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Updated on January 19, 2010
E.F. asks from Herriman, UT
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Have any of you had the surgery to correct a deviated septum? I am considering this surgery as I would love to breath fully through my nose! Does this surgery have any side effects with regards to smell? I love my super sensitive sense of smell and don't want to mess it up:) Any info would be great!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for all your comforting experiences and words of warning. I am looking forward breathing easier and being able to work out comfortably, well at least my nose being comfortable:)

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My husband just had a septoplasty last Wednesday. It was outpatient surgery (done by a ENT) and he still has the stints in his nose so not sure yet what the effect will be on his sense of smell (it shouldn't affect it at all). His pain has been very manageable, and he's just generally uncomfortable right now because he can't breathe through his nose (the stints will be removed this Thursday). Hopefully it will help with is obstructive sleep apnea, though. He went to Dr. Considine at Presby St. Luke's, and she's been wonderful to work with. GL!




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Dear E.,
I had this surgery and wish I hadn't. Not because of the pain but because the plastic surgeon I went to, although certified and competent, specialized in breasts. He had recently decided to expand into rhinoplasty. While "practicing" on me he screwed up and it took TWO surgerys to fix what should have been done the first time. It totally messed up my sense of smell which was the worst part. I had this done 10 years ago and my sense of smell has recovered for the most part but will probably never be the same. So what I really wish I'd done (because I needed to have my nose fixed) was find a plastic surgeon who specialized in rhinoplasty, asked more questions, and talked to some of his former patients. I put WAY too much trust in him to do the right thing. Be proactive and you will be fine. Good luck



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I had it done when I was in my early teens. It was kinda major surgery as it was done under general anesthaesia. I don't remeber having a lot of pain or any complications after the surgery. It was a long time back but as far as I remember it healed pretty quickly.No problems with smell or anything as such.But it felt very weird first few days until it healed.And it is such a releif to be able to breathe better! All the best to you.



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I had sinus surgery 3 years ago for obstruction/sinus pain problems. The surgery was outpatient. I was in and out of the hospital in about 4 hours. Recovery took about 3-4 days, and was a bit rough. The pain was helped with pain killers, and I found that I just wanted to lie on the couch. I didn't truly feel like myself until several weeks after due to the general anesthesia.

The surgery didn't change my sense of smell. Although, the recovery was a bit hard I'm glad I had surgery. My sinuses work properly now!



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I loved the surgery! I can breathe and the sinus headaches have greatly diminished. It did not affect my sense of smell. Use a qualified ENT surgeon though. The surgery was outpatient, quick and recovery was not horrible for me.

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