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Updated on February 12, 2008
M.P. asks from Savannah, MO
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Hi I am needing suggestions on how to deal with my snoring husband. I am not a heavy sleeper and my husband is such a heavy sleeper who also happens to snore very badly. I have had to resort to sleep aid at times such as one tylenol p.m. (which makes me groggy the next day~not good for work)or ear plugs which are not comfortable or practical since I worry about not hearing my child get up in the middle of the night or hearing something that I should at night (other than the snoring). My husband is not a large man and is the best person I could ever ask for just not a sleeping mate, I have even considered sleeping in another room, but I am still able to hear him from the other end of the house it is that bad!
Like I said, I am very sensitive sleeper even a ticking clock will keep me awake~ I recently was away form home and my husband had to take the clock off the wall and shove it in a closet so I could sleep.
I also worry about him because at times it seems like he takes a big snore(snort) and then the coming exhale never comes it just seems to linger and he makes a kind of strange noise in his throat not exactly a "gasping" but not a normal breath. We have tried the nose strips, and throat sprays, I even have tried to get to bed and be asleep before he comes to bed, and as most moms know that doesn't happen unless we are sick! ~ha ha
I am open to anything and I am sure he would like to have me stop poking him telling him to roll over.

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answers from Wichita on

Go to Wal Mart or your local pharmacy and get the snore aids for him. My hubby is a really bad snorer and these are wonderful. They are little strips that he just puts across his nose. Other than that-have him checked out by doctor for sleep disorder.

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answers from St. Joseph on

have him try the nose bandaids(whatever they are called)...they worked for my mom



answers from Rockford on

I would suggest getting him to go a sleep specialist because he might have sleep APNEA which is where he actually stops breathing during his sleep which is what it sounds like he is doing. My brother and brother in law both have it. That would be my best suggestion.



answers from Enid on

Maybe you should kick him a few times and hopefully he'll get the point! LOL! No, just kidding! He might have a sleeping problem or breathing problem when he sleeps. It might be something ya'll could look into with a doctor. For a while I had sleeping problems where I waked up many times through the night and I was talking to my doctor about it and he sent me over night to a sleeping clinic in OKC. On the vidoe's I watched there the common reason people went was because they quite "breathing" when they were sleeping and in some people it woke them and some people it didn't faze them. In the clinic they hooked you up to several different monitors and they monitored your sleeping pattern and breathing. If sometime in the night you stopped breathing for a period of time they hooked you up to a breathing machine that made sure you continued to breath. If you met the requirements of the breathing problems then they helped you figure out what breathing maching and mask you needed to help you get a better nights sleep. Maybe this helps you out a little on your husbands breathing problems at night. As for the light sleeper I feel your pain and have no suggestion there. I eventuall get tired enough that I can sleep through the snoring.



answers from Kansas City on

Ok read your post and just had to pass this tidbit along...I saw this on a morning show months ago and thought how funny! But apparently it works, it was tried on several people....
Take a tennis ball and put it into a tube sock, using safety pins or diaper pins, pin it to your "snore's" back. It is suppose to poke them in the back when they try to sleep on their back, which causes more snoring. After a few nights, they subconsciously know not to sleep on their backs. I just wonder how well one will sleep like that!
My husband is not a large man either, but just afew, 10ish or so pounds over weight will cause him to snore...per our Dr.



answers from Kansas City on

Sure does sound like he has sleep apnea. I don't think I spelled it correctly. My husband was the exact same way. I also am a horribly light sleeper so I understand your problem. Ear plugs are uncomfortable and don't really block out enough of the noise.

I suggest a trip to the doctor. I know, men don't like going to the doc but if he does have sleep apnea then it will affect his heart too. A breathing mask to wear at night will be all he has to do and he will be surprised at how much better he will feel after getting a good night's sleep as well as you too.



answers from Springfield on

What your describing sounds like sleep apnea which is not good for a person. You should ask him to see his doctor for a sleep evaluation and they may be able to offer help with a cpap machine. It helps keep his airways open and both of you get to sleep soundly. I have many friends whose husbands got the cpap and they said they haven't slept so good in years.

Editted to add...when I was researching sleep apnea regarding my own husband I found that there's a few things to help reduce the likelyhood of snoring, skip the alcohol before bed and shed excess pounds.

I hope you get some rest soon!



answers from Oklahoma City on

I agree with the rest of the ladies, get him checked for sleep apnea. I am also a light sleeper and have to constantly tell my husband to roll to his side since he snores loudly on his back (I'll have to try the tennis ball thing...) It helps me to have some ambient noise in the background. Our central air unit is close to our bedroom, so it often masks noises long enough for me to get to sleep. See if you can find an ambient sound cd while you wait for you husband's problem to be fixed.



answers from Kansas City on

I also think it's sleep apnea. He's probably sleep deprived, but doesn't even realize it (that's probably why he sleeps so heavily). My husband has the same problem, but he's hard-headed and won't take the time to go to a sleep study. :-) Luckily, I'm a pretty heavy sleeper and only wake when my children need me, so I don't push the issue with him. But I would say that if it's affecting your sleep and you approach him with "will you do this for me?" he might be willing to have a sleep study to see if he has apnea. Have him check with his doctor.

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