Desperate:childcare Options for Biting Toddler

Updated on January 01, 2007
C.C. asks from McKinney, TX
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I am at a 18mos old is not going to be allowed to return to his daycare after the end of this week for biting. Current class has 14kids:2 teachers(I know that's high, but loved the daycare's internet monitoring system). They are recommending a place with a lower ratio, but I don't know what to do. They do not know how to fix it even though his main teacher feels that she has a handle on it. Any suggestions?? I live in McKinney and work in Allen. I stayed home with him until we tried MDO in September and started back full time late Oct. The biting started there and we can't seem to get rid of it. He knows what it is and not to do it, but in the moment he can not control it. Please help, I have 4 days to figure something out and staying home is not an option anymore.

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i know this is probably a silly question...but have you found childcare for your little boy????



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Hello! I am currently working at a daycare in Frisco, and I am the lead teacher in the infant II room (very familiar with the biting issue...). I am currently looking for a nanny position. I would be happy to come to your home and care for your son Mon-Fri, or you could bring him to my apartment. Right now, we live in Frisco, but at the end of Jan/beginning of Feb, we will be moving to McKinney. Our house will be located off of El Dorado and Woodson. I know you're asking for a solution to the daycare issue, but if you can't find one, I would be happy to wacth him for you. Please feel free to email me [email protected] if you'd like to speak further. Have a great week!



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Hi C.,

Have you tried biting him back, I know this sounds terrible, but has he ever been bitten? I had to do this a couple of times before my son got it, but he finally did. I also got tired of him doing this, so he got popped in the mouth whenever he did it. I think it also came from us playing with him with our mouths open and then we would act like we were eating him up and so we had to stop that for one and then we had to tell him firmly, no and then follow it up with some type of punishment until he finally got it. He bit my husband through his jeans and left a definte bruise and he really got it then. So, I am just not sure what your form of consequences are in order to get his attention.

They normally go through this type of phase, but then get over it, is unusual for them to continue to do it unless there are NO consequences. He is not too young to began getting his attention, and some folks don't believe in corporal punishment, (I am not one of those) so I am not sure how you go about handling it. If it has gotten so bad that he is not being allowed back into school, you definitely have a problem. They are usually tolerant of kids because they know everyone does it.

I am not quite sure what to tell you other than the fact that this is really serious and despite his age, he is cognisant of the fact that he is doing it.

Good Luck!

G. B.



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Hi C.,
These suggestions may or may not help...I watch a few kids in my home and one of the lil' guys started to lasted one day, but he tried four times being successful only once. I would determine if it is an aggressive biting...wanting a toy, a child in his space, etc. It may be not aggression or distress at all and he may be teething badly enough that biting that case, as with the kiddo in my care, his mom gave him Motrin before arriving and rubbed orajel on his gums...we have not had any other issues. About mid day, I reapply the orajel and give him some cold snack, teether, or ice-pop just to keep him comfortable. You may try a teething necklace that he can wear and if he needs to bite, he uses that. You can use some rubbery pipping from home depot or is hardy enough that he can't bite it off into pieces. As for communication, maybe start using some basic signing with him. If he can't communicate verbally to a point that his needs are met, signing/gestures will help. My daughter was signing at 10 months so it does help these lil' ones. Good luck and I hope all works out. This is a tough stage; hang in there.


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