Dehydrated Milk

Updated on July 28, 2011
E.B. asks from Tacoma, WA
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We are camping Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

My kids love cereal. I was able to pick up a Costco size box of mini cereals that you can use the box as a bowl.

So what would be better or more realistic milk wise for camping? Milk left in cooler or get some Dehydrated milk and then just make it as we need it.

I have camped twice in my life so this may seem silly...but I have no clue.

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answers from Naples on

Two coolers, one for food and milk that only you open when you are preparing meals, (to stay colder) and one for beverages that will be getting opened and closed all day... Dehydrated milk is yucky!

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answers from Denver on

if you are planning on a cooler anyway id put some milk in it. Dehydrated milk is icky

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answers from Seattle on

You can look for shelf stable milk. It doesn't taste as good as fresh, but way better than powdered milk and doesn't need to be kept cool.
I would probably just go for milk in a cooler though.
Have fun!

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answers from Cleveland on

i wouldnt bother with the milk honestly just have them eat the dry cereal my daughter loves dry cereal like cherrios coco puffs stuff like that, but if you NEED the milk i would just get pints of milk (how ever many you think youd need for the weekend) and freeze most of them and put them in the cooler and leave one or two unfrozen but id put them in the freezer for an hr before you leave to get ice cold and put them in a cooler with the frozen ones and ice

also when me and my boyfriend travel for a weekend or more with our daughter we get a qt of milk and put it in an ice chest with ice to cover it and it stays there all weekend and is still good by the time the weekend is over, but we are also in a hotel room and not out in nature

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answers from Washington DC on

I always have a box of powdered milk on hand a) doesn't go bad b) I can make what I need. If you follow the mixing instructions it tastes just like regular skim milk.



answers from Portland on

try the milk that comes in boxes that don't have to be refrigerated. there are other types other than soy too.



answers from Seattle on

Try those small rice or soy milk boxes you can get at Fred Meyers Health section. They should be easy to use up in one setting for three kids.



answers from Seattle on

Soy Milk from Costco! My kids like the vanilla kind and it does not have to be "cold!"



answers from Seattle on

How about freezing several containers of milk? Take one out a few hours before needing it, shake hard, and pour. Powdered milk probably won't go over very well with your kids.

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