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Updated on April 14, 2008
K.D. asks from Ventura, CA
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thanks for your advice.

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answers from San Diego on

My husband likes to be involved in specific "activities" that are fun--since he is the one that works--he is tired and doesn't have a lot of energy for the mundane--but absolutely does help on the occasion I need it!! But you need to schedule that time into his week--I wouldn't even worry on a daily basis right now. One time per week like Saturday at 2 PM he takes the twins to the park. Then Sunday afternoon he takes your teenager and they go to a local water area and do kayaking or canoeing, or if they're sports oriented to the driving range (we do this even with my 7-year-old)--or take everyone to the zoo. The orangutangs and gorillas are always a hit. (With the teenager especially--you want to avoid going to movies b/c you want time to interact and talk.) Or they could go walk around the mall together for a couple of hours. I'd start with 1x/week--nothing changes in a day! :) Good luck to you guys!!



answers from Los Angeles on

I have 2 ideas....
1. Tell your husband you need a pedicure (or something) that he needs to care for the kids himself for a short period of time. Perhaps he doesn't feel like he needs to develop his daddy skills because you're there to take care of them.
Schedule some daddy time for him (and some time for yourself).
2. Find some other dads for your husband to talk to. Just like women, he may need to get a man's take on what he's missing.

Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

The best advice I can give you is don't tell him he's a good dad if he's not.



answers from Los Angeles on

We have "daddy dates" every week or so. It's a great time for dad to spend one on one time with each child. Out to dinner, pic nic at the park, movie, walk at the beach, even a trip to the car wash... any time that is just the two of them is precious. Even if it's just half an hour or a walk around the block- start somewhere. Good luck!!

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