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Updated on August 28, 2006
M.M. asks from Saint Augustine, FL
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I am looking for a dentist in Carmel. I would prefer someone right off of Meridian. It is for myself and my husband. So someone that has a nice office with a friendly staff is also a plus. We have been going to our dentist back home, but that is getting a little old (it's 700 miles away). Thanks so much!!

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answers from Indianapolis on

Dear M.,

I have a wonderful dentist off of the shopping complex that has Max and Erma's in the parking lot...the same road you would turn down if going to Meijer. They are right next to the Hollywood Video. It is called Contemporary Dentistry. They have a really informative website ( The dentists are actual professors at the IU school of Dentistry. Dr. Barbosa (really nice) does more of the general dentistry and Dr. Velez does more of the oral surgery/root canals. The office staff is very friendly and they are willing to file insurance and get pre-estimates. I have always had a very good experience.

I hope this helps!!



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Unfortunately I do not have a recommendation, but I do have a dentist to avoid. The Indy dental group in Village of West Clay is horrible. We have had 2 people in our office go in and find out they have multiple cavities. When seeking a second opinion the number of cavities were cut in half.

Good luck in your search. I will be looking for a new dentist now as well



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If you go to then click on find a dentist, click on location, and click Postal code
It will bring a list of dentist up for you in your area. I my self Love Dr Pauley He is a very nice dentist.

If you have any other Question just call 888.727.8598 ext 1 Angie

M. Kay



answers from Indianapolis on

I see Dr. Peet and Dr. Heflin at Generations In Dentistry at Meridian Corners Blvd. (near 126th and Meridian). They have a beautiful office, nice staff and have been wonderful with any problem I've had.



answers from Dallas on

Dr. Francisco Velez at Contemporary Dentistry on 12525 N. Meridian Street in Carmel. He is a great dentist.

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