answers from Phoenix on

Boudreaux's Butt Paste works wonders for my foster boy who gets horrible diaper rash. You can find it at any drugstore and most regular stores.



answers from Mansfield on

My son used to get severe diaper rash becasue he was on antibiotics constantly - so severe that he would scream and scream whenever we had to change him. Our Ped recommended using Lotrimin (the medication used for athletes foot). It worked like a charm. Hope this helps!

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