Desperately Seeking CPA in Dallas, TX Area (McKinney, TX)

Updated on July 28, 2010
E.D. asks from McKinney, TX
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Husband purchased small franchise last year...we are barely getting by, kind of by the seat of our pants. Too busy to even stop and take an accounting of the business, he filed extensions for 09 taxes. Cleaning up the office recently, I found a huge storage bin FULL of receipts of every kind, all related to the business. He works constantly and there is no time left over for him to tend to these things. We are new to Texas -- I dont know where else to turn. Can anyone PLEASE receommend a CPA / Accountant in the Dallas TX area that would be understanding of this situation of which I am painfully embarrassed. I have to find someone and QUICK before we get in real trouble. MANY MANY THANKS in advance for any help anyone can offer.

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I have a GREAT CPA I use for my company (a small business) - She's here in McKinney and her name is Melissa Simmons, with Andre and Associates. Her number is ###-###-#### and her email is: Their website is

Hope this helps!

D. Alford

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I'm a CPA (and Mom) I just started my own home based practice. I have a BS/MS in Accounting and over 10 years experience. I would love to talk with you about helping you with your books and taxes.

A. R. I., CPA

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Hi E.,

I am an Accountant who focuses on small businesses. I have 10 years of experance, and just recently graduated with my BA in Accounting.

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions that you have.

You can call me at ###-###-#### or email me at



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You can't go wrong with Lonnie Morris. He's in Plano. We've been using him for years.

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