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Updated on June 15, 2012
J.J. asks from Plainfield, IL
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I am looking for a good dentist in or near Plainfield for our family. I am very frustrated with the experiences we have had with dentists so far. We are looking for a good, honest dentist. Do you have any suggestions? :-)

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I go to Dr Lanette Disera in Joliet on Jefferson St near the Joliet Airport. She is great and trustworthy . Once after a cleaning and xrays another dentist at the office thought I needed a filling . I made an appointment with Dr Disera and when I went in she looked at the xray and said"I have been watching that tooth for years and it hasn't changed . You don't need a filling".

My kids go to Dr Rita Tamulis Shea. As I often say " it is all butterfies and rainbows". My twins have had fillings and come out smiling ready to go back because it is so fun . She is in joliet off of Essington.

Hope this helps=))

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answers from Chicago on

I haven't found one I like a lot, but I do have to give credit to the one on Rt 59 and Caton Farm - they were HONEST at least. They could have told me I had cavities, etc. but instead they said I just had one problem, and I needed to go somewhere else to have it fixed, and they didn't charge for the appointment. But personality wise, waiting forever wise - still not satisfied.

However, if I lived on the North end of Plainfield or my insurance was accepted by Murmann Dental in Naperville, I would go there in a heart beat. They are great.



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We love Dr. Schindollar's practice located at Rt. 59 and Caton Farm Rd.



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We love Grove Dental in Bolingbrook.

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