Detangling Doll Hair

Updated on June 19, 2009
M.B. asks from Spring, TX
6 answers

I was recently given about 20 My Little Ponies. Some of them have tangled, slightly matted hair. Other than that, the Ponies are in great condition. I'd like to try and fix their hair so that my daughter can play with them when she is a little older. Any of you ladies have any home remedies for doll hair? I was wondering if a kids detangler product would work? Like most of you, I have a particularly busy life, so I don't want to put more time in to these ponies' hair than I do my own!!! :)

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answers from Houston on

I would try washing with shampoo and conditioner just like our hair. Then start combing from the bottom up.



answers from Killeen on

you can try it, but detangler probably won't work as the ponies' hair is plastic and not actual hair. The detangler is actually a mild leave-in conditioner for kids hair allowing the strands to be easily combed through...with the plastic i would think it would be a mess versus anything helpful...

I would take it one pony at a time and just find a time when you can sit and work on it keeping n mind you may get frustrated working you the knots...

Good luck.. ;-)



answers from Corpus Christi on

the first thing that I would try is the childrens product that works for the tangles in human hair.I have also heard of people using fabric softener the liquid and then rinsing good.



answers from Houston on

I've used kids' spray detanglers many times on barbie hair, etc & it worked well for me. If you have to put a lot to get the tangles out you can rinse & air dry afterward. :)



answers from Houston on

I know the answer to this one!! Fabric softener. I read it once in a Collectible Barbie magazine that my daughter had gotten. Works wonderfully. Pour fabric softener on the hair (I used it undiluted) and comb through. Rinse. Be amazed.



answers from Victoria on

i would start at the bottom of the hair and slowly de tangle from bottom to top. I dont see why the detangeler would not work. Since its only a few I would take your time doing those. Then braid them so they staty fresh. Then again she will have there hair all amess as soon as she gets ahold of them.

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