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Updated on August 16, 2008
R.M. asks from Orange Park, FL
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Can anyone give me a name of a good honest dermatologist . My 3 year old is having a skin issue and the doctor says it's allergies but it is getting worse and spreading over her body. her skin is also starting to discolor. I think it is more than allergies.

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Alison Moon, M.D. & Bett Ann Mincey, M.D.
First Coast Dermatology & Internal Medicine

I have been going to Dr. Moon for years. I also have a 4 year old whose paternal grandmother has melanoma so I started taking my daughter to Dr. Moon about 2 years ago to get all of her moles mapped to keep track of them. She is an awesome and sweet lady and my daughter is very comfortable going to her and looks forward to her visits. When we pass the Dr.'s office on the road my daughter will go "look mommy, that's where Dr. Moon's office is!"

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Hi R.,

I have seen Dr. Michael Bernhardt in the Riverside area. He and his nurse practicioner both see patients, and it's ususally easier to get in and see her, as it can be up to a three month wait to see the doctor. But the staff is really good and I've been please with their services.

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Is your daughter on any medicines? My daughter was on Amoxicillin and on her 2nd time of being on it - developed a horrible reaction. We can no longer have anyCillins. Just saying - don't rule out a drug even if she's been on it before. My daughter ended up with Erythema Multiforme.....crazy! Took over her entire body - huge circles (groups of three) that went from pink to purplish blue. She looked CRAZY! Started out as little circles and in 3 days she was covered with hardly any white on her. Good luck! My Ped is Carithers on Park Street - Jax, FL ###-###-####. I know you're asking for a dermatologist but I didn't believe my doctor either. Because he wouldn't prescribe her anything.....and was like "I think it's this but can't tell yet" - and he ended up being right on the money with his first "I think it's this"..... The Erythema Multiforme starts out as circles so he would tell it was an allergic reaction but then, over days they grow into huge rings and combine together then turn purple. They took her over! Anyway - he was so right that I sent a letter thanking him and told him I had doubted him and he actually called to thank me.

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Dr. Kwong used to be at Nemours Children's hospital and went into her own practice off of Phillips highway...........She is awesome. Her number is ###-###-####........... My 10 year old daughter has the same thing and we are headed Dr. Kwong next week and my doctor says it is a fungus........
Also be careful and watch for hives, my son has food allergies and my niece who is 3 has been eating peanut butter for over a year and just developed an allergy to Peanuts. IT can come about at any time and is so common nowadays because of food being chemically modified..... Let me know if you see Dr. Kwong, K. ###-###-####

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