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Updated on March 04, 2016
K.H. asks from Augusta, GA
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I have an 18 month granddaughter I am raising and we were told yesterday she has Type 2 Diabetes. This is a very ware case, she is not overweight at all. Does anyone with a toddler has type 2 diabetes that can help me thru this issue? I do not want to feel alone.

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answers from Memphis on

Diabetes has today reached epidemic proportions around the globe. Not only adults but children are also affected by Type 2 diabetes due to unhealthy lifestyle. Alike you, many people asked different queries regarding it as you can read here http://www.answeranimal.com/Can_a_person_with_type_2_diab... . However, before coming on any conclusion, its important have doctors visit and follow their instruction. Mange a diet plan and involve in moderate exercise to reduce its negative effect.



answers from Atlanta on

Hi K.,

Type 2 diabetes is on the rise all over the world. I think because we have changed the way we eat. I agree with Helen. Type 2 has always been known as "adult onset". There are other issues that need to be addressed. Iron overload in the liver can look like type 2 diabetes. Has she been on antibiotics at all? Is her weight under control? Type 2 diabetes is just a diagnosis from symptoms. Type I has designated pathology that you can tell by tests. Type 2 means the digestive system is not working right and there may be outside stimuli that has caused it. Removing the stimuli can reverse that.

You can control type 2 with diet and not make her dependent on insulin. Speak with your doctor or a nutritionist and as a parent you have to stand your ground with physicians. You CAN "jump-start" the digestive system to work. Remember that hit or miss with your child can cause horrible results later in life. I know because my mother trusted everything the doctor said and never questioned him. I was a physical mess until I learned of nutrition and supplimentation. There are a lot of things that can be done naturally that can control Type 2. I am controlling my 88 year old Dad's Type 2 with diet thru a feeding tube. The doctors told me it couldn't be done.

I dont have a little one with diabetes but if you need to talk feel free to call me. MY cell is ###-###-#### and my email is [email protected]____.com are not alone!




answers from Atlanta on

Hi K.. I also have type one diabetes. I do question the doctor's diagnosis a bit. I have never heard of a 'normal' child being diagnosed with type two diabetes. If the doctor is sure that it isn't type one then maybe you need to look for another underlying cause of high blood sugars. They can be caused by so many things, stress on the body, fright, thyroid, other hormonal problems (baby girls aren't supposed to have hormones yet!!), too much yeast in the blood stream, systemic infections...the list goes on. There may be something else going on with your granddaughter that the doctor just hasn't seen. I would definitely get a second opinion. If both doctors agree that it is type two, then don't worry too much about it. I have a friend who was misdiagnosed with type one when she was a child (she had type two, overweight). She found out that the docs were wrong and started treating it like type two, excersizing and eating right. After a few years of this she no longer needed any sort of treatment. Now she takes her blood sugar once or twice a week, fasting, just to make sure she is still okay. Her blood sugars have been normal for years at this point. What I'm saying is, it is possible to reverse type two diabetes. It is not, neccesarily, a life long disease that your granddaughter will have to deal with. Just a word of hope in all of the yuck that comes along with a diagnosis. If you have any questions about what's going on (doctor talk, ect.) you can email me at [email protected]____.com luck! I'll be praying for you.



answers from Augusta on

Since I am not a doctor I wouldn't dare tell you wether or not ur granddaughter has type 2 diabetes or not but my father has type 2 diabetes and has for many years. We first learned he had it about 12 or so yrs ago when one night he got up to go to the bathroom and I awoke and found that he hadent come back from the bathroom so I got up and found him in the bathroom unconcious, he had had a seizer while standing to go to the bathroom and hit his head on the tub and busted his head open. He's has to give himself shots of insulin several times a day and he is very cautious about not eating to much sugary foods or not enough. He's had many seizers over the yrs and the disease has taken it's toll. While I don't know how diabetes effects children I hope ur granddaughters isnt as bad as my dad's and as long as you do as the doctors recommend and keep track of her blood sugar and her diet it should be easily controlled. GL



answers from Savannah on

Hi K.,
Let me first say that my heart goes out to your granddaughter! My nephew was diagnosed with type 2 when he was almost 5. They live up in New Jersey, but my sister-in-law found alot of information and met alot of other families living with diabetes through the Juvenille Diabetes Research Foundation. I would recomend contacting them to see if they can put you in touch with other families/support groups in the area.



answers from Atlanta on

HI K.,

I have Type 1 diabetes and am very educated about the disease. I want to say that it is impossible for your granddaughter to have type 2. What doctor told you this? i have a great doctor for your grandaughter to see if you are interested.

Please let me know....


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