Updated on September 14, 2009
D.W. asks from Spring, TX
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In January I went on an approved leave of absence from my job to go take care of my Mother in Tennessee who had contracted a staph infection and was unable to walk. She is also the full time caregiver to my Father.

I was gone about 2 weeks and when I had planned to fly back I had to cancel my flight because my Mother had been put in the hospital. That Friday I received an email stating that I'd been fired.

I had never been written up nor had I ever received any non favorable reviews. My former employer was NOT a nice man.

I got unemployment but then after a phone hearing appeal I was disqualified because they considered me a "voluntary quit". I have filed all my appeals and TWC doesn't seem to pay any attention to anything I'm saying.

My only option is a judicial review. I have been trying for months to find a job without any luck.

Do you know anyone who has gone through a judicial review who can guide me???? This is a time sensitive issue. PLEASE HELP!!! ALL ADVICE IS APPRECIATED.

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Ican't help you with TWC but go to



answers from Houston on

Was this an FMLA approved absence, or just a leave of absence approved per your companies policy? If it was FMLA you should read the copies (I hope they gave you copies of all the paperwork your turned in and signed). It was my understanding that if approved fro FMLA you can not be fired. I don't see how they could consider this a voluntary quit when you had an approved leave of absence (FMLA or otherwise.)

I'm sorry I can't be of more help with the judiciary process. I do know someone who went through that and won, so my advice is to stick to it!!



answers from McAllen on

Where are you living?
If in the Valley, I may be able to help. Get back to me and good luck! You can also add to your request.



answers from San Antonio on

Frank Herrera is great labor lawyer. He is downtown in San Antonio. Maybe he can do a phone consultation or something.

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