Delivery at Jennersville Hospital

Updated on June 13, 2008
E.J. asks from Lincoln University, PA
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I was wondering what kind of experiences women have had delivering at Jennersville Regional Hospital. I think I would rather deliver at Chester County, but I am looking for a midwife and I don't see any (at least with my insurance) that have admitting privileges there. I am not originally from this area but I know that some of my family have had bad experiences with other areas of Jennersville Hospital.

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answers from Philadelphia on

Hi E.,

I am not familiar with Jennersville but did love my experience with Chester County Hospital. The nurses were amazing and I really appreciate the care they took care of my baby and me. I did have to share a room because it was a big baby boom but it was not bad at all.

Good Luck!


answers from Pensacola on

Hi E.!

I think we are destined to be friends! I delivered my 1st at CCH (very bad experience)& the other 2 at Jennersville. I LOVED Jennersville and the care I recieved their. I highly recommend Jennersville. The mid wife that delivered my 2 babies has since left but they have a great source of midwives in that office! My husband's cousin delivered babies at another big name hospital and saw many things that made her leave and go to Jennersville. She always had the best things to say about that hospital!!! If you have any more questions, I belive you still have my direct e-mail address. I'd be happy to help you! Have a great day! L.



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Hi there, I delivered my first daughter at CCH- GREAT experience except my roommate was a teenager. Her friends thought it was COOL hanging out in her room- embarrissing when I had to get up and go to the bathroom in my gown (I had the window side- I had to walk past EVERYONE). Second time I deliverd at CCH was HORRIBLE- my son was 11 days late (I kept asking why I had to wait to deliver- I told the doctor I did NOT want a 10 pound baby). My labor was HORRIBLE my son was TOO big- 9pounds 12 oz. I said my heart hurt during pushing and I was told it was a contraction. A day after having him I told the dr. my chest hurt really bad- I was told that labor is hard just like rowing a boat when you pull back on the bed bars. I was discharged... A week later I drove MYSELF to Jennersville- could not make it to CCH- I was hospitalized with Congestive Heart Failure and an enlarged heart. Basically if I did not go to Jennersville, I was told, I would have drowned. I got EXCELLENT care!!!!! My third was delivered at JENNERSVILLE- what an AWESOME experience!!!!! My labor was fast- they used cervagel NOT poticin- the cervagel was inserted at 7pm and my daughter was born (without drugs due to my experience with my son) at 11:45p.m I had 1 nurse and 1 midwife and it was AWESOME!!!! My heart dr. is there too, so it was so convenient for me!!!!! The only negative is if your baby needs the NICU- the nurses were wonderful- I sat in a jaquzzi tub which helped my labor,and ALL the rooms are PRIVATE. To this day I am kicking myself for not delivering my son there. I think I would have been induced a week before my due date and he would not have weighed more than 9 lbs., and I could have avoided all of the stress of waiting and worrying he was too big. I wish you luck with whichever you choose!!!



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Hi E.,
I have not delivered at Jennersville, but I have at CCH. Here are the possible downsides of CCH: not guaranteed a private room, so if you have a room mate, your husb.cannot spend the night with you if that was in your plan. Now the positives: Very experienced staff, great operating room staff with anesthesiologist readily avail. for epidurals, but most of all a neonatal intensive care with CHOP docs right there if your infant should need high level care. If you deliver at Jennersville, and your baby needs anything other than routine post partum care, then it will be shipped to another facility, and you will be separated from your child until you are well enough to be discharged. Though you hope that it won't happen, I can tell you it does more than you might think. Call CCH, schedule a maternity tour, and make an informed choice. I have worked in the maternity unit at CCH for 16 years and have heard many stories from women who delivered their other child elsewhere. Our press ganey report proves that over 99% of our patients are satisfied and would come back. I hope to see you on a tour soon. Good luck with your future child. D.



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi E.,
I decided not to deliver at Jennersville(went to Chester County)because a friend of mine had the experience of having her baby have to go to the NICU at CCH and she had to stay at Jennersville. She had her first child at Jennersville with no problems and returned with the second, which is when this happened. Maybe it would be better to talk to a midwife who practices out of Jennersville regarding their experience.
As far as I see....


Pros- closer, private rooms, midwives available

Cons- No NICU- possible seperation with baby if NICU care needed, questioanble rep for hospital in general

Chester County-

Pros- NICU, Good reputation

Cons-Farther away, Usually have to use Cheter County OBGYN practice with satelitte office in Kennett for appointments- no midwives, shared rooms(ugh!)

Its a tough choice, I don't know if there is a better answer, it will just boil down to personal preference I think. I'm an anxious person, so since I had a friend who had the actual experience of being seperated from her baby I erred on the side of caution and went to CCH. My experience there was ok, can't rave but I will probably go back when we decide to have another.

Good Luck, S.



answers from Philadelphia on

I live 5 minutes from Jennersville Hospital, but chose to deliver both my babies at Chester County. I had wonderful experiences with both of my deliveries. My decision not to go to JRH was based firstly on the fact that it doesn't have a NICU. I've been told that the pain of having your baby taken away from you to another hospital for NICU is agonizing, so I chose not to chance it at JRH. Secondly, I had also been told some negative stories about Jennersville in general - not the maternity dept. I DO want to say, however, that I have since met MANY women who absolutely rave about their (recent) delivery experiences at Jennersville! I think it's best to schedule interviews/tours at both hospitals to help solidify what is important to you. As far as the roommate issue, I had my own room with my first baby, and a roommate for the 2nd at CCH. It was ok - not great sharing a bathroom, but there was nice parts about it too. JRH is close - that might be another issue for you. My 2nd child came so fast that I almost didn't make it to CCH. She was delivered within 30min of my arrival!

Best wishes for you and baby!

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