Diaper Changing Issues

Updated on August 08, 2008
L.W. asks from Ardmore, OK
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Hi! I am looking for ways to make diaper changing a little easier! Every time I try to change my 2 year olds diaper he twists and kicks and cries and tries anything to get away. We are starting potty training, but, he still doesn't seem ready. I am just getting so tired of having to wrestle him down just to change him. I don't want it to be a fight! Any suggestions would be appreciated or just telling me you've been there and survived!

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answers from San Antonio on

when my kids got to that stage, we switched over to pull ups. That way they only have to lay still when changing a poopy diaper and otherwise can just stand up and step in and out of the pull up. We made a big production out of how big they were to not have to wear baby diapers any more. It helps alot and also progresses you a step toward potty training.


answers from Houston on

Honestly this may sound harsh but I'm not sure making diapers fun at this age is such a good idea. I can understand that you are not ready for potty training just yet but 6 months or so down the road you may be and that is not the time for diaper changes to be fun. When my 2 year old daughter kicks or cries during diaper changes- I sternly tell her to calm down and NO kicking. At 2 it's not too much to ask that he calm down for the few minutes it will take to change his diaper. Before you get harsh- explain to him that it's not acceptable behavior and start warning him that he won't get away with it.If my daughter kicks me during a diaper change she gets a time out when we are done because kicking is like hiting or biting or spitting- not acceptable any other time- why during a diaper change? Of course like any other advice- you have to do what works for you and my advice may seem harsh but your little man is growing up and while kicking and rolling during diaper changes is perfectly normal for a younger child- I don't think it is for a toddler.



answers from Austin on

Here are some things to try:
1) Have him pick a toy to take with him to play with while you change him.

2) Play the "touch" game. Touch your eyes, touch your nose, touch your ears, etc.

3) Race him! Tell him to sing the ABC song (or another song he probably knows, or count to 10, or name the people in his family, etc.) and see if he can finish the song before you finish his diaper! Tell him how fast he is!



answers from College Station on

Having 4 boys myself, I totally remember those days!! My little guy who won't be 2 until September has already been training for several months and doesn't wear diapers anymore so thankfully I don't have those problems. (He just was eager to be a BIG boy from all the older examples.LOL)

But, I agree w/pp, I always would make it a fun time-- I would sing silly songs that I made up or play peek a boo or give them a toy (a little car and make car sounds- Vroom! Vroom!) They are so concentrated on all that, they forget that their diaper is being changed. I also play tickle games, anything you make up that is fun or silly is GREAT!! But, keep changing his diaper no matter what you are doing!!

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answers from Houston on

We're going through the same thing. I just try to distract him with his blankie, a toy or even starting a movie. I try to keep him off guard so that he will cooperate. Just yesterday I changed him outside in his swimming pool that we had emptied and dried. I also try to change him standing up by the toilet whenever possible but for the poopie ones he has to lay down even if only for a moment so I can clean him well. Personally, I just try to remember that he will only be in diapers a short while longer. Pretty soon he'll be so independent that I'll be looking for stuff to help him with. Good luck.



answers from Houston on

Pull ups are great for this, but if you do not want to do that I kept a variety of small toys and hid them under my daughters shirt for her to try and figure out what was going on!! Worked great for me!!

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