Desprate in Arizona: Kids Hair Tangles, Thinning, Breakage, and Tears. HELP!

Updated on August 08, 2010
I.R. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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History: my baby girls were born with beautiful thick black locks...that though with time has changed to brown mousy hair. Seriously :D from thick black hair it has drastically changed now at age 4 and 8 their hair is brown with golden highlights which isn't bad, the thing is it has thinned out and breaks/tangles easily. We live in arizona so the lightness could be caused by the sun, but what about the breakage and thinning? they take multivitamins so i dont think it could be a vitamin deficiency could it? Can anyone suggest something to to help? Please?!

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So What Happened?

thank you for all the suggestions we will be trying them all hopefully we will score with one. thanks once again :)

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answers from College Station on

What about detanglers? My hair was thin for so long and finally is thick after 10 years lol! Do you use conditioners? Maybe look for something organic I havent tried it but a friend says it is better for her hair!

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answers from Flagstaff on

A few simple homemade suggestions.

Once a week, do a mayonaise hair pack. That's right, smear mayo into their hair and wrap with plastic wrap. Knowing that you have small children keep it on as long as possible, up to 15 minutes, rinse out and wash as normal.

Before bath time, take a little coconut oil and massage into scalp and hair. Shampoo as normal.

Use a vinegar rinse after shampooing and before using the conditioner. Take 2 cups of warm water and add 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar.

Never brush wet hair. Use a wide tooth comb to gently comb out wet hair. Wet hair is more fragile, it can stretch far and then break which causes those fine ratty ends that tangle so easily. I always comb out my hair wet because if I have tangles, when the hair dry it shrinks thus making it more difficult to comb out the tangles. When combing, start from the ends and slowly and gently work your way up.

Another thing, I don't know if you style their hair, but the same hairstyle over and over will cause breakage sometimes. I found that out when I used a ponytail over and over.

I live in az, so I know how the sun can cause such damage. I suggest watering down a bit of conditioner in some distilled water and spray their hair after they come out of the sun.

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answers from Tucson on

Conditioner is a huge thing in AZ. There is one called climatress, not sure by who, you get it at Sally's. When I was a little girl we put it in our hair before swimming or long stays in the sun. I havent used it in a long time but it helped then and never thought of it again till now.

For my little girl I use a detangler and kids 2 in one shampoo. She hasnt had too many problems. Are they on any special medication? Some can cause your hair to get messed up. Mine did when I was in my teens.

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answers from Dover on

The sun would explain the lighter color and the damage. I would suggest a good shampoo like Melaleuca's Herbal Shampoo or one of their Envia (sounds like you may want the Ultra Hydrating or Color Protecting). I know they haven't had their hair colored but the sun has bleached it and this one has more protection.

Most store bought vitamins, even those that show they are giving you what you need, do not actually allow your body to absorb those nutrients so you don't get all of what is in them. The best vitamin to take to insure you are getting all the nutrients AND giving you what you need it Oligo.

If you want to know more, contact me or go to

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answers from Phoenix on

Hi, I live in AZ as well and my eldest daughter has locks like ur kiddos. We use the Bumble and Bumble shampoo and conditioner and it has helped a lot. It seems expensive but lasts a really long time. We add a leave on conditioner as well for brushing. Honestly, I even spray the leave-on conditioner when they hair is dry in the am just before we brush it all out. If you think it might be about vitamins and minerals Dr. Susan Wilder at Lifescape Med does quality assessments. If you read Mark Hyman's The Ultramind Solution it has quality tips about vitamins and minerals as well. Tatum Drugs at Dynamite and Tatum sells Vitalosates vitamins they are a Albion Labs product with a high absorption rate they have improved our girls hair and nails. This store will mail to you I believe. You'll have the ask the pharmacist about dosage. They can be opened and mixed in juice or milk just not heated is my understanding. Of course these r just mom tips for medical advice see your health care provider. Best! L.

