Dental Care... How Early?

Updated on March 21, 2011
B.B. asks from New York, NY
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What age should children have a first check up at the dentist?
It is expensive for me, but I think it is the right thing to do.
I teach daughters to brush after every meal, and they always have.

Older daughter is 14 - has all her adult teeth. Younger is 9....

Does anyone have advice?

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So What Happened?

I have made appointments with dentist in town for both my girls. Check and clean. Cost here is php500 or about us$12 for each. Will tell how check goes!

Thank you for encourage and for read my blog, Beth A.


Last week, my girls went to dentist. Younger had perfect checkup, and cleaning. Older daughter had two little problems, one fixed right there and back to dentist later this week to fix second problem.

I am happy - b/f help by paying and he insist that both girls get dentist care. Thank you.


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answers from St. Louis on

wow! usually the first dental visit is as a toddler.....between ages 2 & 3!

Time to get those kiddies into a dentist. Preventive sealants really do help protect those adult teeth! If $$ is an issue, then look for a dental college - they offer discounted rates.

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answers from New York on

ASAP My dentist says they should be having regular dental appointments by the age of 3. Cavities in baby teeth can get into the adult teeth underneath the gum. They will have less/no cavities if they start early. Try to get government help to finance it.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

I too thought this couldn't be true. By fourteen my daughter had two phases of braces and had been going every six months for exams/cleaning (since two). B. indicates that she is really in the Philippines (not NY, NY) and is very poor. She has a little blog she does from an internet cafe. Sad but I think true.

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answers from Chattanooga on

Wooow. It's supposed to START anywhere between 6 months to 3 years... I would get them in NOW. Dental issues can lead to other health issues... plus neglecting their teeth when they are young sets them up for a lifetime of even MORE expensive dental problems. Maintainance is a heck of a lot cheaper than repair any day.

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answers from New York on

Hi B.,

I enjoyed reading your blog about life in the Philippines. It warmed my heart to hear how much you love your daughters. Life for you there is very different and so understandable why your kids have not been to the dentist yet. You have been a great mom teaching your kids to take care of their teeth. Many kids here in the US get cavities from eating so much refined foods. You may be eating foods that are not so heavily processed and that is much better for your kids teeth. If you can afford to get your kids to the dentist soon that will be good. The dentist can prevent dental problems which is much cheaper than having to fix problems once they arise.
I wish you and your family the very best,

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answers from Dallas on

Is this a joke posting???

Neither of your kids have been to the dentist?? WOW

My 16 yr old was going with me when I got cleanings while she was in her stroller. By the time she started getting teeth, the dentist would look at them, etc just to make her comfortable with the dentist.

By 2 she was seeing a pediatric dentist every 6 months for cleaning and evaluation. We got the Sealants as needed... yes they are pricey but do you really put a cost on keeping your child healthy?

We fortunately do not need any orthodontic care, however, this summer she'll probably have wisdom teeth taken out. Many kids start getting the wisdom teeth out by 14.

They need to go to the dentist NOW.

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answers from Topeka on

Have neither of them been to a dentist yet?? Oh my goodness..set up an appointment NOW!!! You are so lucky that there has been no decay or cavities that have popped up and given them trouble. I would say they both need annual check ups...I know it is expensive...and even those of us who have dental insurance usually have to pay for a majority of the cost out of our own pockets. Maybe you can call around and find a dentist that is willing to accept monthly payments.
Good luck to you!!

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answers from New York on

B., an earlier poster says that you are in the Phillipines, so it is much more understandable why you have not sent your children to the dentist yet, but as you already know, it is very important for them to be checked, since there are many things you cannot tell about teeth just by looking at them. I applaud you for teaching them to care of their teeth, and for understanding how important it is. I hope you are able to get them to the dentist, and I hope their teeth are fine!

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answers from Tampa on

Children should go by 1.5 years old for their first check-up...

If they've not had one yet - RUN RUN RUN to the dentist.

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answers from Topeka on

All 3 of my kids have went by their 1st birthday's & every 6 months after.
Are you telling us that your kids have not been to a dentist yet are you serious??They need to go get a complete dental check up fill or pull any teeth that are damaged YIKES no dentist check ups yet...


answers from Lansing on

I started taking my daughter when she was a year old. She has her 2yr appt coming up soon, and when she turns 3, she will see the dentist regularly. If something is gonna go wrong, I would rather it be found early.



answers from Albany on

Kids are supposed to start going to the dentist for cleanings every 6 months starting at 3 years old. I hope they have had cleanings before! Even baby teeth need to be taken care of... if they fall out too soon or if there is gum disease, grown up teeth may grow in out of place. It can be expensive to go for routine checkups, but it will be more expensive if they have to get dental work done!


answers from New York on

I started taking my kids at the age of 1. They just check them and if needed clean them. They are now 8 and 3 and don't mind the dentist. Thank goodness! :)



answers from Binghamton on

I understand what a stretch it is financially, but your kids are long overdue for a check up. If you can swing it, they should be seen at least once a year. Maybe you can cut corners somewhere else to make it happen. Teeth are forever and bad teeth can cause heart disease and a whole host of other problems. Here prevention is really the best cure.



answers from Washington DC on

My kid's pediatric dentist says that kids should start coming in around 1y.

Find a pediatric dentist. They would be able to see both of your kids. Also talk to them about price. My sister had to go off insurance, and found a dentist that is charging cash patients about half the cost of what her first dentist was charging.




answers from Oklahoma City on

All kids should be seen by a dentist by their 3rd birthday. They may have issues with their bone development or some disease that a dentist can spot. If you truly have never had your kids to the dentist I sure hope you are not in for a rude awakening and have to spend a huge fortune on fillings, root canals, and other extreme dental work. Some are fortunate enough to have extrmemly strong enamel. I hope your's are int his catagory.

I don't have many of my adult teeth because my parents didn't think I needed to go either. I had deep cavities by the time I was a teen and they didn't show so they thought I was okay. By the time I got married my teeth started having huge cavities and I started loosing them due to them being hollow. Had I been taken to the dentist I might have teeth at this time in my life.



answers from Colorado Springs on

Yes, it is the right thing to do. Usually the age at which children meet dentists is much younger than fourteen and nine! In fact, my youngest granddaughter met the dentist for the first time when she was about a year old.

You'd do well to ask the parents of your children's friends for the name of a good dentist, and make appointments for your daughters. They'll be checked for cavities and for gum disease, and they'll also get a more thorough cleaning than they can do at home, which is very helpful a couple of times a year. If some work needs to be done, there will be expense involved, but less expense (in the long run) than letting the problems go and waiting until later.

When you find a DDS you like, you might ask about a dental plan. It's not exactly insurance, but it's similar. Our dentist has one that we subscribe to, and it makes the overall cost much more manageable.



answers from Cincinnati on

I just asked my peditrician this question at my daughters last visit. he said they should go betwen 2.5 and 3 years old. By the time I was 10, I had been to the dentist alot and already had braces...I say you need to make an appt asap...better late than never, but they may be afraid to go or resist.


answers from Dallas on

My kids are 3 and 10 and have been to the dentist every 6 months since they were 2. Sealants for the older one when she was 6.

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