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Updated on June 05, 2012
F.B. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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Thiniking of hosting a last minute diamond jubilee party this weekend. Hubs is English, but even if he weren't why not have some fun along with all of the UK and the old dear the queen. I'll be making it a brunch. I'll cook up some scones, ready some cream, champagne, strawberries. Tea, bread, jam, bacon, eggs and beans.

I've got a union jack, and several keep calm and carry on posters.

What I'm after, and what I'd like your help with is I'd like to source some london landmark figurines to double as a tablescape. Think iconic london landmarks like the tower bridge, the london eye, a double decker, st. paul's etc. I'd like the figurines to have a very clean modern look, graphic arts-ish. I've been looking on the web and I can't find anything that fits the bill. I've been looking in the toy and souvenier category too, because frankly it doesn't matter what they are called, they can be re-purposed and put on the table.

Thanks a bunch for your help. I really appreciate it.
F. B.

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So What Happened?

http://usa.alexandalexa.com/fashion/h/heritage-toys/londo... I found these, and have them on order, getting a set for us, and one for our nephew in Burkina-Faso. They won't come in time, but they'll be nice to have. As for the table scape, I've decided to keep it really simple and use fruit, beads, paper, and other what's its from around the house in red white and blue in hurricane jars. A few pics of the queen in mismatched gold frames, and call it done.

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Most souvenirs seem to be made rather realistically, rather than modern and graphic-arts-ish.

Have you come across pictures (online) that you like? I wonder how it would look if you printed out the pictures and wrapped them around small boxes (of the proper size) which you could stand upright - or however - on the table. Admittedly it seems weird in written form, but it looks good in my mind! You don't have much time to prepare, so it might be an easy way to decorate as well.

It sounds like a lovely party, and if I lived on your side of the country I'd hope you'd invite me.

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answers from Dallas on

I have no idea if this is a possibility for you but an antique shop?

Last week my daughter was invited to a tea party and asked to brin gher own teacup and saucer. Well, I was not going to let her carry my good Wedgewood china so I set out looking for a single, old timey type tea cup and saucer.

I found a perfect one at an antique mall. They had them from $10 each all the way to the hundreds. The one I found was a single, bone china made in England for Avon in 1974. It was something my grandmother would have had. LOVED IT.

Maybe that can work for you!

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answers from Chicago on

how about a red phone booth?

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no practical help here, but the party sounds awesome! how do you do english cream? unless i go to the british store, i can't find anything that's comparable.



answers from Seattle on


Buy cheap tablecloth (white, or another solid color), and TubeMap it with ribbon & hot glue. Then you can either put landmarks where they belong, or have others do it as a game or just have them in the center and scrw where they actually belong. ((Although I'd put drinks following the Thames of I were following the map))

Melissa&Doug have archetectural buildings, and bridges for the Thames.

ThinkGeek.com has a TARDIS (DrWho police call box) cookie jar.

The Dildo Building (similar anyway) can be found in glass at sex shops. I'd start at ToysInBabeland.com, but there are glass toy specialty shops.

The Eye can be found (similar, anyway) at Lego or Kinnex building kits

Big Ben is in some architectural puzzle kits

I'll be back with more later!!!



answers from Santa Barbara on

Sounds like fun!! I love visiting England!

I like Mary's idea about blowing up and cutting out to put on some material to make them stand up (double sided, wrap around a cylinder or cube). Don't forget the very serious guards.

Have a great time.

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