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Updated on December 09, 2011
J.O. asks from Norfolk, VA
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My baby is three months old and does not have sensitive skin so I am wondering how long I need to continue using baby detergent. My first son was not sensitive....I think I just lucked out not to have this worry.

Please let me know what you think..........should I use it for 4 months or 6 months or can I stop now?

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answers from Washington DC on

baby #1: used it for months and months
baby #2: I don't remember because baby #1 was 2 years old and a handful
baby #3: she's lucky if she had clean clothes :)

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answers from Allentown on

I haven't used baby detergent at all with my 2nd. I have always used ALL Free and Clear for the whole problems. I even wash my baby's clothes with ours! I think your safe to do the same...especially if baby has had no issues. Enjoy those babies!

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answers from Norfolk on

i never used the stuff.

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answers from Charlottesville on

I never used it. I just threw their clothes in with the rest of the laundry, which was washed in whatever detergent we had on hand at the time.

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answers from Youngstown on

I only used baby detergent with my first baby. My youngest is 3 months old and i have only used regular detergent with his clothes. It got too expensive to buy the baby detergent.

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answers from San Diego on

We could never use Dreft *because* we have sensitive skin as well as sensitivity to the perfume. We actually get allergic reactions to it.
From day 1 with all 3 of mine we used perfume free, dye free detergents. We use Kirkland brand which is Costco brand. Unless they made a load of their own I washed their clothes with the rest of the family's clothes.
Never once had problems. 2 of my 3 have sensitive skin like I do.
You don't need to use Dreft or any other "special baby detergent". Honestly I see it as little more than a marketing ploy toward scared parents. I never could understand how something with dyes and perfumes could be considered mild to a baby. That stuff is strong smelling!
Save yourself the money :)



answers from Des Moines on

I NEVER used the expensive Dreft stuff-- Purex Free and Clear for $2 a bottle! But if baby's not sensitive I wouldn't worry about it!



answers from Augusta on

with my first I used it for the first few onths with my second I didn't use that stuff at all. It was just too expensive and with us holding baby he was still exposed to the detergent we were using, so really it doesn't matter



answers from Washington DC on

Hi J. - It is great that your family doesn't have skin issues. When you stop depends on what your concerns are. You could check with your pediatrician. If you are concerned about the environment, you could use laundry detergent that is safe for babies, adults, & the planet, i.e. safe for the whole family. Looking to save money? Want the best for your family? You may be safe to stop the baby detergent now, but what are your long term concerns? I hope this didn't confuse the issue. Enjoy your family. :)


answers from Seattle on

I think you could stop now, especially if your baby doesn't have sensitive skin.



answers from Dallas on

My baby (okay not a baby, she's 2 1/2) does have sensitive skin and I still just use Tide Free and Gentle. I can use it for the whole family. And no one has a problem.



answers from Dallas on

I used regular detergent for both my kids from issues.



answers from Washington DC on

I never used it either and I do have kids with sensative skin. As long as I stick with liquid detergent I can use pretty much anything that I want. If I go with powder then we have issues.

Our budget never allowed us to buy an expensive detergent just for baby or the expense of running EXTRA loads of laundry? I don't like doing laundry in the first place WHY would I make more work for myself? NOT gonna happen LOL



answers from Norfolk on

I didn't use the baby detergent for either of my children (currently 5 and 3). I figured that they were exposed to anything that was on our clothes anyway, so why bother (unless there was a sensitivity, then I would have switched).

Since you have no sensitivity, I would stop now.

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