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Updated on December 16, 2010
M.O. asks from Casstown, OH
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i am in real need of advice on what to do about what i think is depression. This past year and half has been pretty hard on my family and i and i just cant seem to get out this rut. To start with about year and half ago my husband lost his job while i was 6 months pregnant luckly he found a job pretty quickly but we were still out of work for 2 months well then i went for a routine ultra sound while i was pregnant and found out that i had IUGR and it was extremely hard because i have another child who was 2 at the time and was put on orders that was very hard to follow with a 2 year old well my daughter was born and was perfectly healthy but as for me i took a major decline and about had a stroke and died due to a mistake the hosptial made, then my daughter developved colic which i am sure everyone know that is rough and then i my grandmother died and was pretty tramatic how we found her and lets just say the was the straw that broke the camels back. I am just trying to get back to the old me and somedays are better then others but i just wished i enjoyed life the way i did. Does anyone know of any maybe natural or homepathic ways to help with this? I am not one to really ask for help and dont really get help from family so it would be very hard for to see a dr so i am hopeing that there is another way thanks so much.

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answers from Cleveland on

Yoga, meditation, prayer, get into a support group. this last one is very important so that you can share with other people and so process some of the things you have been through and also to help you mind get back in track so you can focus on the things that can be thankful for and see that there are other people like you out there who have been through difficcult times too and are getting better. It helps seeing other people improving. Also on top of it your hormones may still be out of whack after having a baby. SO you need to give yourself break. IF you can find an osteopathic doctor they are MD 's are try to hep you naturally. Also when I was going through a physically challenging time a accupuncturist helped me out a lot.

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answers from Columbus on

Therapy works wonders! My husband goes to a Psychologist to talk about his depression and it helps him a lot (he's battled depression his whole life). You could also try just writing out your thoughts on paper. Or finding something you love to do such as photography, scrapbooking, ceramics, etc. Things like that can also be very therapeutic. I saw something on TV yesterday about this lady whose son was hit by a car. She started making jewelry as therapy and it turned into a business for her.

Good luck and I hope you find something that helps you through this hard time you're going through.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I am sorry you have gone through so much in such a short period of time. You have been through way to much to handle that all by yourself.
As far as natural, I would just try exercising more. Do something for you that makes you feel better about yourself. Winter time can definitely give me the blues, and I need to get out.
I would really like to suggest that you talk to somebody. Whether it be a pastor at church or a dr or psychologist. Even if it is just a time or two, you need to vent to somebody. They would most likely be able to offer great suggestions on how to handle your grief, lack of sleep, fears etc.......
Take some time for you, if you are able. It sounds like you need a break. Maybe a nice night just in a hotel, by yourself, where you can sleep in and read a book.

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answers from New York on

You need to go see a doctor, I dont care if its difficult. do it for your children's sake

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answers from Columbus on

Depression is a medical problem, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. If you are depressed, see your doctor. Your GP may be able to treat depression, but if you are having a major episode, you may need to so a psychiatrist who specialized in this area and will be better able to help you. It is not a charachter defect, it is an organic illness, your brain is flesh and blood and there is no shame in having an issue that needs treatment. Go to the doctor.


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answers from Dallas on

You can start by exercising regularly - brisk walking, biking, running... whatever you prefer @30 minute once or twice a day (or more!). I know its hard when you are depressed to even think about it - make a "rule" that no matter what, you will exercise every day for two weeks and see if that helps.
Vitamin B complex is also a good start - as is having a well balanced diet.

However, if these things do not help, talk to your doctor. Depression is an illness, NOT a sign of weakness. And if left untreated, it can get worse. In addition, if you are depressed as a mom, your children can be adversely affected. There is lots of research that children of depressed moms are more likely to be withdrawn, stressed, sad, and less likely to try new things, etc.

Lots of people have experience with it - either with themselves or a loved one, and ANYONE who has had young children knows how hard it is. I think most people will suprise you with how sympathetic they are.

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answers from Cleveland on

I understand how hard it is to ask for help. Be proud you had the courage to ask us!
I suggest talking to a professional.
Also, there was an article in WholeLiving (formerly Body/Soul) talking about specific yoga poses that help mood.
Here is a link to the online version:
I hope you get the help you need.


answers from Houston on

I'm very sorry, life sure can be difficult, can't it?!

These beautiful short little videos about enduring rough times might help lift your spirits, they always make me cry a bit:

Depression like this is brought on by stress. It is perfectly normal for the set of challenges you are going through.

