Diaper Rash - Randle,WA

Updated on May 28, 2012
K.M. asks from Randle, WA
9 answers

How do I prepare the corn starch for my son's diaper rash. Do I just put powder on area or make a past?

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answers from Medford on

We have found that bag balm works better than anything else!


answers from Provo on

Butt Paste it all the way. For minor diaper rash that is what I would put on my son when he was in a diaper. When we were at home, I'd let him crawl around in nothing. That is what clears up a rash faster. Good ol'clean air. If your baby isn't moving around, what I did is just put him in his baby bath tub with some toys. It was nice and easy to clean.
Also if you put baking soda in his bath, that will help sooth his skin.



answers from Kansas City on

Corn starch can cause respratory problems because the fine powder easily gets inhaled, then cakes in the lungs. Please use a cream.



answers from Redding on

I just used it dry.
The hope is to dry the rash out.

Keep the diaper off as much as possible. Air is the best thing for a diaper rash.



answers from Seattle on

Use browned flour. Put some flour in a non-stick pan and brown it. Don't walk away while browning, it could burn or start a fire. Cook on med or med-high and keep stirring til browned. Store in air tight container.
You won't believe how well it works.



answers from Phoenix on

Just powder it, but if that doesn't work (as it didn't for my little squirt) try Boudreaux's Butt Paste; works great.



answers from San Francisco on

one thing that works for my daughter, is brown flour. weird i know, i didn't believe it my self, but if u take flour, brown it in a pan with no oil, wait for it to cool, and apply with every diaper change the rash will start to heal that day if not the next. a good friend passed in on to me, and i was quite skeptical until i tried it and the next morning my daughter had practically no rash left, if you keep the flour in the freezer it also helps soothe any pain when applied.



answers from Seattle on

Earth Mama Angel Baby has some awesome diaper rash balm called butt balm. We use it and it clears up right away.



answers from Seattle on

One other natural trick you can try for diaper rash is breastmilk. i think even normal cows milk might do the trick. You have to apply the milk and let it dry and do this atleast 5 times before you put the diaper on and make sure that you change the diaper quite often. and do the milk thing every time. this worked wonders for us.

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