Dermatologist for Teenager?

Updated on February 26, 2010
B.A. asks from Tustin, CA
5 answers

Hi Moms,

We are looking for a teenager-friendly, excellent dermatologist to help our 15 year old with her acne? Orange County area. Thanks, moms !!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Brandy Metz at UCI! all my kids see her-for various things. i have only taken them to the Orange (near the Block) location, i don't know if she also see's patients in Irvine.

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answers from Los Angeles on

First, please don't let them put her on Accutane. This is so very toxic to the liver and all it does is completely dry out the skin.

Second, I had terrible acne from 12 to 43, having tried everything, until I started using Sensaria Natural Bodycare. I am now 51 1/2 with skin that looks better than when I was 35. Sensaria also has a one-year guarantee that you are not going to get with any product from the dermatologist either.:o)

Some things to keep in mind:
1. do not use anything with petroleum, mineral oil and make sure it does not contain products that block the pores.
2. use a good toner without any alcohol in it
3. use a moisturizer!
4. exfoliate often

I use to think that drying it out was going to make it better when in reality it is just telling your oil glands to make more oil. Exfoliate often is important to keep the pores clean but do not rub/scrub the area(s) that have break out as you are spreading germs.

I am offering to come to you to have you try the Sensaria line for acne and oily skin or you may come to me. I have been a representative with Sensaria for just over eight years now and have had great results for my family and for MANY others. You can look in the Local Businesses here or just go straight to my website

The products that I would have you look at are the Clarifying System, the Mens Line (don't be misled, it is great for acne because of the healing and antibacterial ingredients), the Clay Mask, Blemish Control, Enzyme Exfoliator, and the Sunscreen. LOL I am not saying you need to get all of these, just that they are products that work well for oily skin and acne and they won't harm the inside of your body nor your skin.


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answers from Los Angeles on

Dr. Margaret Shannon is in Costa Mesa - off 22nd street & Newport Blvd. She is amazing and one of the leading dermotologists in Orange county.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I love dr kelly at the UCI dermatology center on alton. i also had success with products from a site called good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Lisa Ashley's teenage makeup line. I think is the website.

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