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Updated on February 28, 2011
T.H. asks from Hoven, SD
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I'm due in June with my second child and am in need of a new diaper bag. The one we used for our first child has broken numerous times and also did not have a zipper on top to close so my son would take everything out of it all the time. Long story short, we need a new one. I'm looking for a very good quality diaper bag with a zipper to close the main compartment. I would like one that isn't "huge" but still a decent sized one to hold all of our stuff in one bag. Any suggestions?

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answers from Minneapolis on

I have the Skip Hop Studio Tote (http://www.skiphop.com/product/21500.html), and I love it. It has many specialized compartments and can be zipped up completely.

I also have the Skip Hop Duo Deluxe bag (http://www.skiphop.com/product/20000.html) for days when my husband and I are both going to be carrying the bag. This one is a little smaller but is also a great bag.

I bought both online with coupon codes, so I didn't have to pay full price for neither of them.

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answers from Duluth on

we have an eddie bauer one that we like!



answers from Milwaukee on

I bought a new diaper bag with my 4th child. I got it at Land's End and it sounds like what you are looking for....zipper closure, not too big, and very durable. In fact, I still use it as gym bag and my daughter is 9! :)



answers from Chicago on

Like my hop skip bag...Adjustable strap so can go on the stroller and compact. Still can hold enough to get where you're going.



answers from Lincoln on

I have used many a bags over the years. By the time #4 came along I needed something that was big enough to hold a lot, but was also stylish. I went to ebags.com and purchased a great one. It is not too big, but it does have all of the compartments and is no bigger than that of a business tote. I also bought a backpack one as well. It is the Jeep Baby Traveler. It is small in size, but surprisingly holds a lot!!
I hope this helps.


answers from Spokane on

My diaper bag with my 2nd was a back pack style and I loved it! Kept my hands free and nothing sliding off my shoulder while trying to carry the baby and hold my 4 y/o's hand. Just a thought :)



answers from Minneapolis on

Call me cheap, but we got one from our pediatrician with formula samples & all kinds of goodies. It works great. They had a sling backpack or a shoulder bag style.


answers from St. Louis on

Abolutely love my Coach diaper bag. It has all the compartments I could dream of, but not overwhelming. Everything has its place, it is easy to use and it zips shut. They really thought of everything with this bag. It was quite pricey, but I am sure you can find good deals on them. I looked at Kate Spade and so many other brands but I went with Coach and am glad I did. Happy Shopping!!



answers from Des Moines on

I don't know how much you are wanting to spend. We didn't want to spend a lot but wanted a good bag. At babies r us we found one made by Columbia. Lots of organization and was just all around awesome. Take a look at the Columbia Vertical Glide Expandable Diaper Bag around $50



answers from San Francisco on

Go on the website for the Ju Ju Be bags. They are great. I have the Between and it holds a lot but they have larger ones too. Congratulations on your little one!


answers from Myrtle Beach on

I had a Kate Spade one, I loved it!! I would now get a 31 http://www.thirtyonegifts.com/
I LOVE their bags!!!



answers from Pittsburgh on

I was given a nice O. from Land's End. Very durable. My son is now 8 and we still use it as a little duffle for vacations...

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