Your Dr can put you on low does meds to help you cope and help to wean you off of them. However, there are side effects to weaning and you all may be able to pull this out of your rut a natural way. Also, depression like this can return if your life and your perception to it and ability to cope does not change. It would be most beneficial to see a therapist that can help you!

What you really need is prayer, healthy eating, excersize, structured routine days to help pull you out of your rut.
It would be ideal if you could have your oldest child in a mother's day out program for a few hours twice a week, get out of the house and go to playgroups.

some natural ideas she can start at home:



answers from New York on

Therapy, therappy, therapy! Talking helps so much. You've been through SO MUCH. You need to talk (and maybe take some meds to help - but it won't be forever). Best of luck!

And try to find a female therapist who deals with women's issues!! I bet she will also allow you to bring the kids. Just bring toys and let them camp out while you talk. Then no one has to know. You need to not care about what they think anyway. Do it for yourself and your kids.



answers from Indianapolis on

Good for you for recognizing it! Lots of good ideas here...exercise...therapy...for me, I struggled with depression for 6 months after the arrival of our second. Normally I handled stress in my stride but suddenly I was falling apart over every little things. Once I recognized it, named it and started sharing with others, it empowered me and things got much better. I also started using an Essential oil from Young Living called Peace and Calming and found it a great way to start and end my days. You might want to learn more about them.



answers from Columbus on

Wow. You have been through a lot! I agree with the other posters about therapy and supplements help a lot. Support groups would be awesome too. One more thing that has helped me is praying. You didn't mention faith, but if you don't have one, you might want to think about getting one. I'm still suffering with mild depression, but I would be in a world of hurt if it wasn't for God and my church.
Blessings to you. I pray life will get better for you.



answers from Evansville on

I was mildly, or not so mildly, depressed for about a year after giving birth.. what worked for me was homeopathy. I was given an antidote to take once or twice a day.. it's all very mild, no drugs... and it really changed my outlook. Also, movement. Walking more. Dancing with myself in my living room. Moving my body, moved my mind. It sounds like you've had to deal with So Much. Please be gentle with yourself. You need alot of self love at this time. I wish you all the best in the world.



answers from Cleveland on

All good answers--vitamins, exercise, monitor your diet--eat healthy--and add a gratitude journal--every day write down something, somebody that you are grateful for--and say "Something great is going to happen today!", and look for even the smallest thing (clean bathroom at a rest stop on a road trip) and then celebrate it when you find it!!
I also had an experience like this, and went to the store and saw a picture of a lamb looking over his shoulder--and it said, If you keep looking back, you won't know where you are going!
Think of your experiences as driving on ice--get through it as gracefully as you can, and don't beat yourself up about it!!!



answers from South Bend on

I agree with alot of the other posters...if you can afford therapy, GO! There are places that have a sliding scale payment plan based upon your income. Sometimes, just having someone to talk to can do wonders. Exercise also is a natural way to get you out of a 'funk'. It creates endorhpins, which is natures feel good drug. :) Another thing you can try is an herbal supplement called 5HTP. Most vitamin stores have it. The ingredients are natural, known mood enhancers. I bought some for myself a little while ago. (But have been bad about consistently taking it...M. brain...forgetful!). Other than that, I do want to add how sorry I am for the loss of your grandmother. But, think of the blessings you DO have in life...your husband IS gainfully employed, you may have had a rough pregnancy, but you made it through just fine, and now have another healthy daughter. Colic can be beyond irritating, but know that it is temporary...a phase. Try white noise therapy with the baby-a fan running, the sound of the clothes dryer, etc. Also, Mylicon gas drops have helped me when my children went through colic. (2 out of my 4 children had it!). Take a bubble bath just for you! "ME" time is essential to any M., especially new mommies. And last but not least, BREATHE. :) It'll be ok. My glass half-full take on this is that you are alredy out of the woods & things are looking up for you...i hope you can see that too.



answers from San Diego on

Up your vitamin D as there is a link to low vitamin D and depression. There is also Sam E which is a natural mood enhancer. My suggestion is to up the vitamin D ask your doctor to test your D3 levels and go from there. Hang in there beautiful momma things will get easier. I am on 4000 iu of Vitamin D and I am pretty happy with that you can get 5000 iu at costco for a good price they also have the 2000 iu which I have and just take 2 of every day. It can also help with fibromyalgia and polymyalgia.

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