Desperately Seeking Girls 24 Month Training Cotton Panties

Updated on July 12, 2009
S.Y. asks from Pittsburgh, PA
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We are ready for the next step (panties) but I can't seem to find any under the size 2T. I did find some close at Target, but they were the Gerber AIO with the waterproof cover built in and they were HUGE and bulky. I would just like padded cotton kind, the kind that could hold a "miss".

I am even willing to buy some second hand, as when I went online the really good new ones STARTED at $11! Yikes!! We need at least 7, I think...any ideas?

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2t is actually around the same size as 24 months. Target and Walmart sell the padded cotton kind 3 in a pack for around 7-8 dollars i believe its been awhile since i needed them my girl is 5 and been out of them for almost 3 1/2 years. You don't need the waterproof cover...the cotton ones soak up enough. Good luck in finding them and on the potty training.

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Hi S. (it's H. from Pittsburgh Babywearing). I have a bunch of the thicker middle Gerber panties (like these: only some are plain pink and some are plain white). I had 2 packs in the 24 months and a pack of the 2Ts. I bought mine at Target, but they were few and far between - they don't restock the smaller sizes very often. Anyway, Taryn only wore them a couple times, and never peed in them (they were mostly a just in case thing when we were out of the house), and you can have them if you want them - I have no need for them.

I also have 2 of the Daisy Doodles trainers ( that are AWESOME. I used the Daisy Doodles dipes for Taryn and LOVE them. They're nice because they're super trim but still have the waterproof outer layer. They're size small - I bought them when Taryn was first potty learning but never needed them. I'd be willing to part with them too if you were interested, just let me know. I'll be at the next Babywearing meeting at Panera.


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two=guys and woolworht's and grants and almarts used to sell these for$ 1.00 a pack [ 1974] in all colors too...
the malls took over ....
your generation had it good as an infant .
good luck
* we live in a throw away society ...
my best choice would be : BURLINGTON coat factory
7th st. allentown [ walmart/ old navy shop center]
a grammy



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You might have to actually go into an EvilMart--ooops ---- I mean WalMart. The padded cotton Gerber ones DO come in larger sizes and are great.

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