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answers from Great Falls on

Try using a shampoo that also has sunscren for their hair. Or just simply have them wear a hat. Be very gentle when washing their hair and don't use a blow dryer (if you are) until the hair is healthy and stong again. When you do use a blow dryer hold it at least 6 inches away from the head. Be gentle also when brushing their hair. Try not to put the hair back in pony tails or any tight hairdos. You might think about giving them a bob style. Have you tried asking your hair stylist about their hair? If their hair does not improve I would seek out the opinion of a doctor.
I wouldn't be too worried about the change in hair color. That is pretty common...
Hope this helps:)

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answers from Fresno on

Use really good shampoo and conditioner. I don't use baby shampoos; they just don't work that well. One of my daughters has super thick, very wavy red hair, and for her we use Aveda Dry Remedy - it is wonderful for dry hair! For my younger daughter, who has a ton of hair, but straight and fine, we use Fekkai Full Volume. Then after their hair is washed, I spray detangler in it, and comb through their hair with a wide-tooth comb, and then a fine-tooth comb, starting at the bottom and gradually working my way up. It takes a while but it's not as painful for them as yanking on a big tangle with a brush!

The other thing to think about is maybe cutting their hair a bit shorter. If they've been in the pool all summer, soaking their hair in chlorine and then the sun is baking the chlorine in, their hair may just be really damaged. Once it has split ends, there's no repairing that damage. You have to cut the damaged parts off and then use really good conditioner going forward. Also, before they get in the pool, rinse their hair in clear water - that will actually keep the hair from absorbing the chlorinated water.

I'm interested to hear that your kids had curly black hair that has lightened in color. My younger daughter is the same way! Started off with super thick, curly black hair. And now that she is 5, her hair is light brown with blond highlights, and perfectly straight! She is the only kid I've ever seen whose hair has become lighter with age! Good to know she's not the only one. =)

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answers from Tucson on

Same here. We're in Tucson, daughter is 7 and swimming at camp this summer. They don't get to rinse right after they swim like we do when we swim as a family. So our regime is shampoo with the Loreal for kids after swim chlorine remover, apply a lot of conditioner and let it sit while she washes her body. A hair dresser told me the same about the mane and tail products though I've not tried them personally. While conditioner is in, comb with a wide tooth comb then rinse all off. Don't towel dry hair, just squeeze excess water. Then I rub in 2 pumps of Marrakesh oil (that I bought off Ebay much cheaper) to seal in that water. I use the oil on my hair also as it's very fine, curly and thinning. It's great at locking in the moisture without the greasy mess. When my daughter's hair is mostly dry, I put it in a single loose braid to keep from getting tangled up in bed. Keeping in the moisture will prevent the breaking which is probably what's causing the thinning.

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answers from San Francisco on

Johnsons and Johnsons No More Tangles baby shampoo?



answers from Phoenix on

Do your girls swim a lot? Mine (also in Gilbert, AZ) do, and I've experienced this same thing. One daughter in particular. The chlorine just ravages her hair. Makes it slimey when it's wet and crispy when it's dry. And the tangles! I've gotten lots of advice from hairdressers, including making certain the hair is already wet before going into the pool, putting some conditioner in the hair before swimming, immediately washing the chlorine out of the hair after swimming, using an after-swim or clarifying shampoo, etc. Not much of this has helped us. A good post-summer haircut has done the most good for us, Cuts off lots of the damaged hair and makes it look thicker and healther. I also use a lot of leave-in conditioner after each washing.
If you don't think this could be it, perhaps ask their pediatrician.
Good luck!



answers from Phoenix on

I have boys so I don't have firsthand experience but my niece has a rat's nest of hair if my sister-in-law doesn't keep on top of it. She has said that the Mane & Tail products have been amazing! I remember reading somewhere that switching to a satin pillowcase can be very helpful for tangles. You could also try braiding their hair before bed. I hope you find a solution that helps your little ladies. :)



answers from Phoenix on

Maybe you can try some hair thickening shampoo from a beauty supply store.



answers from New York on

they need some oil in their diets.. my daughter is the same.. she needs oil in her diet.. i also use baby shampoo.. and she is 11 and lots of conditioner... we use pantene... it works for her.. or something else like that.. also they have leave in conditioner... put the conditoner in... rinse out.. and then brush it easily.. if you leave it wet.. after you brush it.. tie it up... at night put it in a pony or braides... this will help it not to knot..

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