Diaper Bags Big Enough for Two Kids???

Updated on September 14, 2011
J.P. asks from Chicago, IL
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I am searching for a diaper bag that will fit all the things my kids need. I have a 2 1/2 y.o. and a newborn. I am potty training one and using cloth diapers for the other and need a lot of room to carry extra clothes, cloth diapers, sippy cup, snacks, my items (wallet, cell, water bottle, etc), toys, and other misc. items. I currently have a skip hop which was great for one but items are falling out now and I am losing things. SO I have looked into the Ju Ju Be backpack and a few of the Bumble Bags. If you have feedback on those or have other suggestions please help!! Thanks!!

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Try the Okiedog Viva Sumo! I have a two year old and am expecting my second any day and that's the bag I registered for after seeing it with a mom of triplets! Then I read the reviews online and even watched a few videos about it on YouTube. I'm sold on it! It has room for two kids, can be worn as a messenger bag or backpack and even has a "mommy compartment" to make life easier! :)



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Granted, I'm been known to still carry around my SkipHop bag even though my son is 3 - I just love all the pockets! But lately I've been trying to streamline. I came to realize that I never use all the stuff I have in there - it was a hold over from my son's baby days when you were never sure what on earth they were going to need/my girlscout over-prepared-ness! So now I just keep extra clothes, diapers, wipes, extra plastic bags, sunscreen, small toys and books in the car so I know its all out there if I need it (and usually I don't). If we go on a walking errand and need waters/cups & snacks, I just put them in the stroller or let my son carry them himself. I came to learn that the more I had on my person, the higher the expectation for my son that he was going to get something if we were out...like the bag is one endless snack holder. No more! My only other suggestion is to find your daughter a childs-size backpack and let her carry some her items herself.



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I bought a diaper bag that's call Mr B from Buy Buy Baby. It's pretty big. Check it out.



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It's been a while for me since I was at your stage---god love ya' it's tough with 2 just 2 years apart. Like the other mom I found hands free was so important with one walker and one to carry. I must have changed bags a billion times. I finally found a backpack made for high school kids the best. It had many pockets, a place for a drink on the outside, enough places to stash my personal stuff as well. Since it was deep, I found putting similar items in zipper bages (the kind with actual zippers rather than the press together seal) really helped organize things. I think I finally found mine at Target.



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I had 2 under 2 so decided keeping my hands free was the top priority! I tried many backpack bags and finally found one that had just the right size and number of pockets inside and out. There are backpack diaper bags, but don't forget to look at "non-diaper" ones too.



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You can custom design your own-there are many large size bags to choose from. There is a diaper bag, and many of the moms including me use the manhattan too!!

There is an interactive design website at-they are very well made, clean easy-you can even get a plastic liner!!


Let me know if you have any questions-I have the swatches and trunk.

Happy shopping!!


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