Dentist for Year Old Baby?

Updated on August 01, 2007
E.B. asks from Raleigh, NC
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I have a year old baby girl. I currently have an appointment (which I'm not certain I'm going to keep) to have her teeth cleaned. It's at a pediatric dentist - here in Raleigh. And I called them today to see what to expect during her first visit - which I thought was going to be just an examination and maybe an explination and confirmation that I'm cleaning her teeth properly - but, no - they said that a hyginist was actually going to clean her teeth. She only has six! They said I would be back there, basically holding her down while they clean her teeth..and this makes me unsettled. I need to hear from you Mom's if you've taken your little one in at this age and what to expect...or if I should wait.

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Like I told another mom, call Gary Hill in Durham NC. He is great. You don't have to hold her down either. I didn't take my baby until she was two but I took really good care of her teeth prior to that. If you do the same, I think you can wait a few more months. They say take them at one year I think that is on a case by case basis. It is worth giving them a call. I think you will be relieved.



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For what it is worth, this is totally my opinion... NO WAY! One is way to young for them to be doing that!!!!! Good God, talk about scaring a child. I spoke with my dentist and they told me I should schedule an appointment for my 2 year old within the next year and they would put her in the chair and ride her up and down and check her teeth, just to get her used to the experience. Oh and the appointment is FREE. Sounds like they are a little money hungry to me. I would go with your instincts and call another dentist to see what they recomend.
Good Luck!



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Noooooooooooooooo. I would not go to any dentist that stated I had to "hold down" my child while they clean their teeth!

An exam should suffice at this age! And discussion about how to brush her teeth, what type of toothpaste to use...etc.

Find another dentist!

Also, FYI....I've been to several ped. dentists that will not allow a parent to go back to the examination room with their child. I have always been an extremely educated parent and will ALWAYS be with my child at ANY medical appt, regardless of "office rules" of each doctor. I am my child's guardian and need to know every procedure, question, discussion between the doctor and my children.

Things happen when children are alone and unable to defend themselves. I am always cautious of the happenings of my children!

Never let any doctor, nurse,...etc. tell you that you are not allowed to be with your young child during the appointment!

Sorry about the soapbox; I just want parents to feel empowered and knowledgeable!



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I took my kids at that age and they DO clean them but with a soft tooth brush ususally and it just gets them used to the process. My kids are not afraid of the denetist I think because they have done it for so long :)



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I agree with the first response. My kids did not go to the dentist for the first big visit until they were 3 ... 12 months seems awfully early. I started taking them with me when I got my own teeth cleaned so they would be comfortable with the office and the staff. Then at 3, they get the "tour" and a little exam, toothbrush, etc. The idea is to make them secure and create a life-long love of keeping their teeth clean and healthy. If they have trauma, they will never want to go back. I really would find another dentist. Best of luck to you, and let us know how it turns out. :-)

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