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Updated on July 13, 2010
M.L. asks from Crystal Lake, IL
5 answers

My husband has pretty severe TMJ. He hasn't really been able to find a dentist who is willing to deal with it or who can come up with some kind of mouthguard to help him out. Can anyone with experience refer me to a really great dentist in Mchenry County? Even if you don't have TMJ, I'd like to get some recommendations on a dentist that you love.

ETA: some have referred an orthodontist. Can you ladies refer me to someone? I'd rather not just pick one out of book w/out any recommendations. :) Thanks!

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answers from Erie on

I used to love Mamasource because it was more local. I obviously have no clue about dentists in your part of the USA. but i just wanted to say, i am having the same problem, The last Dentist i saw, actually filed down my top front teeth so they wouldn't touch when i clenched, Let me tell you it makes it really hard to bite food that way. not to mention how ugly i feel. I am very unhappy, but i can't seem to find a TMJ specialist in a two hour radius from me. I need help to deal with the TMJ before i can even think about repairing the damage this dentist did. I hope you find someone.



answers from Chicago on

We like Dr. John Dano. He is an excellent dentist, who is always educating himself on the latest advances in his profession. He is just north of Crystal Lake at 601 Ridgeview Drive. McHenry. We do not have TMJ, but my husband was fitted with a mouthguard for other issues.



answers from Houston on

I don't live in your area, but I think you should be looking for an orthodontist or even an orthopedist. They are better suited to dealing with TMJ and get your husband set up with any necessary physical therapy.


answers from Pocatello on

Go to an Orthodontist not a dentist. An Orthodontist can help a lot and can make a custom mouth guard for him.



answers from Minneapolis on

i'm pretty sure this is the same county or right next door, but Dr. Ben Mehta in East Dundee is great. He works with some really great labs that will have the resources to cure this problem. He's been in practice for a long time and has just about seen it all. He also knows when and where to refer out to if its a problem a dentist can't fully solve. He also beleives in keeping up with the latest technologies and developments in the fields - not just your general drill & fill dentist. ###-###-####. Good luck with a very very annoying and painful problem!

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