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Updated on August 28, 2011
E.B. asks from Tacoma, WA
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We have had sorta hot more humid weather in Washington state lately.

I woke up yesterday and had the runs...No stomach pain or anything else.

Went away.

We were out and about and I forgot to bring water with me...and then Had a horrible headache/weird stomach feeling last night.

Got home a bit ago from Grocery shopping only to have my stomach start making weird noises....Had to run to the bathroom.....

Now my tummy is in circles...and I feel like my abs weigh four hundred pounds.

To top it all off...since I woke up yesterday with the runs...I have not had a stomach for food. Just not hungry. so my blood sugars are going way low...I am recovering for none of this bodes well together.

When I looked up symptoms for dehydration the runs and stomach issues are some of the symptoms...along with the dizzy's....I have all of these..So the question is do I just try and sip on water here or do you think I should go get checked out...I know I am dehydrated I guess I am starting to become concerned with how bad.......

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So What Happened?

My tummy is settling in waves. So when I am not feeling gross, I am trying to drink.

I have told myself if I have one more bad yuck spell...Or one more bad bathroom issue we have to go. I cant wait around for tomorrow to get here and have me REALLY need to go and then my hubby has to miss more work.

It has been very dark and smells stronger then normal. This sucks..I really think I should go. But with out insurance this is gonna freaking suck.

Ok I am probably going...I will keep you all posted...I know this is serious...but I feel seriously stupid for getting so dry!

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answers from Las Vegas on

the best sign is to check your urine's color. if it's too yellow, then yes, more water.. if almost clear, then you are doing ok. However, that is IF you are actually urinating... with no water in your system, then that isn't good.. I would try some Camomile Tea.. Keep in mind, dehydration isn't just about thirst.. it's about your entire body needing water to "fuel" itself and work efficiently. this includes blood sugar levels, kidneys and your emotional state.. water affects EVERYTHING (in my opinion) ...

I wish you the best

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answers from Seattle on

Fortunately healthy adults rarely need to be treated for dehydration (there are exeptions to this... pregnant women for example, elderly people or people with chronic conditions and athletes).
If you can keep down water or an electrolyte drink (you can mix water with a bit of applejuice, drink pedialyte or gatorade or plain old water) just start drinking. With your upset stomach drink only small amounts but very frequently. Try starting with just one sip every five minutes or so and work your way up.
You are mentioning your blood sugar... if you are diabetic I would be more concerned and consider calling the nurse advice line.

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answers from Kansas City on

From my understanding the most serious sign of dehydration is a tacky mouth. If the inside of your mouth and lips feels sort of tacky, almost sticky like, then go to the ER. If you are still urinating and your mouth is moist you are probably okay. You do have lots of other symptoms, but it sounds like you are probably okay for now. I would however drink things like Gatorade, even Pedialyte if you have it lying around for the kids, at the very least, yes you need water!! I don't see that you are vomiting so get those fluids in you, Girl!!! Don't wait, don't sip...DRINK!

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answers from Champaign on

I wouldn't be too concerned. Just sip water, juice, sports drinks, maybe Sprite or Ginger Ale. Whatever sounds good, just avoid alcohol and caffine. Eating is important, as it's good for your body and probably for you specifically as you are in recovery for anorexia. However, fluids is what is most important right now. Just try to relax and keep sipping! You really should start to feel better soon.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Got this from the internet for you:

The body's initial responses to dehydration are thirst to increase water intake, and decreased urine output to try to conserve water loss. The urine will become concentrated and more yellow in color.

As the level of water loss increases, more symptoms can become apparent. The following are further signs and symptoms of dehydration.

Dry mouth

The eyes stop making tears

Sweating may stop

Muscle cramps

Nausea and vomiting

Heart palpitations

Lightheadedness (especially when standing)


Decreased urine output

Libby, is your urine getting dark & concentrated? Keep an eye out for that. Urine should be clear or VERY light yellowish.

Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

Dehydration shows itself in many different ways...the best way to find out if you are dehydrated is the "pinch test" - take and pinch the top of the skin on one of your hands - if it does not immediately release and go back - but stays up as a tent - you are dehydrated...

usually - diarehha (spelling) is also a sign of dehydration....if you are dizzy and have a nasty-a$$ headache - please go to the Emergency Room and tell them what you told us so that you can get on a Potassium and IV drip...

keep us informed..

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answers from Austin on

Frankly, with the anorexia recovery, I would want someone to check that out.... getting electrolytes messed up (with the diarrhea) can lead to heart issues.... potassium is the one I am thinking of, also.... this can lead to heart arrhythmias, if I remember correctly. Your previous issues with anorexia also mess up electrolytes... I remember a recovering anorexic from a small town we used to live in died suddenly of a heart attack.... I have a feeling it was caused by complications of the anorexia, and possibly dehydration (they were travelling in Arizona, I think, when it happened.)

Water by itself isn't going to restore the electrolytes you've lost with the diarrhea.... it also won't correct the low blood sugar...

Even if you aren't feeling like eating, you need something like pedialyte or some sports electrolyte solution, but I would also think about getting it checked out by a professional.

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answers from San Francisco on

I would get checked out by the doctor, but in the meantime, the best thing to drink for dehydration is coconut water...better than just plain water, soda, juice or gatorade. Even if you're not dehydrated, coconut water is such a healthy superfood.

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answers from Amarillo on

As others have said you should continue to drink liquids. Do get some Gatoraid or Pedialite to keep our electrolites up. Also if you can take a bath as this will help rehydrate your body form the outside in (skin is your largest organ) and relax.

I say this because I have done this several times this summer in the hot heat in New Mexico. Also try your best to stay out of the heat if you can for a day or two to let your body rest. Try to eat light meals to keep your strength.

Good luck to you. Oh if you start getting headaches do go to the ER for help. Your urine maybe a bit concentrated but it will even out once your system gets back together.

The other S.

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